You are currently viewing Nile University of Nigeria: Massive  Academic & Non-Academic Staff  Recruitment  (79 Positions)

Nile University of Nigeria: Massive Academic & Non-Academic Staff Recruitment (79 Positions)

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Nile University of Nigeria: Massive  Academic & Non-Academic Staff  Recruitment  (79 Positions) – Needed are Admin Officers, Finance officers, Assistant Lecturers, Lecturers I & II, Senior lecturers, Associate Professors and Professors in various discipline. So If you are interested in being a lecturer, this opportunity is yours. Here are details about the positions and procedure for applications.

Nile University of Nigeria, is a world class university located in the heart of Nigeria, Abuja. Our university community is composed of:
  • Robust, hardworking, friendly and committed staff
  • Staff from different nationalities all over the world
  • Staff that work tirelessly to help our teeming students actualize their dreams.
Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the following academic and non-academic positions below in Abuja:

Job Titles:

1.) Senior Lecturer (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
2.) Lecturer I (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
3.) Lecturer II (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
4.) Senior Lecturer (Biotechnology)
5.) Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry)
6.) Lecturer I (Biotechnology)
7.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Biotechnology)
8.) Associate Professor (Biochemistry)
9.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Biochemistry)
10.) Lecturer I (Biochemistry)
11.) Senior Lecturer (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)
12.) Lecturer I (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)
13.) Professor (Computer Engineering)
14.) Lecturer II (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)
15.) Associate Professor (Computer Engineering)
16.) Senior Lecturer (Computer Engineering)
17.) Lecturer I (Computer Engineering)
18.) Lecturer II (Computer Engineering)
19.) Professor (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
20.) Associate Professor (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
21.) Associate Professor (Chemical Pathology)
22.) And, Associate Professor (Medical Microbiology)
23.) Senior Lecturer (Medical Microbiology)
24.) Professor (Civil Engineering)
25.) Associate Professor (Civil Engineering)
26.) Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)
27.) Professor (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)
28.) Lecturer I (Civil Engineering)
29.) Associate Professor (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)
30.) Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)
31.) Associate Professor (Pharmacology)
32.) Senior Lecturer (Immunology)
33.) Associate Professor (Immunology)
34.) Lecturer I (Medical Microbiology)
35.) Senior Lecturer (Chemical Pathology)
36.) Senior Lecturer (Anatomy)
37.) Associate Professor (Hematology)
38.) Senior Lecturer (Histopathology)
39.) Senior Lecturer (Hematology)
40.) Lecturer I (Chemical Pathology)
41.) Associate Professor (Medical Biochemistry)
42.) Lecturer I (Hematology)
43.) Associate Professor (Physiology)
44.) Senior Lecturer (Pharmacology)
45.) Lecturer I (Pharmacology)
46.) Associate Professor (Anatomy)
47.) Senior Lecturer (Medical Biochemistry)
48.) Lecturer I (Immunology)
49.) Senior Lecturer (Physiology)
50.) Associate Professor (Histopathology)
51.) Professor (Histopathology)
52.) Professor (Hematology)
53.) And, Professor (Pharmacology)
54.) Professor (Immunology)
55.) Lecturer I (Medical Biochemistry)
56.) Lecturer I (Physiology)
57.) Professor (Chemical Pathology)

Nile University of Nigeria: Massive  Academic & Non-Academic Staff  Recruitment  (79 Positions)

58.) Lecturer I (Anatomy)
59.) Lecturer I (Histopathology)
60.) Professor (Medical Microbiology)
61.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Anatomy)
62.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Histopathology)
63.) The Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Hematology)
64.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Pharmacology)
65.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Immunology)
66.) And, Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Chemical Pathology)
67.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Medical Microbiology)
68.) Professor (Medical Biochemistry)
69.) Professor (Physiology)
70.) And, Professor (Anatomy)
71.) Graduate Secretary
72.) Senior Assistant Registrar
73.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Medical Biochemistry)
74.) Laboratory Technologist or Technician (Physiology)
75.) Driver
76.) Senior HR Officer
77.) System Admin Officer
78.) Senior Accountant
79.) Steward

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Nile University of Nigeria: Massive  Academic & Non-Academic Staff  Recruitment  (79 Positions)


  1. For medical personnel: Interested candidate should be a Medical Doctors
  2. For lecturing positions: Interested candidates should possess PhD Degree in relevant discipline.
  3. Also, for Graduate Non-academic positions: Interested candididate should possess Bachelor’s Degree or HND in the relevant discipline. Memberships of relevant  professional body is an added advantage. And must have a minimum of 6 years working  experience. IT proficiency in relevant  software is necessary.
  4. For non-graduate positions: Interested candidates must have a minimum of Senior School Certificate, minimum of 3 years experience

Application Closing Date

30th September, 2018.

How to Apply

If you are interested and qualified, you should send your Applications to:

For Further Information:

If you require more information, send your requests through our comment box on this page. For your recruitment updates visit our career and recruitment page, or follow us on our Facebook handle by clicking ‘ Like us’. Meanwhile, if your enjoyed this post, Nile University of Nigeria: Massive  Academic & Non-academic Staff  Recruitment (79 Positions), use our share social media buttons on this page to reach your friends.


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