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N-Power Program Flour Mill: This is the Business Plan

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N-Power Program Flour Mill: This is the Business Plan – N-Power program is meant to provide food, employment and income for the participants. In fact, its final aim is to impact on the national income and other economic growth indicators. So, if you get involved in this flour mill, you are actually in the N-Power Program value chain to achieving it’s objectives. Our part is to give you good cancelling like this sample business plan.

Therefore, are you a participant in this N-Power program and require a Flour Mill business plan, then this is the model you need. We have here all the required elements of the business plan. Other related links also give other details. So, you have to click on them to get more information.

The Post Focus:

As in our manner, we tell you what you will benefit in our articles. They are to help you stay focused while reading. So, here are the company profile, and product analysis. Other elements are highlighted for you to read. And, if you need further explanations, do well to contact us.

In fact, we have decided to make ready certain business plans for this program at cheap prices. You may wish to contact us for any of your choices.

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N-Power Program Flour Mill: This is the Business Plan

Company Summary:

Complete Flour Mill Ltd is an Abuja-based flour mill that produces assorted types of flour for different purposes. The company has been formed as an Abuja L.L.C. In fact, the firm has been in existence for two years now, initially operating as a hobby as rather than a profit-producing business. N-Power Program Flour Mill: This is the Business Plan

Company History

Complete Flour Mill Ltd has been in operation for two years. Initially, it was started as a hobby where Mariam could use her flour-making skills while covering some of the costs. The John’s were able to achieve this lifestyle due to a windfall that John received as a result of exercised stock options. After the second year, the John’s decided that although they had the money to live on for many years, it would be irresponsible to needlessly spend it so they got serious about the business and made a concerted effort to become profitable. N-Power Program Flour Mill: This is the Business Plan

Complete Flour Mill Ltd has chosen Karu Site as an ideal place to install the milling plant. In fact, Complete Flour Mill Ltd has 10 acres of land which they also farm to produce cereals for flour production. During several of the winter months, production is is achieved from the large warehousing of cereals.

Company Ownership:

Complete Flour Mill Ltd is an Abuja, FCT limited liability company owned by John and Mariam. As a matter of fact, the limited liability status form of business formation has been chosen as a strategic way to shield the John’s from personal liability. Both John and Mariam are both retirees.


Complete Flour Mill Ltd offers a range of flour products. In fact, our Mill is an all-Purpose Flour mill. These are best used for several purposes. Therefore, we produce the following types of flour;

  • Hard Flour.
  • Cake Flour.
  • Whole Wheat Flour.
  • Cooking Flour.
  • Noodle Flour.
  • Rice Flour.

Flow Mill Processing Chart:

N-Power Program Flour Mill: This is the Business Plan

As can be seen above, our flour milling process follows the chart shown above.

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