You are currently viewing National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC) Recruitment 2018/2019

National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC) Recruitment 2018/2019

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National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC) Recruitment 2018/2019 –  This is about the career recruitment guide, recruitment portal, application and recruitment filing procedures, document uploads and downloads.
Therefore, if you are interested in this recruitment exercise which will soon start here are the guidelines, and procedures necessary for getting shortlisted in this recruitment exercise.

National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC) Recruitment 2018/2019

About National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC):

NEIC is a national body for monitoring the economic growth indices of the economy.
Functions of NEIC
 The functions of the Committee are to:
    (a)  analyse the annual budget of the Federal Government and extract
         all measures requiring enforcement;
    (b)  work out details on the method of enforcing the implementation
         of the annual budget;
    (c)  analyse the monetary guidelines issued by the Central Bank of
         Nigeria (CBN) and monitor the implementation of the measures
         enumerated therein;
    (d)  monitor and identify factors inhibiting the realisation of set
         revenue targets;
    (e)  enforce the implementation of existing tax legislations;
    (f)  assess the report on any project being carried out by the
         Federal Government and confirm that funds released for such
         projects are judiciously utilised;
    (g)  monitor and report to the Federal Government on quarterly
         basis, the inflation rate, the consumer price index, and such
         other growth indices on output, liquidity and cost of funds,
         transportation cost, fuel prices  and other related tariffs;
    (h)  recommend any increase or decrease of price of manufactured
    (i)  monitor the supply of  and demand for foreign exchange, the
         gap and factors affecting the market, sales and indicated
         rates, use of forex and operation of the market;
    (j)  consider any issue appropriate and relevant to the subject
         of revenue collection;
    (k)  give a quarterly situation report on all its activities to the
         Federal Government;
    (l)  ensure that any defaulter of any of the issues mentioned above
         or any other sector related thereto is brought before the
         Special Tribunal established under the Special Tribunal
         (Miscellaneous Offences) Decree 1984, and
    (m)  consider such other matters as may be referred to it from time
         to time by the Head of State, Commander-in-Chief.

The National Economic Intelligence Committee Recruitment 2018/2019

Recruitment Portal:

It’s true that the opening of the recruitment portal is being delayed, sources close to us confirm that this portal will be opened in few weeks ahead. You are advised to always visit for the updates on this recruitment exercise.
When the recruitment portal opens the following job vacancies will be filled.
  • Assistant Executive Officer SGL 06
  • Executive Officer SGL 07
  • Higher Executive Office SGL 08
  • Senior Executive Officer SGL 09

How to Apply:

Since the recruitment portal is not open yet, authentic information on this can only be obtained from the contacts below.
National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC)
Federal Secretariat Complex, Phase 3, Garki, Abuja FCT Nigeria
09-523 4047
National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC) Recruitment 2018/2019


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