Cassava Processing Business In Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business

This is how to start Cassava Processing business in Nigeria, West Africa and other cassava producing countries of the world. This covers nearly everything that goes on as business in Cassava processing business worldwide. Therefore, it defines it’s applicability for cassava plantation, cassava processing plant/mill, cassava chips production, exportation, stocking and distributorship. Added are feasibility study on cassava production, marketing analysis, and other cost and investment returns analysis. Go through this Cassava Processing Business in Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business for a good start.

As a starter, this Cassava Processing Business in Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business is what you need now. It’s a comprehensive analysis of cassava business start-up requirements. As a matter of fact, it’s comprehensive enough to guide you for both cassava plantation, mill processes, distributorship and exporting segment of the business.

Cassava Processing Business In Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business

Therefore, if you  have need to write proposals for government or non-governmental approvals for grants, export council registrations, this post becomes very necessary for you to rely on to deliver. In fact, to be able to compare and overcome competitive challenges, you must stick to this model. However, remember that if the start-up challenges gets so much for you, you can contact us on +234 8034347851

Cassava Processing Business In Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business is research-based. It’s motivated by the fact that cassava processing business is becoming a very lucrative business globally. This is true of Thailand, Indonesia and some countries in West Africa. High demand for processed cassava products like Garri, cassava floor, is being engineered by globalisation and technology. Urbanization and global growth in population re other factors. So, there is steady market for processed cassava products globally now. Therefore, you’re advised to adhere to the following standard approaches to starting a good cassava processing business for yourself.

Cassava Processing Business In Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business – INITIATIVES:

To start with, business ideas entails you have good initialising dreams. And then you are ready to answer some necessary questions, such as – Is this a good business idea for me? Do I have any experience on it? These means that as a proprietor you have to have proper idea incubation. So, you have to sleep over this idea and have good dreams of it. Then, ask yourself again, is there any processing challenges in this particular business segment.  Again, you have to consider your area of business location? This is because, businesses are meant to bring solutions to societal problems/challenges. By this people will see you as solving societal problems by the business. That is what will generate turnover for the business and create wealth for you.

Business Survey:

This is a research that must be done. Since cassava can be process into different products like starch, Garri, chips, flour and more; which one do you want to focus on?

Therefore, you need to decide on the very product and its by-product you will be processing your cassava into. After this decision, then get on to the research exercise. So, whichever one you decide on, go and find out what you will need to get started.

Make it simple. Go to any cassava processing business that deals on any of the products you would be focusing on and meet with any of their staff. They should have an idea of the right person to ask for information or they may know themselves. Avoid meeting with the owner as they will consider you their next competitor.

Cassava Processing Business In Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business

Cassava Processing Business In Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business – BUSINESS LOCALIZATION:

This is very essential where you don’t have a cassava plantation. In this regard, your localizing your business will be because of proximity to raw material or where other cassava product processing are located. So, if you want to localize your business for any reason, find out if there re external economies to drive your efforts? You could get answers to all of these question, through your initial surveys. In addition, determine the business niche, financial and environmental requirements. If you are sure you are through with all of these, you can now go ahead now.



Furthermore, if you are through with your business idea initialisation and incubation, you can now think of legalising the business. Click here for business registration checklist in Nigeria. That will give you the statutory Details/Requirements. Then, to start with, select two good Business Names for name Availability search. The approved Business Name will be the one to be registered. This name registration will now help you to apply for your business licenses and permits .e.g. NAFDAC registration, Health, Insurance and Safety, export (License), and Trade mark registration, etc. where applicable.

Cassava Processing Business In Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business – BUSINESS PLAN:

It’s time to take up some technical decisions about your business. Therefore, you have to now structure your business in a business plan. This will include a thorough feasibility analysis. Get this business plan from us here.

Furthermore, another technical approach is to procure the essential equipment based on your business plan projections. The business plan will also help you look for more capital, loan or investors, if there re such needs. Your business forecasts – financial, turnover, cost of sales, breakeven analysis, will be taken care of here.


As you can see, you are gradually getting ready!  So, it’s time you make some Administrative decisions. Even though this should be part of the business plan, yet it’s your duty to define your administrative structure. Do you personnel enlistment here an probably assign duties to them. By this you are defining the type of staff you will like to engage.


This is like your operation framework. Here you will have to enumerate step-by-step, time-by-time when and how to do what. In fact, it’s time to go ahead to lease the necessary facilities – fix them or renovate them. In addition, get your Employment manual, contract details and other relevant Legal documents ready. Furthermore, set up your accounting system and workable internal control system. Then, you have to open a Corporate Bank Accounts, Secure Point of Sales (POS) Machines, Open Mobile Money Accounts and other Online Payment Platforms. Then contact us to get your corporate Tax ID, and registration for VAT and PAYE.  At this juncture, set out a date for launching of this business.

Cassava Processing Business In Nigeria/How to Start Cassava Processing Business – LAUNCH OUT THE BUSINESS:

As a way forward, the Kick-Starting operations could be by Opening party / launching party. With the initial equipment and personnel launch out this business. Once you have done this you now need so many things.  Go ahead to establish business relationships with your would-be vendors, print your stationeries – receipt booklets, PVs, etc. and then recruit qualified employees.

In addition, you now need to purchase the needed furniture, racks, shelves, computers, electronic appliances & office appliances. Create Official Website for the business, if you want. We can design one for you at a minimal cost.  These are what you need to create awareness for the business both online and around your community.


That’s true! From generating and nurturing a good business idea to incorporating your business with CAC in Nigeria, and other licences, we plan your business in a Business Plan and offer other business development services for you and manage your internal control system. We are waiting for you. Contact us on +234 8034347851 or There are in fact, so much to do for you.

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