Unicaf University Career Opportunities in BA English and Literature

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Unicaf University Career Opportunities in BA English and Literature –

The BA English Language and Literature is an innovative threefold degree programme which is comprised of English language communication methodologies, English literature and linguistics modules. Students will study the linguistic systems underlying language, exploring in detail how the language is structured, acquired, used and taught. Also, the relationship between text, language, reader and author, society, economy, politics, culture and the individual will be explored. Ther are Unicaf Scholarships – check if eligible @ unicaf.org‎. Application for Unicaf University Career Opportunities in BA English and Literature is ongoing.

English Language Major Roles:

The English language has played a major role in the harmonisation of society’s progress through mutual understanding, collaboration, and productivity. It provided a platform for effective inter-personal and corporate communication which are the main ingredients of any functional work system. Because of the dire importance to many productive outcomes, a specialised or in-depth study of the language is necessary today.

Unicaf University Career Opportunities in BA English and Literature

Before going into the dynamics of English Language as a career, let us first have an understanding of its purpose at global parlance. According to Babble Magazine, about 20% of the World’s population today speaks English. Not only that, it is the official language in over 35 countries globally. This makes the language enjoy a certain level of global dominance and high importance. If you are aiming for an international job, you should have a good oratorical skill and understanding of English. This also includes a high command of English in various forms of communication with the language.

Global Roles;

Furthermore, students who want to play a greater role in the global community need to not just understand the English language, but also to know the building blocks of it. They also need to understand its intricate designs and applications to real-life scenarios of culture and environmental impact. Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature is a programme that focuses on just that.

Although the study of English Language and Literature helps you to critically analyse a multitude of textual and oratorical contents, the primary purpose is to communicate more conveniently for your audience. While the English language may be a vital skill for personal growth, it is also of immense importance for career purpose. Those who have studied the Language will have an edge for jobs that require a high level of English language proficiency.

What are the options with an English Language and Literature degree?

With a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, students will gain communication skills that are prized by employers. Not only that, but they will also learn proven techniques to analyse communication and disseminate information more critically. Students will also gain other expansive career opportunities that cut across their core career. For instance, opportunities in areas such as journalism, copy-writing in advertising, book editing, teaching, among others abound for a graduate of the study.

Unicaf University Career Opportunities in BA English and Literature – Career Opportunities

There are a variety of career options available to English Language majors. An English Language degree and a working knowledge of literature is an invaluable asset in today’s contemporary society. It is tremendous preparation for any profession that requires interpreting or providing written material or spoken communications. In today’s contemporary world of globalisation, having a degree in the English language will make a good foundation especially for Africans with interest in international jobs. Also, the increasing digitisation in our corporate system brings enormous opportunities for graduates of English Language and Literature. Opportunities ranging from digital-copy writing, blogging, textual content production, ghost-writing, editing are available to graduates of the study. This also includes other freelancing opportunities which can quickly make available for other side cash.

Career Opportunities;

Undoubtedly, there is a vast number of career opportunities available for a graduate of English Language and Literature. This leaves graduate of the profession with the option to pick from an array of opportunities. High school graduates who see the English language be limited to merely good oratorical skill for personal purpose may want to have a rethink. Some of the career pathways which graduates of the profession can pick from include teaching, journalism, copywriter, editorial assistant, lexicographer, book publisher, copy-editor/proof-reader among others.

Furthermore, the benefits of an English Language degree go beyond just the classroom or for professional purpose. English proficiency is highly useful for your day-to-day interpersonal communication. This soft skill of good interpersonal communication can make a Bachelor’s degree in English a worthwhile investment. This includes both for a career and personal development.

Unicaf University Career Opportunities in BA English and Literature – Benefits

A Bachelor’s degree in English has multiple benefits beyond literature and writing. It provides students with a broad knowledge of how literature explores the human experience and how language conveys meaning and purpose. Besides, it prepares graduates for a wide range of career options in various spheres of the corporate world. Also, the major programme in English provides relevant preparation for students interested in a future study of education.

Students who have bagged a degree in English Language and Literature may decide to go for a Master’s degree in education. Furthermore, skills acquired can also be employed in writing and self-publishing. Many people today have made a fortune out of writing. A BA in the English Language is a smart choice for Africans considering wide local and international career opportunities. These opportunities could be in English Speaking and Non-English-speaking countries, in their home countries, or the international communities.

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linguistics component

The courses of the linguistics component aim to provide students with a thorough grounding of the principles underpinning the study of language. This includes the diversity of linguistic study. The teaching modules aim to provide students with knowledge and skills relevant to teaching English. Emphasis is given to contemporary teaching techniques and the use of technology. The courses in Literature in English targets the critical analysis of literary texts and film of different historical periods, geographical locations and genres.

Unicaf University Career Opportunities in BA English and Literature

Online Learning

Interestingly, English Language and Literature courses can be very flexible. It is among the top higher education programmes which are ideal for online learning. Today, high school graduates across Africa can study English in top-rated international institutions online. They can earn a BA in English Language and Literature online, after going through a thorough online study system. At the end of their study, these graduates can stand out and also compete with other English Language and Literature graduates globally.

Unicaf University;

One of the common Universities which is currently awarding a high-quality degree in English and Literature online is Unicaf University. The top-rated pan-African institution has become the premium choice for many. Its academic platform, together with its university partners, has served over 25,000 students across the globe, making it the leading pan-African university today. This is not just because of its affordability, but also because of its highly competitive study system.

As the world’s education system continues to be more flexible and competitive. Unicaf University has become the popular choice for Africans who seek international degrees. Those seeking English Language study opt-in for a rewarding career with Unicaf University’s online BA in English Language and Literature. The institution’s state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment provides proven techniques to pinpoint and analyse information. This helps students build support in the world of English Language study. Furthermore, not only does Unicaf University offers fully accredited degrees. The Pan-African institution of high repute is also a pioneer of online higher education in Africa.

If you are interested on the programme, you can apply here getting an up to 60% Unicaf Scholarship.


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