Company Registration Gets Better with Nigeria CAMA 2020 – In fact, do you understand why you need to legally register your company? Hee! If a person does not have documents, he does not legally exist. The same thing happens with a company because it cannot act. But what happens if the company provides services illegally, before or after it is officially formed? Why do I need to issue invoices with the correct values ​​and specifications? You need to understand how Company Registration Gets Better with Nigeria CAMA 2020. Let’s go!

To answer these and other questions, Completefmc prepared this post that explains how Company Registration Gets Better with Nigeria CAMA 2020. In fact, this content goes straight to the point and explains the details and consequences of illegal activities by companies, in addition to the importance of being legally registered as a business entity in accordance to the 2020 CAMA provisions. Come on?

Company Registration Gets Better with Nigeria CAMA 2020

Considering this subject matter; Company Registration Gets Better with Nigeria CAMA 2020; why are accounting records and documents so important? Accordingly, accounting records and documents are important to ease tax liability computations. It also shows the financial indicators to the company itself. In general, it shows the economic and financial situation at the time of obtaining a loan and avoiding smuggling, embezzlement and the sale of unproduced products.

Now, how is that a concern for starting a business?

As a matter of fact, before starting any business, it’s important to consult an accountant or a trusted company to begin the process of formalizing the business, which may take time depending on the business activity. The rule is that the more certificates and validations are required from government agencies, the longer the process will take, as is the case with activities related to health or food. On the other hand, simpler services and internet businesses have less bureaucracy, but they also need formalization to get started.

And if your questions is; I have an e-commerce and only virtual customers – how should I proceed?

Then, even if you only provide services or sell products over the internet, you will need to issue an invoice for all transactions carried out. In the case of electronic invoices and products being sent by mail, the official document must be sent electronically to government agencies and the physical document must be dispatched printed together with the goods to the consumer.

If it is a service provided, it must also be transmitted to the government system and can be sent electronically to the customer, but the invoice can never be omitted. This constitutes a tax crime and, even if the client does not ask, it must be issued.

Company Registration Gets Better with Nigeria CAMA 2020

Not only for the payment of taxes, but also to safeguard the rights of every citizen to a quality product or service. These are some reasons why it is necessary to issue invoices in its operations and also consequences of what happens if the company provides services illegally. Leave a comment on this subject and don’t forget that CFMC Ltd is prepared to support your company even before it was created!

Company Registration Gets Better with Nigeria CAMA 2020

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