You are currently viewing TSTV Nigeria 2017/2018 Job Recruitment  Portal/Requirements for Application

TSTV Nigeria 2017/2018 Job Recruitment Portal/Requirements for Application

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TSTV Nigeria 2017/2018 Job Recruitment  Portal/Requirements for Application: TSTV Nigeria provides over two million (2,000,000) jobs for Nigerians.
These jobs are going to be direct and indirect. The activities of TSTV is going to be very broad based that it’s application will create a lot of ancillary jobs.

TSTV Nigeria:

Furthermore on TSTV Nigeria 2017/2018 Job Recruitment  Portal, TSTV Nigeria is a new brand of digital Television in Nigeria. Digital television (DTV) is the transmission of television signals using digital codes. Other components including the sound channel are also digitally transmitted. This is in contrast   to the earlier analog television technology in which the video and audio are carried by analog signals. This is what TSTV is bringing into Nigeria.

TSTV Nigeria launched her operation in Nigeria on 1st October, 2017  and sets to recruit about 5,000 applicants nationwide when it starts operations. Information
TSTV Nigeria 2017/2018 Job Recruitment  Portal/Requirements for Application

TSTV Nigeria 2017/2018 Job Recruitment  Portal/Requirements for Application

TSTV means Telcom Satelite Television. It’s operated by ABS and Telcom Satellites TV. TSTV offers a rich blend of local and international channels. These channels bring cool packages for your Entertainment, News, Sports, Kids, Health etc. and will be distributed on the ABS 3A Africa beam, located at 3 degrees west.

TSTV Job Recruitment:

TSTV  Nigeria recruitment portal will soon be opened. The  plans is to recruit about 5000 workers at once, nationwide. The job vacancies are going to cover all spheres and cadre for digital television operation.
It’s hoped that in less than five years of its operation it will generate additional jobs with its international branches in Africa. I therefore, wish to inform the general public to ignore the rumour of TSTV recruitment that is currently spreading. TSTV is not recruiting any staff/workers for now. The general public will be notified once the recruitment starts.
The Guidelines and qualifications for TSTV job recruitment will be updated  on this website once the application form is out.


This article is necessitated by recent calls and comments about tstv recruitment for some weeks now.
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Requirements for Application

In summary, on TSTV Nigeria 2017/2018 Job Recruitment  Portal, this digital television is still fresh in Nigeria, and it’s certain they are going to be recruiting very soon. They plan to create job opportunities by employing over 5000 Nigerians for a start.. The procedures for the application will be updated here once the application window is open.
There will also be job opportunities for distributors and retailers. Other ancillary jobs in the retails and distribution demand and supply chain will certainly create greater jobs. The interlinked synergy it will create will have a lot of multiplier effect on job creation, national income growth and distribution.
For those of you in this category, call on +234 8034347851 for your free business coaching, business plans and feasibility studies, business name registration and company incorporation. It pays to start early.
The official TSTV Nigeria website/portal remains
You can drop your contact details or email on the comment box so that we can inform you on time once the application starts. You can also bookmark this site  to get the latest and daily update on this recruitment exercise.



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