DI Printing Press Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies

DI Printing Press  Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies

DI Printing Press Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies – This is a practical guide to marketing your printing business. Therefore, it gives you detailed target market segmentation for printing services, marketing strategy for printing company and how to get customers for printing business. Consequently,these re good for writing business plan and proposals for Digital Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria. This’s DI Printing Press Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies.

Furthermore, if you are one of us who write business plan for others, this is a must for you. It’s this segment of the business plan that generate the feasibility target turnover you require for your business plan break-even analysis. On the other hand, if you want to try writing printing business plan for yourself, this is a tool for you. Again, if you want us to write one for, this is a highlight of what you expect.

DI Printing Press  Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies

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Now what re you going to include in Marketing & Sales Strategies Section?

The basics of DI Printing Press business plan marketing strategy segment, have to do with  optimising the 5 P’s of marketing. In addition, is to figure out how you’ll measure your marketing mix’s success.  Here are the 5 P’s of marketing that you must work on.

(1) Product – Let your customers/clients know what your products/services re. This will include their physical appearances, quality, how they benefit the user and how it differs from others in the market.

(2) Price – Outline your pricing strategies that will help you reach target profit margin here. How you will price your product or service so that the price remains competitive while still allowing you to make good profit must be shown. Therefore, when calculating price, remember to add all variable and fixed costs. Sometimes a family member helps you do something that you don’t pay for. How do you handle this? Also, discuss if your price will be lower or higher than your competition, and please, you have to justify the difference. Pricing methods could be one or combinations of these:

  • Industry Price/ Going-rate pricing – Sale what others sale
  • Cost plus system/Mark-up pricing – cost of goods + Margin
  • Price less Discount
  • Promo Price
  • Break-even pricing
  • Target return pricing
  • Early cash recovery pricing
  • Perceived value pricing
  • Sealed-bid pricing


DI Printing Press  Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies

DI Printing Press  Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies

(3) Place (Distribution) – Indicate where your business will sell its products or services, and how it will get those products or services to target consumers. For example, will you sell online? Will you consign your products into local stores? Therefore, when you know what outlets your product and services will be available, indicate how much you expect to sell in each location.

(4) Promotion – Now illustrate methods of promotion you will use to communicate the features and benefits of your products or services to your target customers. Will you advertise? If so, where? What percentage of advertising will be handled by each advertising option? Therefore, how much business do you anticipate that each form of advertising will result in? How much is this all going to cost? Also, indicate if you plan to offer coupons or other incentives to get customers in the door.

(5) People – The two set of people involved here re the sales personnel and the customers. These two  set of people will give you what you need in this business. So, describe what the sales team is like, composition and kind of sales training they will receive. Do you plan to offer any incentives to your customer service representatives and how do you plan to measure customer satisfaction?

In Summary:

As you can see, these 5 P’s of marketing will form the basis of your marketing plan.  It must cover comprehensively details of market trend, the market, market segments, pricing policy, payment methods and contribution to turnover.

DI Printing Press  Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies

What do I do now?

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DI Printing Press  Business Plan Sales Marketing Strategies

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