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A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

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A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan for Metal Workers. In fact, this is an example of business plan for metal fabrication shop. It’s a business plan template for a machine shop business plan. This is talking about how a trained welder can produce items that you can use in the mining process. This need justifies a continuous desire for the services of skilled welders. In fact, it’s a craft that will keep getting attractive. This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

The Welding Industry:

Furthermore, no matter the economic environment prevalent at any time, the wielding industry is one industry that shows a substantial return on investment.  It’s an industry where skill, training, and talent play an important role.  As a matter of fact, this Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan teaches you how to start a business on fabricated tools.

We, therefore, wish to introduce you to the business of locally fabricated tools. So, you can start a welding fabrication business or be a dealer in the fabricated tools. In summary, this post covers fabricated quarry mining equipment, stone crushing, and grinding mill tools in Nigeria. Do you have other crushing and milling needs? This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

In fact, the question is, can you see the business openings here?  Can you see it as a mining industry ancillary service? Our idea is, if you are interested in starting a mineral mining supportive business as a small-scale mining tools and equipment business, this is a must-read for you. So, are you interested in locally fabricated crushers in Nigeria, gold, sand, clay, lead/zinc mining equipment, etc., I urge you to please spend some time reading this article.


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Executive Summary For A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Complete Tools Welders is an established welding and fabrication business. It’s engaged in the turning of iron bars and slabs into production system designs that will suit and satisfy the diverse designs and concepts of the milling, drilling and mining customer.  As a matter of fact, we at Complete Tools Welders are very much dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship. We keep to agreed delivery dates, and actualize the custom work exactly in accordance with the customer’s concept. This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

In fact, our focus is to find out who our future target clients are.  And how to understand our marketing strategy. That is to enable us to plan for expanding our operations and marketing so it can substantially increase profitability. Indeed, these are the thrust of this business plan. The end product is to serve our dear country Nigeria. We know that every locally fabricated tool saves hundreds of Dollars that would have been paid for a similar imported one. Click here to read our article on why we must patronize Made-In-Nigeria goods.

Business Ownership: This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Complete Tools Welders is a business built/established as a sole proprietorship. It’s owned by Nathan Akalazu who has over 27 years of experience in the welding and fabrication industry. In fact, he has built a reputation of excellence and quality work that is very important in the industry.

Furthermore, we at Complete Tools Welders plan to manufacture and sell locally fabricated crushers, mining and grinding/milling equipment etc. In fact, we will also perform other welding and fabrication services for truck bodies and commercial equipment. Our target market share is expected to come from mining sites, milling plants, haulage companies, Commercial Customers, Agricultural Entities, and Local Municipalities.

Our Products and Services – This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Complete Tools Welders primarily wield, fabricate, and sell such tools and equipment to households and small-scale enterprises. As a matter of fact, our plan now is to enlarge our production capacity to include equipment and tools for large-scale mining, milling and manufacturing companies. We also plan to fabricate and repair truck bodies. In fact, we will also recycle all unused scrap metals.

Our Revenue Sources: This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

In addition, the first revenue stream is extremely important to us. That is our welding services. Our goal is to keep our bottom line vibrant by making sure that the welding services we render are in continued demand. In fact, we are determined to achieve this despite deleterious changes in the general economy. We will also ensure that this revenue stream has very high margins. That is to ensure the profitability of our enterprise on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, the other revenue streams are going to be through the distribution of welding supplies, gasses, and related items that will be bought primarily by local contractors. We also anticipate patronage from individuals who do their own welding. We target a gross margin rate of 50% on all welding products sold in our company. This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Business Mission and Vision Statement:

Our vision at Complete Tools Welders is to become the recognized local leader in our targeted market for all welding and fabrication activities.

Therefore, our mission is to build the best quality product.  Supply top services at installation, and provide exceptional customer services after the sale of the product.

Our Business Structure

Furthermore, it’s very important to note that the backbone of Complete Tools Welders is its founder Nathan Akalazu.  Nathan Akalazu can boast of two professional degrees from reputable universities in Nigeria. The first degree is B.Sc. business management and the second is in mechanical engineering. In fact, we believe that Nathan Akalazu chose these fields because of his interest in parts construction. Complete Tools Welders jobs, therefore, are based on general engineering theories and applications.

Furthermore, Nathan also believed that it would be very crucial for him to have a business knowledge background for possible future application. Therefore, Complete Tools Welders will be run solely for now by Nathan Akalazu. He will be in charge of product procurement, order-taking, customer service, and other associated activities. His apprentices are only going to render helping hands. This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Role Management:

Furthermore, as the business grows, he will employ workers who will cover a wide range of services for the company. These workers include;

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Production Supervisor
  • Operations Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Accountant & Cashiers
  • Welding and Fabrication Technicians
  • Client Service Executive

The Market For A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Research reveals that semiautomatic welding is in increase and will greatly increase more. It also shows that machine and automatic welding will increase modestly. However, manual welding is decreasing at least as a percentage of the total. Therefore, the following factors which will influence both cost of production and demand must be considered from the onset.

Therefore, there will be a continuing need to reduce manufacturing costs so as to improve productivity. More efficient methods need be introduced as the cost of metals for producing weld metals and filler metals will also continue to be more expensive. In fact, energy and fuel costs will increase and shortages may occur too. This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Furthermore, the research still reveals a continuing trend towards the use of higher-strength materials, particularly in the steel and lighter-weight materials. It shows in fact that there will continue to be more use of welding by manufacturing industries, probably decreasing the use of castings. In this regard, there will be a trend towards higher levels of reliability and higher-quality requirements. Therefore, the trend towards automatic welding and automation in welding will accelerate. This is our market.

Welding Work Productivity:

Furthermore, Complete Tools Welders will endeavour to grow and increase its productivity. Since productivity in this industry is considered the amount of welding that is done by a welder in a day, Complete Tools Welders will make every effort to increase this. We understand that productivity is determined by certain factors such as the operator factor or duty cycle. This defines the number of minutes per eight-hour period that a welder spends actually welding. Efficiency in time management leading to high productivity is our target. This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

In fact, different methods of welding have different average duty cycles. As a matter of fact, manual welding has the lowest operator factor. Semiautomatic welding is approximately double that while machine welding the next highest. Then the automatic welding approaches 100% productivity efficiency.

As a matter of fact, efforts will be made to utilize those processes that have the highest duty cycles. Our expected trend will be to do away with manual welding. Semiautomatic welding and machine welding will be our baselines. Automatic welding is our dream target.

Our Target Market – This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

At Complete Tools Welders, we hope to focus on our ability to complete any project with the required equipment by having all the necessary tools. Our market segmentation scheme is fairly straightforward, and focuses on the target markets of the mining industry. Others are milling plants, haulage companies, Commercial Customers, Agricultural Entities, and Local Municipalities

As a matter of fact, we understand that the customers within the fabrication industry want exceptional workmanship at affordable rates. We therefore, believe that our prospective customers will appreciate the quality services that we are hoping to offer. However, with aggressive marketing efforts we will expand the company operations and reach many more markets along the demand chain. Therefore, our target market will include;

  • Mining Companies
  • Agricultural entities
  • Local Municipalities
  • Constructions firms
  • Manufacturing firms
  • Milling Plants
  • This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Competitive Advantage:

As a matter of fact, Welding will continue to be a highly efficient and economical method for maintaining structural deficiencies. In this regard, we still believe that the welding industry will continue to maintain a strong reputation for producing reliable and cost-effective welded components in the global market.

Our research shows that the industry due to a growing need for welded components and a decline in skilled workforce is focused on continual design advancements in welding machines. The competition in this industry is becoming heavy and unbelievable. This is why we are making all plans efficiently to make sure we take over the market.

The very many fabrication services we hope to offer is an advantage for us.  Therefore, we hope that by building a business based on satisfying clients, we will simultaneously build defenses against the competition. In light of this, we plan to continue helping clients understand what we offer them and why they need it. This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Furthermore, is our local links. In fact, we plan to become a leading provider of fabrication services in the local area. We believe that to achieve this, we have to invest in many ways that will pay off in competitive advantages for our customers.

Marketing and Sales strategy

We understand that satisfied customers will aid our business. This is by referring our company to other clients who need our services. Therefore, we plan to serve the metal fabrication market segment. In fact, this specific choice of target market is based on an in-depth understanding of our prospective customer’s needs.

Furthermore, we believe that our skills and capabilities will make way for us within our business environment. This will make us compete favorably with our competitors. It will also allow us to develop a reputation within the industry.  This is the reason why we need to develop a marketing strategy. Such a strategy will help us improve our profitability levels. Overall, it will help us in building a strong customer base. This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

In this connection, we plan to use a direct sales force and relationship selling to reach our target markets. These channels are most appropriate for us now. Its advantages include time to market, reduced capital requirements, and fast access to established distribution channels.

In fact, we will also advertise in Yellow Pages and local newspapers. In addition, we will create a website with our business information. Such information includes construction background, production samples, and contact information. We will always make reference to this website in all other forms of our advertisement.  

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Furthermore, our financial analysis re ready. In fact, they are very comprehensive and professionally produced. It’s a display of professionalism by our consultants. Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited are professional Accountant and Management consultant. They are good for producing bankable business plans for organizations and individuals for whatever purposes.

Milestones For A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

In collaboration with our Consultant, therefore, we have worked out start-up operational schedules as shown below. We will classify them into completed and ongoing in-time frame targets.

  • Business Name Availability Check
  • Business Registration
  • Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts
  • Securing Point of Sales (POS) Machines
  • Opening Mobile Money Accounts
  • Opening Online Payment Platforms
  • Furthermore, is an application and Obtaining a payer’s ID
  • Application for business license and permit
  • A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan


  • Purchase of Insurance for the Business
  • Leasing of a facility and renovating the facility as well
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Generating capital from family members
  • Applications for Loan from the bank
  • In addition, writing of Business Plan
  • Drafting of Employee’s Handbook
  • Drafting of Contract Documents and other relevant Legal Documents
  • Printing of Promotional Materials
  • Recruitment of employees


  • Creating an Official Website for the Company
  • Creating Awareness for the business both online and around the community
  • Health and Safety and Fire Safety Arrangement (License)
  • Opening party planning
  • Establishing business relationships with mining companies, contractors and other stakeholders
  • Finally, Procurement of raw and processed solid minerals for sell

Conclusions on Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan:

Finally, if you are interested in this business, we are ready to help out at minimal cost.  There are two things involved. The first are those willing to get a comprehensive copy of this business plan.

The second set is for those of you who need our guide. We stated above that this type of business, Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business and the like requires a lot of strategic planning to get it started. Therefore, you may need our professional backing and mentorship to help you implement this business idea.

Whichever the case may be, contact us on +234 8034347851 or mail us via

A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan

Finally, it’s possible you have persons you want to collaborate with in this business, then share this to reach him. And, if there re others in your social group who could be interested, just share. A click on any of our social media buttons on this page will do the magic for you. Thanks for reading through This is A Sample Local Mining Fabricated Equipment Business Plan


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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