You are currently viewing Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration

Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration

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Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration – Do you have the list of the approved changes for 2020 CAMA for company registration? So, why hire an accredited CAC consultants for your company registration? As a matter of fact, having a registered company can be the difference between a smooth process or a headache. Get connected in these tips to choose your partner well to register your business according to the approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration.

Hear this on Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration

Furthermore, you know the expression well: from a doctor and a madman, everyone has a little? So, he/she is able to summarize why he/she has a specialized service or not. After all, if you are in pain, you can self-medicate (which we do not recommend) or seek a professional, who will examine you and give you the right medication. That way you get better faster. This is why you need us, the accredited CAC consultants.

In fact, this analogy sums up the importance of having a company that specializes in Company Registration. Because doing it alone can lead to a rejected application.  And that means, you need to spend twice to own your company.

80% Applications Fail – Why?

It’s assumed that at least 80% of company registration applications made without the support of a specialist fail. This is because they have not met the mandatory deadlines or have been filled in the wrong way. In this case, to request ownership of the business, it’s necessary to enter a new order. So, in order not to take this risk, understand how we can help you and what problems we help you solve.

Can I ask you – what is Company Registration?

You really need to know this! Company Registration is the process that certifies a person or company as the owner of company and of a product and or service – and gives the right to use them exclusively in Nigeria. Requested at CAC, registration protects the holder if a third party uses the name without authorization.

An unregistered name or brand has no owner. Simple! Therefore, any person / company in Nigeria can use it without charge, the name and logo of a company or professional, as long as this brand does not have the registration. On the other hand, when using a registered company without the owner’s authorization, it can lead to serious litigation.

Why hire an CAC Accredited Registration Consultant?

This is because we have specialist professionals who ensure the correct filling of forms. In fact, we have tools to monitor the process regularly and has the knowledge to act in the face of complications. Our efforts also reduce the possibility of a refusal, as it guarantees compliance with the rules of the 2020 CAMA.

As a matter of fact, by counting on specialized personnel like us, there is guidance and consultancy throughout the process, which is significantly increasing the chances of having the registration confirmed. In addition, it can reduce the waiting time.

Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration

Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration

How to choose a specialized CAC consultants?

In doing this look for consultants who offers:

  • Specialized advice;
  • Detailed scope of the service;
  • Fixed value;
  • Qualified professionals;
  • Online service;
  • Specialized Advice
  • Honest dealing

In fact, by having an expert in the subject, you have consultancy and guidance throughout the process. By that you avoid scares and problems due to an inconsistent process. Especially dealing with post incorporation assignments.

As a matter of fact, it’s worth mentioning that there are many professionals in the market that offer the company registration service, however, they are not specialized in the service. Please, avoid them.

Now, stay tuned! Before hiring, assess whether the consultancy has all the tools and knowledge to ensure your success.

Detailed service scope for Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration:

Count on consultants who act with transparency. Such can explain exactly how the process is and what can happen at each stage and say EXACTLY the details of the service to be performed. Be careful, not having this can cause headaches and significantly increase the cost of your process. So ask for the specifications and all the details, from the beginning to the end of a process. That is how we serve our clients. Please, enjoy us.

Fixed value

Furthermore, now that you know it’s important to have the full scope of service detailed, check the costs. Look for firms like CFMC Ltd that offer the service, from start to finish, for a fixed cost. If you must use others, beware of “pranks” and poorly explained situations, that’s where the danger lives.

However, consider additional costs to the process only when some actions are needed that is outside of what was negotiated, then it is necessary to understand what happened, what is the best way to resolve it and whether it’s really necessary to make this additional investment.

Qualified professionals for Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration:

Count on a firms like CFMC Ltd that has highly qualified professionals to take care of your process and specialized in the legal area. So you guarantee that your order has the best analyses, minimizing risks with lack of documents, poorly prepared processes. This is because your business deserves the best.

Online service

By having a specialized firm with 100% online services, in addition to saving travel costs and printing documents, we do everything from wherever we are. With a cell phone and internet, it is possible to know the process, scope of the service and read and sign a digital contract, protecting you and your business.

When you hire a specialized service like us, you can imagine how much headache it will save you, right?

Honest Dealing on Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration:

As a matter of fact, most clients are not honest. That has resulted into many consultants cutting corners. When you want to make Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration, please pay for the services. Don’t expect to have your documents before paying for the services.

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Approved Changes for CAC Nigeria 2020 CAMA Company Registration

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