Trending business ideas for Kano Township

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Trending business ideas for Kano Township

Trending business ideas for Kano Township are hot business ideas in Nigeria. In fact, they are lucrative businesses ideas with small capital. They’re also businesses that move fast in Nigeria. In addition, if you want small capital business at home, these are covered here.

As a matter of fact, we have taken time to classify multiple of these business ideas into Internet/ICT Business ideas, Oil & Gas Business ideas, Food business, Agro-products, Small Manufacturing Business, Import Export Business ideas, Education business Ideas, Entertainment and Transportation business. On the whole, the business ideas we have for you here is well over 150.

Trending business ideas for Kano Township – Personal Approach:

Though we have tried our best to classify these investment opportunities as listed above, it’s left for you to apply personal approaches to achieving your heart desire. In doing this we would want you to consider the effect of innovation, technology, modernization, globalization, trending and marketability considering your socio-political environment. These are going to help you realise the impact of turnover on your business bottom line. Such that  yield high ROI (return on investment) will always keep you afloat on the business and in fact, attract investors and financiers. 

You can also look at them from the financial accounting class flow statement point of view. In that case identify those businesses that re into operating, investing, and financing.

Trending business ideas for Kano Township – Business Ideas:

These are very relevant to Kano Township. Kano is a municipal town in Northern Nigeria with large population density. Therefore, these business ideas are those that promote wellbeing and by that create wealth for the entrepreneurs involved.

Internet/ICT Business ideas:

  • Blogging and Blog Consulting
  • Computer Repair and Maintenance.
  • Computer Training.
  • Data Entry Services.
  • eBay Consulting.
  • Internet Research services/editors/writers
  • IT Support Services
  • Social Media Consulting

Oil & Gas Business ideas:

  •  Cooking gas filling station
  • Oil Consultancy.
  • Cooking Gas Retail or Distribution.
  • Petrol Filling Station.
  • Gas/Diesel Station.
  • Kerosene Wholesale or Retailing.
  • Lubricant Oil Production & Marketing
  • Oil & Gas Consulting.

Food business:

For those willing to get into one form of food business or the other, imagine the following mirage of food business activities.

  • Canteens preparing and serving food to those located in schools, workplaces, sporting clubs, universities, physical disability centres, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres.
  • Camps – schools, religious and others
  • Food businesses that provide meals to children in child services
  • Organisations that prepare ready-to-eat meals for delivery to vulnerable persons
  • Food businesses located off-site, but whose principal activity is to process food for service to clients of delivered meals organisations and vulnerable people in care facilities
  • Such Food businesses that provide meals to patients in hospices
  • More, food businesses that provide meals to residents in nursing homes for the aged, including an aged care service that provides care in a residential facility
  • In addition are; baby food, canned/bottled foods, juices, ready-to-eat salads, vegetables and/or fruits. Sweets/chocolate made from raw cocoa beans, soft-serve ice-cream
  • Delicatessens that prepare and serve food to home-based kitchens that produce and sell food such as pies to juice bars, supermarkets that sell ready-to-eat, bakeries handling low-risk food (bread, flour-based foods).
  • Biscuit manufacturers processing low-risk food, breweries, wineries and other alcoholic drink makers, cereal producers etc.
  • Confectionery manufacturers (sweets and sugar based)
  • Flour millers and manufacturers
  • Food ingredients manufacturers (such as flavouring or colouring)  – Honey processors, ice manufacturers, oil and fat manufacturers, soft drink manufacturers, water bottlers.
  • Cold stores (including those that sell frozen food)
  • Dry goods wholesaler.

Agri-Business ideas:

There are also varieties of these. So you can go into:

  • Poultry Farming – broilers, layers, eggs, turkey etc.
  • Cow/Goat/Sheep rearing business
  • Plantations for Cassava, rice, millet etc.
  • Cereal Processing – Mills for Rice, Cassava,
  • Retail and Wholesale dealership
  • Export of agro-products.

Small Manufacturing Business:

Then think of installing machineries for processing one thing or the other, breweries, wineries and other alcoholic drink, cereal drinks.

Trending business ideas for Kano Township – Import Export Business ideas:

These are the things you can import or export to any country. So, think of agric-products like ginger, garlic, onions, timber, soybeans, etc. We have a training manual for this. So, we will incorporate your business and register you for export.

Education Business Ideas:

There are various investment opportunities here. Can you look at, University Education, Vocational training, Professional training & Certifications, Personal development training, Corporate-sponsored training, and Language training.


You can do a lot here. So, get ready for Recording Studios, Sound Engineering Services, Events and Social Media Management, Video Editing Services, Online Entertainment Portals, Music and Dining Clubs, Dance Studios, Corporate Meeting Planning etc.

Trending business ideas for Kano Township

Transportation business ideas:

So much to do here. In this case go for Taxi service, Limousine service, Owner/Operator trucking, Moving van business, Specialty transportation, Livestock transportation, Boats, Bicycle rental etc.

Trending business ideas for Kano Township – General Business Ideas:

There is where you can do any other business or combinations of them. Just consider KANO, and ancient Northern Nigerian state, Gold and Jewellery Merchant, Footwear Manufacturing Company, Ceramic Production Company, Vegetable Oil Production Company, Plastic Manufacturing Company, Fast Food Business, Wholesale Pharmaceutical Business and Corporate Cleaning Business will go.

What Next?

Now that you have not less thn 150 business ideas here, what next? We can help you generate more or develope what you have. Our business development services will help you incorporate, write your business plan, sort out your tax matters, export licences, mining licence etc. Contact us on or +234 8034347851


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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