Profitable business ideas for Nigeria Maiduguri Town/Investment opportunities in Borno State Nigeria

Profitable business ideas for Nigeria Maiduguri Town/Investment opportunities in Borno State Nigeria

This is a comprehensive research on profitable businesses you can embark on in Maiduguri town. In fact, these business ideas are also relevant for other towns in Borno State Nigeria. Truly speaking SMES in borno state include home business ideas for home cottage entrepreneurs and companies in Maiduguri. Small and Medium scale business in Maiduguri with low capital are some of the lucrative business in Nigeria. In fact, they are also some of the hot business ideas in Nigeria. Profitable business ideas for Nigeria Maiduguri Town is another way of saying Investment opportunities in Borno State Nigeria.

Investment opportunities in Borno State Nigeria

Furthermore, investment opportunities in Borno State Nigeria can also be derive from history of borno state. Borno state is pluralistic in ethnic composition. In fact, it’s rich with diverse historical and cultural heritage that dates back to over one thousand (1000) years ago. As a matter of fact, it shares borders with the Republics of Cameroun, Chad and Niger. This is why it’s a major trading hub of goods within the geographical location. In addition, it also share borders with the Nigerian States of Yobe, Adamawa, and Gombe.

As a matter of fact, Small and Medium Business Investment Opportunities in Borno State includ farming of all sorts. Others are merchandise and manufacturing activities. These are analysed bellow for you to make better business choices.

Profitable business ideas for Nigeria Maiduguri Town/Investment opportunities in Borno State Nigeria – In General:

Motor Bike and Tricycle Sale and Repair Shop. Transportation Business. Football Viewing Centre. Cattle Ranch. Tomato Processing Plant. Onion Farming Business, and Electronics are part of the business family. Click here

Other Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria include Quail Bird Farming. Catering Services (Indoor and Outdoor) Mobile food Vending. Computer Training Centre. Computer Repair and Accessories Sales. Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs. Rental Services. Food Processing.

Opportunities for investment exist in:

We introduce you into assorted businesses in the following paragraphs. They are well researched business ideas we can help you develop.

Agribusiness Ideas:  

Cassava, Sorghum, sesame seed, Rice, Maize Farming and many others. Under animal husbandry farming you can get into Poultry Farming, Fish/Catfish Farming, Snail Farming and Pig Farming. Other varieties could include Honey Bee Farming and the like. Click here

Manufacturing/Processing Business Ideas:

Furthermore, Most Lucrative Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas you can embark include Toy Making, Aluminium Door Window Manufacturing, Confectioneries/Bakery, Electrical Bulbs and Fittings Production. Others include the milling processing of agro-products – Processing plants for maize, rice groundnut oil etc.

Real Estate:

As a matter of fact, these include, Property Development Company, Starting a Real Estate Investment Club and Real Estate Blogging. You can also start Architecture Firm, Landscaping Business, Lawn Care Business and Real Estate Agent. And many more.

Healthcare Business Ideas:

Again, we introduce you into Healthcare Business Ideas. Therefore consider the following:

  • Medical Transcription Services,
  • Medical Records Management,
  • Physical/Occupational Therapy Centre,
  • Developing a Healthcare App,
  • Diabetic Care Centre,
  • Home Healthcare Service
  • Medical Foot Care
  • Drug Treatment/Rehabilitation Centre.
  • And many more
Profitable business ideas for Nigeria Maiduguri Town

Profitable business ideas for Nigeria Maiduguri Town/Investment opportunities in Borno State Nigeria – Tourism Business Ideas:

Here are some profitable business opportunities in the tourism industry.

  • Lodging.
  • Conference reservatopms
  • Ride-sharing.
  • Guided Tours.
  • Open For Business.
  • Luggage Delivery Service.
  • Smile For The Camera.
  • Eco and Urban Tourism.
  • Souvenir Shop.
  • Artefacts Shop
  • Clcik here for more information

Energy Business Ideas:

We present to you some energy business ideas for those of you who think that the future is greener than the present in energy business.

  • Automobile Battery Store.
  • Biodiesel Production.
  • Cool-roofs installation.
  • E-Rickshaw Manufacturing.
  • E-Vehicle Distribution & Selling.
  • Gas Station.
  • Generator Manufacturing.
  • Geothermal Power Plant.
  • And many more.

Mining business idea:

If you have the capacity to get investors for a mining corporation. The global demand is high. For everything mining, click here

  • Coal Mining,
  • Iron Ore Mining,
  • Limestone Mining,
  • Granite Mining,
  • Gemstone Mining,
  • Haulage And Logistics,
  • Blogging / Magazine for mining business.

Profitable business ideas for Nigeria Maiduguri Town/Investment opportunities in Borno State Nigeria – A Business Plan:

If you have likely spend much time thinking about who makes the products that you use; and if your business relies on manufacturers and producers of one form of food item or the other, unless you spend time in planning, you may probably know little about the actual day-to-day work involved. In fact, there are actually multiple types of processes a manufacturer/producer/farmer/exporter uses, and those can be structured in a management business plan.

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