Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

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Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria – No matter the level of your poultry business, a business plan is necessary. You can do business plan for, start-up, internal/management, strategic, feasibility, operations and growth plans. Business plan is said to be a road map for management strategic processes that demonstrate the feasibility of business operations for growth. No matter the type of business plan you do, there are essential elements that must be included.  It entails you  articulate all your business operational variables, quantify and value them monetarily.

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria could encompass proposals for poultry farming  and  feasibility studies.  Depending on the niche of your operation, your  poultry farming  business plan  must verify the viability of your operations in  Egg production, Meat production, Poultry feed retails, Poultry equipment retails, Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing, and  small scale consultancy services. In a small scale poultry farming like this only few niches among the various numerous business functions in poultry business can be carried out together. This is majorly due to lack of adequate capital.

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

Therefore, what is common in our localities are small scale poultry farming which are more like  hobby  or a part-time family  business. Most people I come across in this business only rear chicken (broilers) seasonally, for Christmas or  Sallah celebrations.  Since business plan is an appraisal approach on business, it’s advisable that you put up a type of business plan for that your small scale poultry business. If you check properly, the few Naira you will pay for business plan will be lost in your trial and error exercises.  If you re such a poultry farmer, this post is for you.

Consequently, we have an illustrative small scale  business plan in this write-up for you. This is to  aid your understanding of how poultry business plan is done.   It will also help you understand how to manage  business plan. We urge you to please take care of the business plan parameters and variables that are generated in this post. They are those that influence the operations of  poultry farm business. Note that  every variable must be accounted for in the business plan.

If you re one of these individual seasonal poultry farmers or one actually operting on  small scale poultry business with the dream of growing and becoming large, this post is for you.

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

Illustrative Poultry Business Plan:

Executive summary:

This business plan is for Myfamily Poultry Farm  situated  in the uncompleted potion of my house at No. 101 Family Road, Broilers Town. The business plan is a-three-year business plan and business projection for Myfamily Poultry Farm enterprise which is a family small scale poultry farm.  Our operation  is to cover  only three aspects of  poultry business.  This is because we intend to keep only 200 broilers and 200 layers at a time. Turkeys re also to be kept. The capital outlay budgeted for  this busines is only five hundred thousand Naira.

This business plan is a start-up business plan to define our operation and make projections for the business for the next three years.

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

Management team:

The 3-key players in our management team are myself, my wife and my grown-up son. The only experience we have for this business is that my son is a graduate of Agricultural Sciences specialising on animal husbandry. Since it’s not easy to get work in the country now, we have resorted to making do with what we can achieve  by this poultry farming business.

The other member of our team which we  must mention here is our business consultant, Complete Full Marks Consultants (CFMC) Limited that aided and supervised the production of this business plan.


Our marketing strategies re those that promote our farm and ensure that we grow in the business. They re marketing strategies that will enable us meet up with the projections of this business plan. To this effect, we have in place the following marketing strategies:

(1) Market Segmentation:

Considering our production value chain, we have been able to separate our market into  segments. Such segments are those for:

  • Public Market,
  • Neighbourhood door to door calls,
  • Wholesaler buyers by the market squares,
  • Other poultry farms etc.

(2) Use of our social media platforms for our  farm business promotions.
(3) The distribution  of a hand-full of farm fliers in our neighbourhood, nearby  hotels and restaurants.
(4) Attending and participating in some ongoing farm forum seminars and trainings to make our self noticeable.

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

Our Product & Production Processes:

We  have plans and provisions in place to  take adequate care of our birds. Such cares are in the area of:

Feeding: Feeding is  major aspect of poultry farming. Therefore, poultry feeding is taking about 70% of  budgeted expenses. We shall yet be buying the feed from the feed distributors until when we re capable of producing ours.

Good Water:  Since our house has  borehole already, clean water availability will not be  problem for this business. We’ve bought reasonable number of drinkers (water cans) already. Our estimate for this is 15-birds-to-one drinker.

Environment: Environmental cleanliness is another aspect we have provided for. We have in mind of getting a young man whose duty will be to keep the environment clean all the time.  We are aware of the fact that the birds could be sick because of dirty and infected environment.

Medication: Therefore, because of the environmental influence on the health of the birds, we have in place adequate arrangement for regular medication of the bird. In fact, we have contacted a Vet Medic for this purpose. Antibiotics, vitamines, and glucose re already stocked in our first aid box.

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

Farming Techniques:

The knowledge of certain poultry farming techniques re actually advantages for us. We’ve made good provisions for brooding  chicks in such a manner that the mortality rate will be very low.  In addition, we have  gotten training on heath stress management. During the heat periods managing the poultry becomes something else. This’s also the same during the rainy/wet/cold seasons. These re in addition to what we already know about the bio-security measures to ensure high survival of the chicks.

On the part of  our production activities, this will for now include:

Egg production – breeding of layers,
Meat production – breeding of broilers, Turkeys and
Poultry marketing, as need arises.

Feasibility Analysis:

Our business consultant, CFMC Limited has been able to conduct an elaborate research and feasibility studies which enabled  our farm activities to be analysed as follows.

The feasibility analysis has revealed that the break-even point at different level of production are as follows.
Egg production                                                        6 crates/day
Meat production                                                       200 broilers/month
Poultry marketing                                                    Turnover value N60, 000/month
Turkey production                                                    50/ 4 months

These break-even points are such landmark units and values that our operations must not fall below. Considering the variable and fixed costs element of these projection, Myfamily Poultry Farm is now in a position to maximise operations under incremental  production principles to maximise turnover and profit. We are happy that this business is actually viable.

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria

Financial Analysis:

Furthermore, our 3-year projected financial analysis consisting of projected Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Fund flow statement, and financial ratio analysis including  financial indexes assumptions re attached as appendix.

The Business Viability:

The production and financial analysis above shows the business  viabilty. It’s generating a gross income of N2,400,000.00 per year. 65% of this goes for operational expenses (OPEX) and capital expenses (CAPEX), leaving a net profit of N840,000.00. This is in fact, a great encouragement to my family to invest more in this farm.

Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria


A comprehensive Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria will certainly not be this 5-page write-up. I tell you it will take not less than 25-pages. Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited will help you write one at minimal cost. Contact us at or +234 8034347851.

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Small  Scale Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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