Business Plan Template for Investor Funding

Business Plan Template for Investor Funding

Business Plan Template for Investor Funding could be for a start-up or an existing business. Here we present you with simple business plan template for free. It’s suitable for bank loan, angel investor and venture capitalist. In fact, it’s so fine to attract loan from your club or co-operatives or town union. No matter who the investor is, he/she wants to be sure that his/her investment will not perish. He/she would want the capital back at the due date together with the interest due.  This is the recommended Business Plan Template for Investor Funding globally.

Therefore, you must do everything possible to convince him/her that his/her investment is safe and that your business will not fail. Therefore they would like to see a well-articulated business plan that will convince them to invest in your business. Don’t think it’s easy. They would want to see the business plan executed. So, if you made-up the business plan subjecting it to one or two analysis will knock it off. So, the first hint is, be realistic.

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COVER PAGE & TABLE OF CONTENT @ Business Plan Template for Investor Funding

Firstly, the Cover Page of the business plan must bear your business name and contact information. This is to enable the potential investors to easily reach you. The table of content should be there to enable the investor access whatever topic/page he/she wants to look at. If he/she has trouble finding your pages, that may be end of the entire effort.


The Executive Summary will give out the summary of all you have in the business plan. So you must highlight the summary of every estimate and the estimated results. Remember that this is where you must convince your lender to invest in your business. If the summary of the highlights here are not convincing he/she may not want to read any more parts of the plan.


Company Overview is the company story. Can you tell a story? Ok! This is the time to talk about the origin of the business and ownership.  Do you have vision, objective and mission statement? Let’s read it here.


What are your Product and Services? Can we have a list of them here? So, present their sources and if possible how they are processed.

Business Plan Template for Investor Funding – THE INDUSTRY:

Industry Analysis is another historical analysis opportunity. Let the investor know that you understand the industry you are coming into. What are the components of this industry and which component or segment are you into? How has the industry faired in the last two to three year nationally and may be globally.


Customer Analysis must be based on your preliminary experience or research work. So get at formal Industry analysis. They can also help you. What is the industry standard, and can you fit in? What are your strategies to fit in?


As a matter of fact, both industry analysis and customer analysis will bring you to Competitive Analysis. How large is this industry and how do you fit in. Are there big players?


Marketing Plan is where to create turnover for your business. So, what are your market segments? What strategies do you have in place to win reasonable market share? As hinted above, what about if there are big players already? How are you going to penetrate into the market?

Business Plan Template for Investor Funding – THE OPERATION:

Furthermore, is your Operations Plan. How is this operation going to work? Who is at the head of this operation? Is the operation cost effective or not? In fact, you must be ready to support this with verifiable figures. Tables or charts will help you here. In our product and services above, we hinted that you could explain how they are processed, this is where the full details come. Show the investor that the unit cost of production is so and so, and that with reasonable overhead charges, it will finally come out as so and so cost per unit.


Don’t forget your financials. The need for fund, sources of fund, interest rate, payment schedules are to be highlighted. Then all the forecasts will come here. So, here comes your turnover and cost of sales forecast. Your income statement, balance sheet forecast etc.  are to be shown here.

Business Plan Template for Investor Funding


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