31 Investment Business Ideas in Education in Nigeria

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31 Investment Business Ideas in Education in Nigeria

31 Investment Business Ideas in Education in Nigeria are business opportunities in education & training in Nigeria. These are both big and small scale business ideas in education. As a matter of fact, these business ideas for education start-ups are both traditional and innovative ideas in education field. The small education business ideas give you insight on how to start a big education or training business. Indeed, they are the starting point for every large school business.  So, you may be asking, how do I start a small profitable training school/institute in Nigeria? This post will help you start one. Other questions that this post will give solution to are; what is the most lucrative education business in Nigeria? And, Can education business make me rich in Nigeria?

31 Investment Business Ideas in Education in Nigeria

Furthermore, this post looks at education business as beyond classroom business. Therefore, we present you a diversified education investment business ideas that will make you rich.  As a matter of fact, we present to you here education businesses that comprises classroom, online, virtual and other ancillary services associated with it. Again, there is a business plan for each business idea. These business plan will help you organise your education/training business value chain and determine where you pitch your niche.

31 Investment Business Ideas in Education in Nigeria – Education Investment Opportunities:

You may be wondering what investment opportunities there are in education. Well, here are 31 of them. Do you also know that there is education business franchise?

  1. Setting up a tutorial centre – I now remember one tutorial college based in Lagos in the 1970s – Exam Success.
  2. Private Coach classes for WASC & JAMB – This is lucrative, especially with the introduction of computer based tests (CBT). Parents want their children score high marks in the public exams. So, you see; this form of business is self-promoting.
  3. Providing catering services to schools – This is a support service to the schools. Many schools outsource their hostel and feeding arrangements to contractors. You can apply to many schools at the same time depending on your capacity.
  4. Those Mama-put joints in the schools qualify for this business. In fact many of them make a lot of money therefrom.
  5. Day-care centre and Nanny Services – This is synonymous. I saw one family that devoted one room in their apartment for this. You can start like that, or if you have the fund start big. With good business plan marketing strategies you will soon break even and make your millions.


  1. Bookshops – Every student need books. That’s what makes this business lucrative.
  2. Printing Business – this is associated with the bookshop business. There are a lot of book design these days. Every school wants to make a customised exercise book and one material or the other.
  3. Educations APPs – These are teaching aids, lectures and other academic programmes. If you develop a marketable education APP, my dear, you will make your millions soon. Do you know that many APPs are not nationally or institutionally bound?
  4. Establishing self-empowerment centres for Corpers and graduates – This is an entrepreneurship class. Do you remember “The Frontiers Business Academy – muyiwaafolabi”.
  5. Selling past exam questions – For class work and exam revisions, students go for past questions papers. In fact, even past questions papers for Army, Police and Immigration recruitment are on sell.
  6. CBT software – At this era of CTB exams, this is another lucrative business idea. This is real JAMB past questions, answers and CBT experience.

In addition are;

  1. Starting a private school – You can start a school today. Just get the necessary ministry of education requirements and you are set. You can start pre-nursery, nursery, primary, secondary and Tertiary institution.
  2. Computer training – This is another good one. With less than 5 computer systems you can start on low key and grow therefrom.
  3. Acting Institute – If you know how much time the teenagers, and the elderly spend watching films these days, you will realise the investment return in this business. Get our business plan for this.
  4. Arts & Crafts Classes – Another good one. Yes, some people are born artists while some are made. Even those who are naturally gifted for this need initial push which you can offer them.
  5. Business Start-up Instruction – You can start this as a regular seminar and thereafter turn it into an institute for this purpose. We can help you plan this.
  6. Computer Training Institute – we have one in our office. You can have one like that attached to your office in a small scale. If you want to make it big, then you separate it and go wild.
  7. Dance Academy – This is becoming a profession. All those you watch in a playing song, how do you think they come up like that. They went for training.

Additionally, are;

  1. Driving School – in big cities like Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna and so on, this is in high demand. Do you know how many mothers that want to drive their children to school?
  2. E-commerce Consultant – This is an online consultancy business. It’s not common with the low class in Nigeria. They want to see you face to face. But the high net-worth get their services online.
  3. Employee Training – This is an executive recruitment business. It has to do with recruiting and training for institutions. It includes, training seminars and workshops for institutions. You can structure one today and go marketing. If you have the professional training and facilities you can make your millions here.
  4. E-Training – This is an online training. Nigeria Open University runs something like this. What I mean is that you can float an online training like that. You only need a business plan for this. We will do one for one. One that will define your programmes, approaches and delivery.
  5. Fashion & Design Institute – Sewing cloth in Nigeria is now a costly thing. So, many people are into it today. Therefore, if you open a Fashion & Design Institute you will be highly patronised.
  6. Music Institute – When you talk about dancers, they dance the music played by others. The two business can, however, go together. Get the facilities and you are on it for richness.
  7. Tutoring – If you re a tutor it means you teach students at a location or from place to place. Just design one and start off immediately.

31 Investment Business Ideas in Education in Nigeria

  1. Web Design and Development – Every business need one website and people design them. So, get to learn it. You don’t need to be a web designer before you own the institute/office. Just start one and employ those who will do it.
  2. Sports coaching – In fact. I don’t know how Mikel Obi became an international football player. I guess he went through a sports coaching school. If you have one today, you will see what will happen.
  3. Catering school – Catering means caring for others in terms of providing food, drinks and other entertainment related cares. Think. Think. This is another school. There is one near my office here. You can start small and then grow. And, if you have the fund, you can start big. With practical outing services, you will teach well and make your money.
  4. Interior Decor School – A lot is involved here. House furnishing, painting designs, window dressings, beddings etc. are all involved.
  5. Bible School – Everybody wants to know God better. Others want to become pastors. If you know that church is a non-profit making organisation that is tax exempt, you then understand why people are interested in it.  Again, schools in Nigeria don’t pay tax. I think the tax authorities have not remembered them, because they make a lot of money and are not of public interest.
  6. Education Franchise – Education franchise is franchising anything that has to do with education. You can franchise school, APPs, Centres and institutes.


We have been able to give solutions to most of the questions raised in this post. Such as, how do you start a small profitable training school/institute in Nigeria? I hope this post gave you an insight to this? What is the most lucrative education business in Nigeria? And, Can education business make me rich in Nigeria? As you can see, most education investment opportunities are lucrative and they will make you rich soon. Get a suitable business plan from us to start. If you need registering your institute we will do that for you.


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31 Investment Business Ideas in Education in Nigeria


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