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Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

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Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated – Every of our writing is comprehensive and inclusive of the entire elements of the particular topic under discussion. So, here is the Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated plan with its related components. Therefore, this article covers other articles like furniture business plans in Nigeria in pdf and MSWord with wooden furniture business plans of different sizes and scopes.

Furthermore, our articles are suitable for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, and Proposal writing. And when you are writing a Business Concept Note, Competitions, personal start-up plans, etc., this is suitable. Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated covers a lucrative business that needs a lot of planning to start. So, read on to know how. Business Tips:

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Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

The furniture & woodwork Products:

Complete Furniture & Woodwork Ltd offers furniture that is comfortable and well-matched for today’s active lifestyles for homes and official purposes. Therefore, we make home furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, etc. Wooden furniture forms the major portion of sales in Nigeria. With the rapid increase in the development of new housing schemes, the increased demand for wooden furniture is anticipated. Also, we make chairs, tables, book cabinets, wardrobes, and kitchens for newly developed houses and make office furniture also Home Sofa, Bedroom Series, Dining Furniture, Marble Coffee Table, Glass Coffee Table, Tv Stand, Catering Cabinets, and Bar.
We also render services such as technical services, after-sales services, and transportation services

Complete Furniture & Woodwork Ltd is made up of various departments which include: an efficient designing team, a supply team, and so on. Our Showrooms display Furniture ranging from Office, Home, and Hotel furniture many more. This is Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

We do all of these to make your living better. Our unique Quality and world-class styles include an uncompromising commitment to quality (quality wood, workmanship, design, and result), and flexible designs with shorter lead time to meet your timeline. We are in this business because we have a passion for the furniture business

Our Objective:

Our objectives are simple;

  • Constant growth in revenue in the first year.
  • To create a loyalty program for our customers. That is to encourage them to refer customers to us.
  • To provide quality products with services @ reasonable prices.
Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated


Our goals, therefore, are to;

  • Be a stop-shop in Nigeria for furniture supplies
  • Have trained over 500 trainees in our furniture training school.
  • Provide quick and reliable technical assistance to customers.

Our Vision:

To be an unbeatable number-one furniture supplier in Nigeria

Our Mission: Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

To exceed the customers’ expectations. This we do by providing quality, durable, and exceptional services.

Management Team:

Mr. Ibe Ibe- He has a master’s in business administration MBA and he has capabilities in design operation. He’ll be our business development strategist. He’ll also be in charge of marketing.
Njoku Ude- He’ll be in charge of operations. He has over 10 times of experience in the cabinetwork business.

I’ve 10 times expansive experience in management and office cabinetwork( woodwork operations). I’ve good leadership, and business chops and I understand how an ultramodern cabinetwork business should be run. We’ll use our knowledge in upholstery, carpentry, woodwork, deals, and account to deliver stylish quality and services. Our experience in assiduity brings capability and credibility to the business.

Competition For Furniture Business in Nigeria

  1. Bedmake Nigeria Limited- Their strength is that they have a big showroom, they concentrate on rich guests and they’ve got a good distribution network within the country. They’re the request leader.
  2. Lifebed- They also have a distribution network.
  3. Figure cabinetwork. – They don’t have to localize their presence.
  4. Others are matbrosa, vinna, and originalle cabinetwork enterprises.

Sales Segmentation & Marketing Strategy for Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

We have decided to sell our products to customers by applying an aggressive marketing strategy in the following segment.

  • Sales agents,
  • Direct contact,
  • Partnership with contractors,
  • High profile families
  • High profile offices
  • Government offices
  • House agents and
  • Estate Developers and Estate Partners.
  • And Obedient Partners

Advertising: Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

In this regard, we shall use various methods to reach out to our customers.

These include;

  • Word of mouth – Here our satisfied customers will help speak for us.
  • Online marketing – We will do this through our company website blog, and social media marketing like the Facebook page and Google ads.
  • Furniture Magazine publications
  • Souvenirs like hand bands, face caps, shirts, biro, etc
  • Direct selling through handbills and fliers.
  • Mass media using Newspapers, Radio, and T.Vs,

Financial Plan: Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

Our financial plan with analysis is in-depth. Every start-up funding information, CAPEX, and OPEX are covered. Then we have an elaborate personnel budget, direct cost of production, and turnover projections. The end various tables and graphs depicting the analysis are attached. They are the regular financial statements. These are the Income statement/Profit or loss account, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow analysis. Then showcased also are the various assumptions and operational ratios generated. Do you need your copy? Then contact us.

Sale of Furniture Business Plan Updated

Every of our business plans with feasibility analysis must have tables and graphs to show the flow of the activities. They are auto-generated with 100% accuracy.

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