Existing Company Business Plan Outline

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Existing Company Business Plan Outline

Existing Company Business Plan Outline – This is a free existing business plan example. It also serves for a business plan template for purchase of existing business. Therefore, if you want a business plan for your existing business for your growth strategy, attraction of investors or business valuation for merger or acquisition, this existing compny business plan outline fits them all.

The Need for Business Plan Outline:

For a start, what is this business plan outline for? I tell you! If you’re looking for funding for a new or existing business, you need a business plan outline like this. This business plan outline is the first step in organizing your thoughts. And, as you follow the outline in this post, you ensure your business plan is in the format that prompts investors and lenders to take action

Existing Company Business Plan Outline

The Business Plan for Funding:

How do I write a business plan for funding? The first thing you should do is to come to the reasoning that you need a business plan for this. Investors would want to know who you are and what you need their money for. Then sit down and begin to put yourself in order. Format your document scorrectly by write your company description properly. And then create your company profile by document all aspects of your business.

Market yourself here:

As a matter of fact, this section is where you will market yourself to the fund lender.  So you yty your best to let  the lender know how you would generate fund and be able to pay back the borrowed fund. Therefore, describe your product or service, and then put down your market and marketing analysis. A good turnover projection analysis will do you much good here.

The next thing is that you must let the lender know that you have in place a good management structure with efficient hands that wil manage the fund.


Existing Company Business Plan Outline

Existing Company Business Plan Outline

Loan Request and Collateral Page:

This page is very important to the lender. So, it’s now time to make the funding request. You must be certain how much you need. Then provide collateral if you have or tell the lender how repayment of his fund is guaranteed.

Repayment Schedule:

No lender lends you money if he/she doesn’t know how and when to ge the fund back. His/her interest is in both the capital and in the interest. All of these must be well articulated in this schedule. Therefore, you must in a tabular form present a repayment plan.

Existing Company Business Plan Outline

Take this summary:

In summary, to answer the question, how do I write a business plan for an investor? Have in mind that a business plan that must attract an investor must have the following:

  • A demonstration of your net woth now
  • A demonstration of the profit potential of the business.
  • An evidence of a substantial – and growing – demand for your product/service
  • Effective marketing plan.
  • Again, you must specify your strengths, your comparative advantage
  • An outline how the business will function.
  • Details of your competition
  • With all of these, then, write out a budget.


Existing Company Business Plan Outline

What Next?

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Existing Company Business Plan Outline


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