18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians

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18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians

18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians are agriculture business opportunities in Nigeria. In fact, they are money making agriculture business ideas in Nigeria. They qualify as most lucrative/profitable agricultural business in Nigeria. The small farm business ideas give you insight on how to start agriculture business. Indeed, they are the starting point for every large agricultural business.  So, when you ask, how do I start a small profitable farm? This post will help you start one. Other questions that this post will give solution to are; what is the most lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria? And, Can farming make you rich in Nigeria?

18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians

This post looks at agro business as beyond farming. Therefore, we present you a diversified agro business ideas that will help you make a living. As a matter of fact, we present to you here agro businesses that comprises farming, farming produce processing, marketing and other ancillary services associated with it. There is a business plan for each business idea. These business plan will help you organise your agro business value chain and determine where you pitch your niche.

18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians – Importance of Agro Business:

If you know the importance of agriculture, then you know what you are into. That will also make you rate your personality in the society. In fact, it’s the farmer and the associates that keep live going. And, therefrom, keep the national health and economy running fine. I mean, this is your place. Are you not proud of this? This is why farmers in other part of the world, US, in particular are proud of themselves. Pleas, can you be proud of yourself, even this once in Nigeria?

Furthermore, we had published articles on how ginger farmers make their millions.  Garlic, cashew and cocoa farmers too. In most of our town/city related business ideas, agricultural businesses form the lead.

Food security:

Agro business create better raw material/food diversity. So, at whatever level you are in the agro business value chain, you are contributing to food production and by that ensuring that life is preserved.

Human Health and Living Standard:

Food security promotes good human health. In fact, it promotes diverse choices in food consumption. This means a high living standard for the populace. If you are involved in agro business, this is what you will be doing for humanity.

National Contribution:

Furthermore, whether you are producing for subsistence/family use, local consumption, or for export you are contributing to the nation’s GDP in many ways. Firstly, provision of millions of employment opportunities. Then, foreign exchange – remember that when you produce for yourself you no longer buy from others. In addition, agriculture produces to sustain other sectors of the economy, especially by providing raw materials for other industries. So, with a successful agriculture we have increased national income.


The agro business industry works harder to create new crops/raw materials and markets for them. More so, environmentally friendly farming techniques offset climate challenges and protect local ecological systems.

18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians – What You Must Know About Agro Business:

Agriculture is the art & science of cultivating the soil. It’s the occupation of growing crops and raising livestock. This involves the preparation of plant and animal products for usage. In addition are their distribution to markets.

The important things to know about agriculture/farming include; what is agriculture, types of agriculture, will agro business make me rich, and why is agriculture important?

Before you venture into agro business, know that agriculture and its related businesses is diverse. Note also that its products, as well as agricultural methods used, may vary from place to pace.

Therefore, agriculture in UK can be divided into three main types: arable farming, pastoral farming and mixed farming that is both arable and pastoral combined.

18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians – How to Start Agro Business:

We had stated above that agro business is diverse. Therefore, there are things you must do before going into it.

  • Generate a good agro business idea for yourself. Along the value chain choose a niche or a combination of them.
  • Then, develop a thoughtful plan for it. Even if it’s 3-page plan, just put it together.
  • Furthermore, get the right farming equipment. If you are in the other sectors of agro business, still get the right tools and format for the business. A good business plan will do these for you.
  • In addition, identify your target market. Create market segmentation for your business. Again, a good business plan will do this for you.
  • As a matter of fact, do what you love. Have passion for this business.
  • Set reasonable goals. Time lines, benchmarks, and business framework will help you here.
18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians


  • You have to manage your cash flow.
  • Then, this one; leverages. Ask questions, learn, and share your knowledge. Attend seminars. There are always those going on by SMEDEN, BOI, CBN and NGOs etc.
  • Lastly, get your agricultural business plan from us today. This is simple, call us on +234 8034347851 or email us via cfmclimited@gmail.com.

18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians – Lucrative Agricultural Businesses:

Here re some of the best lucrative agricultural businesses you can get into in Nigeria. We have tried to classify them into 18-principal agro businesses. But, there are more than 18 here, especially, when you begin to combine them to make a niche for yourself. We accept the fact that we have to separate some of them for priority sake.

  1. Fish farming business
  2. Arable Farming; Rice, Cassava, beans farming etc.
  3. Plantations – Cocoa, cashew, oil palm, pineapple etc.
  4. Snail farming
  5. Dog breeding and sales
  6. Veterinary / pet shop
  7. Livestock feed sales
  8. Livestock feed milling business
  9. Processing of rice, palm oil, maize, cassava, rubber, cotton etc
  10. Cultivating vegetables
  11. Poultry farm – comprehensive
  12. Ginger Farming business
  13. Agricultural Product Marketing Business
  14. Agricultural Product Agency Business
  15. Dried Flower Business
  16. Fertilizer Distribution Business
  17. Mushroom Farming Business
  18. Timber business

18 Principal Profitable Small-Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians – Conclusion:

If you had followed us duly, you would notice that we took a broad outlook of this topic. The definition, importance, and types of 18 Best Profitable Small Scale Agriculture Business Ideas for Nigerians.


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