How to join Garlic Distributorship Business in Nigeria

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This is what this post is all about. Our concern is how you can become a garlic distributor in Nigeria. This is a lucrative business where many are making their millions now unnoticed.  This article will give you the highlights on how to become one, the connections you need both with the farmers, exporters  and the other participants in garlic value chain.

The Produce:

In case you don’t know much about garlic. Garlic belongs to the Allium family of vegetables. This is the family of onions, chives, shallots and leeks. Garlic is widely recognized today as one of  health enhancing supplement. This is because, Garlic promotes the well-being of the heart and immune systems. Garlic is a pharmaceutical raw material. Read about garlic export business opportunities.
How to join Garlic Distributorship Business in Nigeria

How to join Garlic Distributorship Business in Nigeria

The Production:

Garlic is grown commercially in the  Northern part of  Nigeria such as  Kano, Kaduna, Kebbi, Sokoto, Jigawa, Bauchi, Katsina and Zamfara States. 
The national production statistics  for garlic production  shows that Nigeria produces about  150, 000 metric tonnes annually  with Sokoto State producing over 30% of the entire value.
The planting period starts by September and ends by February of the following year. Garlic can be stored in good conditions for at least 12 calendar months without being damaged. 

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How to join Garlic Distributorship Business in Nigeria

The Market

As a distributor three things are facing you here.
The first thing is how  and where to source the produce. I have enumerated above where this produce is farmed. That is also where the local market concentrates on, and from where it’s outlets are maintained in Nigeria. There is indeed a big local market for this.
The second thing is how to manage your business within your organisation. You have to generate good contacts ( data base)  of collaborators, and other distributors and farmers of this produce.
The third thing is how you could harness the opportunity generated on this produce for international trade and make your extra millions. There is a large  international market for this produce in USA,  Indonesia, France, Germany, Australia and Brazil. Consequently, there are exporters, other distributors and farmers  you need to collaborate with to achieve this your lofty height..

How to join Garlic Distributorship Business in Nigeria

The Next Thing:

The question now is, how do you join this millionaire club of garlic distributors/businessmen?
This is where Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited comes in. This firm of business consultants will do a lot for you on this business.
First, it will generate and feed you with all the information you need about other dealers, exporters, farmers and farmers representatives – co-operative societies, etc. It will link you up with foreign users of garlic in Europe and Americas.
Secondly, it will plan your business with you from the onset. Every business start-up arrangements will be done by Complete Full Marks limited. It will ensure your firm/business is registered with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria. Thereafter, as professional accountants, it will continue by maintaining your internal control system, preparing your annual financial statements and making the appropriate annual returns for you in FIRS and CAC.
Whether you are operating in Nigeria or from abroad ( needs Nigeria links), manufacturer, farmers representatives, business information bureau services, distributor, exporter agent or representative or exporter, send in your information need details to

How to join Garlic Distributorship Business in Nigeria