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Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

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This post is the main thrust of crop storage business. In fact, Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application is derived from here. Therefore, if you are looking for AGSMEIS loan application form and how to apply for it, please, go through this post. Included here are the AGMEIS loan requirements.

Therefore, if you want to invest in the crop storage business, here is an opportunity that comes with a winning business plan. This Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application will kick-start your storage business profitably. In connection with this are crop production business plan samples. So you may have maize farming business plan and other cereal farming business plan. In fact, if you do, it will boost your agricultural business profile.

What is the crop storage business? Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

Crop storage business simply means stocking farm produce during harvest and later reselling the produce when prices of the same produce go up. There are so many farm produce that can be stored for a period of four months to nine months before reselling when prices appreciate.

What crops can be stored?

These Vegetables and Fruits can be stored for Two Months or More before reselling. Others are Root Crops and tubers. order for your Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

Vegetable & Fruit:

  • Apple.
  • Beet.
  • Cabbage.
  • Carrot.
  • Celeriac.
  • Celery.


  • Grain corn.
  • Rice
  • Millate
  • Beans
  • Giuinea Corn


  • Yam
  • Cassava
  • Potatoes

As a matter of fact, you have to make up your mind and chose a partiular one or a combination to invest into. The produce and products range from Root Crops and tubers, and vegetables to grains, crops and fruits.
As a matter of fact, these are the crops that this Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application is meant for.

Our Model of Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application:

Here is our model Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application. It’s a model that takes care of more than 50 agro-crop storage business plan. Our model is a customised model that fits into your partiular business idea.

Executive Summary For Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

This business plan is for Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application. This forecast is for three years. In fact, this business plan is to aid our management team in driving determined start-up plans and implementations. Therefore, in this plan are the capital fund requirements and sources. In addition, re the CAPEX and OPEX projections. In fact, here re our business operations for the next three years. Therefore, hre are the turnover, cost of sales, income statement and cash flow projections for the period in consideration.

Our storage warehouse is going to be located in Azjata. Azjada is a suburb town in Abuja FCT with a large concentration of local villagers. That is a good environment for procurement and storage of our stuff.

Ownership Profile: Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application is owned by Mr. Ane. Mr. Ane is a certified management consultant. He has a wealth of business management experience of over 30 years. Furthermore, this business is duly registered with CAC and has been involved in other agricultural farming businesses in the last 3 years.

Our Competition For Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application:

During our survey we found out that both the supply side and demand site of this enterprise is very bouyant. In fact, there are a lot of cottage mini storage facilities in many places in our locality. However, the capacity of our outfit is enough to contend with whatever shocks that come from such homestead storage facilities. In fact, because ours is going to be commerially based, the drive for more cost efficient management of resources will be employed. This is to help achieve the lowest unit cost of production. We are sure this will certainly overwhelm those from the cottage outfits.

As a matter of fact, this strategy has been so plotted out and tested. It’s hoped that if implemented we will be sure of more than 20% of the market share in our environment. The population composition of Azjata which is largely indigeneous local people is going to be a great advantage for us. This will certainly promote our procurement processes.

Our Products and Services:

Furthermore, our warehouse is very large to accommodate more than two different crops. The quantities needed to be stored for each shall be worked out very soon. However, among the listed, below, we are going to chose the crops to preserve.


  1. Paddy
  2. Processed Rice
  3. Maize
  4. Sorghum
  5. Beans
  6. Groundnut

Our Starage Strategies:

As a matter of fact, there are basically two methods of storage. That is; in bags and in bulk.
Yes, those to be stored in bags will be stord either in te open air or in ur warehouses. And, the bulk grain is stored in bins or silos of ur designed capacities.

We understand that the choice between these methods and the degree of technological sophistication involved depends on many technical, economic and socio-cultural considerations.

For certain crops we shall be using the traditional storage systems used by small farmers. This is the use of artisanal construction techniques and local materials. In fact, these are the systems that are prevailent in the rural communities of of our operating environment.

What we Bring into the industryFor Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application:

Furthermore, as long as our operating community is concerned, we bring into this locallity;

  • Modern methods of crop storage.
  • Industry method of operation
  • Intelligence and knowledge
  • Expanded crop market
  • Modern life – civilization
  • A good blend/combination of modern and traditional methods of crop storage

Our Objectives:

As a matter of fact, main objectives are summarized as follows:

  • To permit deferred use (on an annual and multi-annual basis) of the agricultural products harvested;
  • To ensure availability of seeds for the crop cycles to come;
  • And to guarantee regular and continuous supplies of raw materials for processing industries;
  • A balance in supply and demand of agricultural products, thereby stabilizing market prices.
  • Finally, is to make huge profit from the resells of the crops for every harvest season annually.

Furthermore, in order to attain these general objectives, it becomes obviously necessary to adopt measures aimed at preserving the crops for good quality and quantity over time.

Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

Environmental factors:

Environental factors such as wather climate affects crop storage. Therefore, in order to conserve —– quality of products over long-time, degradation processes must be slowed down or stopped.
As a matter of fact, we have to take care of the following three major degrading factors. These are:

  1. temperature,
  2. moisture,
  3. oxygen content.

This is because, we know that during storage, as during other phases of the post-harvest system, the combined effects of these three factors can sometimes cause severe losses.

The Financial Analysis For Crop Storage Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application:

Here re the analysis of the facilities in used. They are the warehouse, material handling equipment, and other storage utilities.

The following table shows the analysis of their components and cost of procurement.
The other tables are those for procurement and turnover estimation, income statement and cash flow statements.

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