Admin Services Company Business Plan Template

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Admin Services Company Business Plan Template

Admin Services Company Business Plan Template

This is the same as Administrative Service Business Plan Sample. It’s one that stresses on strategy formation and implementations. In addition, it serves for Free Business Support Services Business Plans. In fact, it teaches how you can start a Profitable Virtual Assistant Business Today. As a matter of fact, this is a business plan template for professional services companies in Nigeria. It’s also structured in a way to teach you how to start your own admin business today. So, it’s good you read through this Admin Services Company Business Plan Template.

Therefore, are you looking for an administrative service business plan sample? Virtual assistant and online service business plan sample? If your answer is YES, then this post is for you. Is your question one of the following: How can I get a Business Support Services Business Plans? How do I start my own executive assistant business? Or, how do I start a personal assistant business? Then, again, this post is for you.

Admin Services Company Business Plan Template – The Background Information:

We present here the background information for starting an Admin Services Company Business. Included also are how to write this business plan. We also present to you an illustrative sample of this business plan. A comprehensive business plan for this business must include all the elements of  business plan. So, you have the executive summary, company profile, financial forecasts and many more.

Business Background Information for Admin Services Company Business Plan:

So, please, before you go ahead, ensure you follow these steps to establish your Admin Services Company/Virtual Assistant Business.

  • Decide On Your Name – a catchy name is important.
  • Decide On Your Services & Rates – structure your business with dedicated programmes.
  • Legalize your business. We can register your company, business name or NGO.
  • Write A Business Plan – conduct market surveys, competition, products, operation forecast, etc. – we can do a winning one for you.
  • Get an office or a contact point.
  • Then, develop a Marketing Strategy
  • Create a Network for your operations – ask for collaborations
  • Advertise – get signets – banners, flyers, business cards, etc.
  • Take care of your Clients.

Admin Services Company Business Plan Template – What You Gain:

This our Admin Services Company Business Plan can be used for government and non – government business grant applications. Therefore, it’s good for bank loan applications. In fact, it serves better when writing business proposals and business concept notes. And so, it pays off whenever it’s used for business grant and other competitions. With rightful links in Nigeria, Admin Services Companies generate so much revenues. However, this is when it’s given the right planning strategy, the type we provide. So, for this to work out properly, you will be needing our backing and mentorship. In fact, our professional business as consultants in Nigeria is to help you with the planning and execution of your business plan.

Admin Services Company Business Plan Template


Current Admin Services Ltd is a new start up virtual assistant business.  The company is a limited liability company duly registered in Nigeria in May, 2019. The company is owned by three incorporated directors – Deacon Ane, Elder Dore, and Mr. John Eze. Deacon Ane is the executive director controlling 65% shares of the company.  The company was formed to serve a diverse geographic customer segment.

The Market Segment:

Current Admin Services Ltd has identified three distinct market segments which will be targeted.  The first segment is private companies of various sizes. The second customer segment is individuals. Such individuals as can’t own an office of their own. We are determined to manage their businesses from Current Admin Services Ltd. The last customer segment is NGOs – not-for-profit organizations. These organisations are very numerous these days, and may don’t have enough capital to run a comprehensive administrative office. This is good for us because we can quickly and seamlessly take over such tasks.  On the other hand, this saves the organisations money because they are only paying for the labour needed to complete the task.

Our Product/Services:

Current Admin Services Ltd offers a wide range of services.  However, the bulk of the services are administrative in nature. These service include financial data entry, Federal inland Revenues Services returns, Corporate Affairs Commission return updates, travel arrangements, seminar and workshop  programme managements etc. In essence, Current Admin Services Ltd will be offering services that the customer does not have time for. Those they are not trained for or can’t afford to hire such professionals for such duties. Others are for those things that they choose not to do. That’s something they would prefer someone else to take care.

Admin Services Company Business Plan Template – What we bring to the industry:

We bring into the industry services that are secretarial in nature.  Suh services that an administrative assistant can handle easily. Since we are working with professional templates suitable for each assignment, Current Admin Services Ltd will be harnessing these as competitive edge, with a wide range of personnel skills to the fullest, in addition. 

Furthermore, Current Admin Services Ltd, will also be offering clients a wide range of more professionally technical skills. These are in the field of accounting, auditing, investigation, stock management, tax management and other corporate services.

Current Admin Services Ltd is therefore, an exciting example of virtual assistant business model in Nigeria. We will therefore be providing a wide range of customer services from our locations, leveraging the power of the Internet. 

As you can see, this is a very efficient business model which we hope will provide the owners of Current Admin Services Ltd with reasonable income and the flexibility to handle the jobs as to when and how to choose.  The financial projections indicate that revenue will rise from year two and year three along with corresponding increase in net profits.  

Projected Keys to Our Success:

  1. To offer a wide range of services – secretarial, human resources, accounting, taxation etc.
  2. To maintain flexible schedules – adjusting to accommodate even the last minute projects.
  3. Prompt quality service delivery
  4. Therefore, to ensure accurate project estimates and billings.

Our Mission:

Current Admin Services Ltd.’s mission is to offer the highest level of quality administrative assistant services to our clients.  Current Admin Services Ltd will therefore employ every professional code of conduct in handling all range of tasks.  In fact, we plan to exceed customer’s expectations.

Our Objectives:

  • To generate over N5,000,000 net profit in the first year.
  • To create enough jobs to generate income big enough to make the job full time.
  • Reduction in marketing expenses after couple of years of operation. Having created enough goodwill and sufficient word of mouth projects to remain busy.

Admin Services Company Business Plan Template – Conclusion:

Finally, there are other aspects of this business plan that are not covered here.  We feel that this sample is enough to help you write your own. However, we also know that the technicalities involved in writing a business plan is not what a layman can dabble into.  So, just like we expressed in this Current Admin Services Ltd illustrative business plan, we offer the services of writing any type or volume of business plan, accounting, and auditing, business management, and  corporate services – as C.A.C accredited consultants etc. Some of our templates are ready-made, which you can order from us.


In addition, the following business plans re available for immediate purchase. They are general fixed purpose business plans based on the relevant capital outlay involved. The prices range from N15,000 to N20,000. Those who want customized copies or a combination of the projects will have to pay more.

Available are:

  1. Broiler Poultry Business Plan with N200,000 capital outlay
  2. Broiler Poultry Business Plan with N500,000 capital outlay
  3. Layer Poultry Business Plan with N1,800,000 capital outlay
  4. Broiler Poultry Business Plan with N750,000 capital outlay
  5. Broiler Poultry Business Plan with N1,000,000 capital outlay
  6. Layer Poultry Business Plan with N300,000 capital outlay
  7. Turkey (local) Poultry Business Plan with N250,000 capital outlay
  8. Turkey (local) Poultry Business Plan with N410,000 capital outlay
  9. Foreign Turkey  Poultry Business Plan with N300,000 capital outlay
  10. Foreign Turkey Poultry Business Plan with N550,000 capital outlay

Furthermore, available ready-made business plans include the following. But, price ranges N30,000 and above.

  1. Car Dealership Business plan with N90m Capital outlay
  2. Car Dealership Business plan with N223m Capital outlay
  3. Palm oil Milling Business Plan with N40m capital outlay
  4. Palm oil business plan with capital outlay of N1- 5M
  5. Rice mill Business Plan with N27m capital outlay.
  6. Car wash business plan with capital outlay of not more than N5m



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Admin Services Company Business Plan Template


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