How Does Recharge and get paid work?

How Does Recharge and get paid work?

This is a good question. In fact, Recharge and get paid has inbuilt ways to make money in today’s Nigeria. As a matter of fact, it’s easiest, honest and self-rewarding. The questions is; How Does Recharge and get paid work?


This business model is leveraged on your doing just three (3) things daily. That is, as a registered member of RAGP, you’re expected to do just these three things daily

1)Use the products ( Airtime & Data, bills payment)

2) Sell the products (Airtime & Data, bills payment)

3)Tell people about this opportunity and bring them in.

This means you will be earning from all their transactions even while you are asleep.

Now, from the 3 phase business activities explained above, you can make your choice of the most one to depend on.  But if you must make it to the top, you must combine the three phases.

1. Personal use of RAGP products – Airtime & Data. And earning 2% from every airtime you buy for yourself, 10% on data used as well, 2% from your CABLES & electricity bills.

2. Become a distributor on RAGP products – Airtime, Data, Cables and Electricity bills.  That mean selling to people and making money from them and also from the company, 2% on airtime, 10% on data and 2% on CABLES and electricity bills.

3. Referral – This is sharing this opportunity with others through our collective team work.

In fact, this last option will keep paying you down to your 10th generation. It means all activities happening in your account, your down-lines, your down-lines down-line, down to your 10th generation of earning, you will be paid by the company.

How Does Recharge and get paid work? A FEAIBILITY ANALYSIS:

Just try now to work out how much each phase can yield for you in two to three months from today. Then remark which phase has the greatest Turnover, Gross and Net margin & ROI.


This business ideology is what you should catch first. Truly, that I the driver of this business scheme.

When you:

  •  recharge/sell airtime, you get paid (2%) of the sell’s value
  • buy/sell data, you get paid(10% of the value paid
  • subscribe for cables, you get paid #40
  • recharge electricity bill, you get paid #40
  • refer people, you get paid(20%) with point values
  • Your people refer people, you get paid (10-1%) with point value.
  • register with RAGP, you get paid. (20%)

In addition are;

  • Leadership Bonus of N100,000 monthly. For 10k monthly PV.
  • All-expense Paid trip to Dubai worth N500,000 or  You get the cash equivalent, if you wish.

For 25k Cumulative PV.

Brand New Car worth N2,000,000 or its Cash equivalent

For 60k Cumulative PV.

House fund worth N3,000,000, or the cash equivalent.

 For 100k Cumulative PV.

2ND House fund worth N4,000,000, or cash equivalent

For 250k Cumulative PV.

3RD House fund worth N6,000,000,  or the  cash equivalent

For 500k Cumulative PV.

You are made a distributor and dealer with all privileges to Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Dstv, Gotv, Startimes, etc. The company partners with all the mobile networks in Nigeria.

  • Mtn
  • Glo
  • Airtel
  • 9mobile
  • Cable( Dstv, Gotv, Startimes  & NEPA bill)

How Does Recharge and get paid work? _ NOTE:

When you tell your friends on Facebook, your environment, school, churches, or other social outings about this great opportunities, you also get paid (ie referrals).

Your other questions could be;


No. My dear. Technology sells card now. That’s why it’s called virtual top up. The card is not printable. All transaction takes place in your online account. That’s where you will be recharging or selling from.

As in Every business:

1) When you sell, collect your cash from your customers. It’s the additional gain you will be enjoying from making sales using this company’s VTU platform that we are talking about here. Once the transaction is done, the company will automatically pay you 2% on any amount of airtime sold using their platform and 10% of any data amount as well. All these bonuses drop in your RAGP account which when it accumulates to a huge amount can be withdraw. This you do by transferring it down to your bank account. I hope you remember that your bank account is attached to your RAGP platform account?


2) This platform don’t deal with paper recharge. That’s we say, Technology now sells card. All you need is ensure your e-wallet with RAGP account is active. That’s where you will be recharging or selling from. When you exhaust it, you can fund your account and continue your business. You can fund from your local bank account or from a friends e-wallet.

3) Note also, that you can’t sell VTU when you don’t have enough fund in your e-wallet. For example, if you have N50 in your e-wallet and you want to recharge N100 airtime, it won’t go unless you have up to N100 in your account.

My Opinion:

Hope this helps and serve the team well. This is new. And in fact, the best online trading business happening in Nigeria. This is because it’s larger than Oil, bigger than Importation, and more massive than Fashion and Entertainment businesses.

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Further Explanation:

You may be asking, how is this money being handled?

Now this is how the money is being shared.

N5,000. – Basic Package.

1. Account owner 20% – 1k

2. Direct UL 20% – 1k

3. 1st Indirect UL 10% – N500

4. 2nd Indirect UL 5% – N250

5. 3rd Indirect UL 2.5% – N125

6. 4th Indirect UL 1.25% – N62.5

7. 5th Indirect UL 1% – N50

8. 6th Indirect UL 1% – N50

9. 7th Indirect UL 1% – N50

10. 8th Indirect UL1% – N50

11. 9th Indirect UL1% – N50

12. Company’s share -N1812.5

13. Money paid – N5000.

N10,000 – Bronze Package.

1. Account owner 20%- N2000

2. Direct UL 20%- N2000

3.1st Indirect UL 10%- N1000

4. 2nd Indirect UL 5%- N500

5. 3rd Indirect UL 2.5%- N250

6. 4th Indirect UL 1.25%- N125

7. 5th Indirect UL 1%- N100

8.6th Indirect UL 1%- N100

9.7th Indirect UL 1%- N100

10.8th Indirect UL 1%- N100

11.9th Indirect UL 1%- N100

12. Company’s Share -N3625.

13. Money paid – N10,000.

N20,000 – Silver Package.

1.Account owner 20%-N4,000.

2.Direct Upline 20%-N4,000.

3.1st Indirect Upline 10%-N2,000.

4.2nd Indirect Upline 5%-N1,000.

5.3rd Indirect Upline 2.5%-N500

4.4th Indirect Upline 1.25%-N250.

5.5th Indirect Upline 1%-N200

6.6th Indirect Upline 1%-N200

7.7th Indirect Upline 1%-N200

8.8th Indirect Upline 1%-N200

9.9th Indirect Upline 1%-N200

10.Company’s Share-N7,250

11.Money paid-N20,000.

N30,000 – Gold Package.

1.Account owner 20%-N6,000

2.Direct Upline 20%-N6,000.

3.Ist Indirect UL 10%-N3,000

4.2nd Indirect UL 5%-N1,500

5.3rd Indirect UL 2.5%-N750

6.4th Indirect UL 1.25%-N375.

7.5th Indirect UL 1%-N300

8.6th Indirect UL 1%-N300

9.7th Indirect UL 1%-N300

10.8th Indirect UL 1%-N300

11.9th Indirect UL 1%-N300

12.Company’s Share-N10,875.

13.Money paid by Partner-N30,000

How Does Recharge and get paid work?

How Does Recharge and get paid work? – N40,000  Diamond Package Breakdown.

1.Account owner 20%-N8,000.

2.Direct upline 20%-N8,000.

3.1st Indirect UL 10%-N4,000.

4.2nd Indirect UL 5%-N2,000.

5.3rd Indirect UL 2.5%-N1,000.

6.4th Indirect UL 1.25%-N500.

7.5th Indirect UL 1%-N400.

8.6th Indirect UL 1%-N400.

9.7th Indirect UL 1%-N400.

10.8th Indirect UL 1%-N400.

11.9th Indirect UL 1%-N400.

12.Company’s Share-N14,500.

13.Money paid by Partner-N40,000.

N50,000 – Platinum Package Breakdown.

1.Account owner 20%-N10,000.

2.Direct Upline 20%-N10,000.

3.1st Indirect UL 10%-N5,000.

4.2nd Indirect UL 5%-N2,500.

5.3rd Indirect UL 2.5%-N1,250.

6.4th Indirect UL 1.25%-N625.

7.5th Indirect UL 1%-N500.

8.6th Indirect UL 1%-N500.

9.7th Indirect UL 1%-N500.

10.8th Indirect UL 1%-N500.

11.9th Indirect UL 1%-N500.

12.Company’s Share-N18,125.

13.Partner’s license fee-N50,000.

N100,000 – Executive Platinum Package Breakdown.

1.Account owner 20%-N20,000.

2.Direct Upline 20%-N20,000.

3.1st Indirect UL 10%-N10,000.

4.2nd Indirect UL 5%-N5,000.

5.3rd Indirect UL 2.5%-N2,500.

6.4th Indirect UL 1.25%-N1,250.

7.5th Indirect UL 1%-N1,000.

8.6th Indirect UL 1%-N1,000.

9.7th Indirect UL 1%-N1,000.

10.8th Indirect UL 1%-N1,000.

11.9th Indirect UL 1%-N1,000.

12.Company’s Share-N36,250.

13.Partnership fee-N100,000.

How Does Recharge and get paid work? – Note:

The corresponding point values of the newly activated Ragp package appears in the back office of the uplines traced back to the 10th generation upline counting from your direct upline. Isn’t this amazing.

Best Advice: Let’s avoid plenty analysis. Learn by practice. Call me on +234 8034347851 or send mail to for further information. Or when your cash is ready so that we take it up from there.

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