Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

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Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE, is a business plan that shows details of your Cocoa Bean processing and export business plan. It’s a composite business plan that highlights every other Cocoa bean related business plan contents. Therefore, those for farming plantation, cocoa project proposal, processing/Chocolate factory, and in fact, online cocoa business plan are taken care of by this Free business plan.

As a matter of fact, its sales and marketing strategy segment is a full scale marketing strategy designed to generate revenue and maximize profit in the agro processing cum food industry globally. So, get your cocoa farming and cocoa powder business feasibility study in Nigeria here. Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE is what you need now to harness all of these. 

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

Sample Cocoa Bean Marketing Business Plan for FREE

So, are you thinking about starting a cocoa bean processing company? Are you worried as to how to market it? Here is a complete cocoa bean processing and marketing business plan with feasibility analysis for your use for FREE.

Therefore, in this post we have considered all the requirements for starting a cocoa bean processing business. It also has sample cocoa bean processing plant marketing plan analysis. We have tried our best to back it up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for your cocoa seed processing businesses.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

Why would you embark on Cocoa Bean Farming, Processing & Marketing Business?

Our research has shown that cocoa bean is such a global commodity with high income earning rate. We reveal in this post how America, Europe and Asia consume a lot of cocoa bean. This is because, cocoa bean/seed is a raw material for chocolate production.

Our research also reveal that the farming areas re the tropical areas of the world, which Nigeria is part of. In fact, all West African countries are included. We have also seen that the weather conditions are currently favourable to this plant and its seed production.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – Business Opportunity:

Certainly, we can see that cocoa bean has become very popular globally. We noted also from our research that the farming and production area is majorly the tropical areas of West Africa. Nigeria is included here. So, this is a wakeup call for prospective entrepreneurs. Nigerian entrepreneurs should consider this advantage a business opportunity.

On the other hand, processing cocoa bean is a time consuming task. The process includes peeling, separation, fermentation and drying, grading and then packaging. However, this business can be regarded as lucrative as any enterprising entrepreneur can make quick money out of it.


As an entrepreneur, one important aspect of your business plan you must not overlook is getting a business consultant that understands the business and the industry thoroughly. CFMC Limited will therefore offer insight on how you can run your business. On the other hand, we will also look through your business concept and determine if you re likely to make it with the attributes that will allow you compete favourably against your competitors.

Your business plan;

As a matter of fact, another important process you will need to kick start your business is the development of a business plan for your business. A business plan is very useful. The business plan will certainly compel you to take a feasibility analysis of your business from on set. With it you get to determine how well your business will fare. In addition, a business plan is like a guide that details how the end results of your business will look like after you have inputted the facts and figures.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

Furthermore, it’s important that you have a comprehensive business plan especially if you intend to approach a commercial bank or an external investor for loan in starting your business. The type we do for you will also influence actions and decisions that you will be making during the course of running your business.


While you may look at developing a business plan as costly, or intimidating, you could either hire a business plan writer (CFMC Limited) to write one for you or you do it by yourself. Use this sample Cocoa Bean business plan to try it.  You could also go online and get free posts like this and use them as an aid in writing your business plan. So, below is a Sample Cocoa Bean Marketing Business Plan for FREE to use.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – BUSINESS OVERVIEW:

Our research has revealed a lot of favourable indices for cocoa seed and marketing business in Nigeria. These re the opportunities we want to harness in this business.

 Global Cocoa Consumption:

As a matter of fact, cocoa is a popular consumer product globally. It’s an important raw material for production of chocolate.  Cocoa Per capita consumption has been on the increase in Europe for years. The Swiss eat the most chocolate in the world. Therefore, on average, the Swiss per capita consumption tends towards 10 kilos per person yearly.

On the other hand,

The Netherlands ranks eighth in per capita consumption. It has nearly 5 kilos of chocolate consumed per person in a year. In recent years, there are emerging counties in cocoa consumption.  Other cocoa consumer countries include China, Indonesia and India. The low per capita consumption in these countries is an indication that the potential for further growth in demand in these countries is high.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

In 2018 the import of cocoa into China increased by 16%, while the import of cocoa in Indonesia grew by 2%.  Consequently, the number of grindings of cocoa beans is also increasing sharply. This is a good indication of rise in the demand for cocoa.  Until September 2018, the number of grindings in Asia had also increased by 8.4%.

Furthermore, the demand in Europe has also remained robust. As a result, in Western Europe, the number of grindings of cocoa beans in the first three quarters 2018 increased by 5% year-on-year. Again, in US, imports of cocoa beans has grown steadily since August and September 2018.

Global Supply of Cocoa:

With regard to cocoa seed production, the weather conditions in West Africa have been favourable for the growth of the cocoa beans. There has been enough sun and not much rain. In effect, fungi and other attacking diseases had little chance of developing. This means that supply remains robust. Even though this has a depressing effect on the price of cocoa.

Global Demand;

Therefore, globally, there is no shortage of cocoa beans. The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) expects there to be no shortage this year.  ICCO estimates the stocks-to-grinding ratio at 38.5% this season. The number of grindings has increased by about 30% since 2008. So, inventories have increased by less than 13% within same period. The result is a lower stocks-to-grindings ratio. In effect, this points to higher prices going forward since fewer cocoa beans are available. Therefore, there’s less powder on the market. Again, this is an incentive for grinders to expand their capacity in order to meet demand.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – Executive Summary:

This business plan is for, Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd.  It’s a 3-year business forecast. Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd is a standard and leading cocoa bean processing company that is based in Orere, Ogun State, Nigeria. It will process and sell processed cocoa seeds to wholesalers and retailers. In this connection, our aim is to ensure that we sell processed organic cocoa bean of the highest quality to our various customers all over Nigeria. Other service we plan to offer include franchising and advisory and consultancy services in line with our revenue generation goals.

Revenue Generation:

As a matter of fact, our aim for establishing Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd is not only to generate revenue and maximize profit. We also aim at competing favourably against similar processed cocoa seed firms around us. We are aware of existing and upcoming similar firms around us here. As a business venture, our ultimate goal is to be known as one of the top ten cocoa seed processing factories in Nigeria within the next ten years. This is why we have taken every step in ensuring that we get the best professionals for the business. We have also on hand best equipment to enable us run a standard cocoa seed processing factory.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

Furthermore, we have been able to procure the necessary licenses and permits from the relevant government agencies in Ogun State and Federal government of Nigeria.  These re to enable us carry out our business without running contrary to any laws or regulations governing food processing activities in the country. Overall, we already have in place structures and processes to ensure that when it comes to hygiene, processing and packaging, we will not be faulted.

Read more:

As a matter of fact, we re set to redefine the processing of cocoa seed in Nigeria. In pursuance, we have been able to hire the best food technologist who ensures that we are doing things the right way.  In addition, he also looks into using the best ways to get things done from the processing stage, preservation and on to the packaging stage.

Our facility:

In general, our facility is located in Orere area of Ogun state, a place that is easily accessible to our employees and our clients. Our facility is structured in such a way as to be conducive at all times for our employees. This is why our employees have come to see the factory as a home away from home. This is in fact generating the urge and eagerness to always come to work. And, has actually enhanced their productive drive for the good of Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

In fact, because of our seriousness over our business structure, we have gone the extra miles in ensuring that we source for and hire only the best employees for Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd. Therefore, our staff don’t only come with the required experience, but also with good understanding of the industry trends. So, from onset, these staff know how best to ensure that we achieve our intention of becoming a national phenomenon right from the business take-off.


In all circumstance, our employees are going to be well paid. We have so planned it that their pay and welfare packages would be better than those of their colleagues in similar start-ups in Orere, Ogun State, Nigeria. For efficiency service delivery drive, we will carry out continuous performance appraisals to ensure that hardworking employees are rewarded and promoted promptly.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

In addition, we have scheduled training programmes in place for our staff at all cadre level. This is to improve our workforce efficiency and productivity. For this reason, we have in place a very experienced Human Resources and Admin Manager.

On the other hand, regarding proprietorship, Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd is established and owned by Mr. Onu Okamgba whose forefathers owned several cocoa plantations. That is to say, he grew up in this business. Therefore, he has the required experience and expertise necessary to ensure that the company is able to attain all its goals and objectives.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

In brief, our aim at Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd is to ensure that we re able to sell processed organic cocoa to all our customers in Nigeria and to other countries from our location here in Orere, Ogun state.

Furthermore, we intend to create multiple streams of income to boost our bottom line. That is to grow our business. Therefore, we intend to organise training and consultancy services. This will help us make as much profit as is permitted under the laws of our country.

So, the products and services include;

  • Marketing of packaged processed organic cocoa bean.
  • Franchising
  • Training Sessions


Our vision is to produce and sell high quality standard organic cocoa seed. This will make us the preferred brand by customers when it comes to buying processed cocoa bean.


To this end, our mission is to achieve our vision. Therefore, we intend dealing in the best business practices. In fact, we will build a solid business structure that will see us employing only competent and dedicated workforce that understand our corporate goals and objectives.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – BUSINESS STRUCTURE

When starting a business, for circumstances that might be beyond the control of the entrepreneur, all may not go exactly as planned. However, having a solid business structure firmly under the entrepreneur’s control would make starting the business hitch free.

Therefore, considering how seriously we regard our business structure, we re willing to go extra mile to hire only competent and dedicated staff. They must be those who understand how our sort of business works and re willing and committed to ensuring we re able to achieve all our set goals and objectives. Our management staff for instance re fully identified with our core vision and philosophies to achieve this. Therefore, they will do all they can to ensure the entire workforce implement the rules effectively.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE

As a matter of fact, Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd will not be running a conventional cocoa bean processing business. That means, we’ll be hiring more staff than we ordinarily should to handle the various tasks and responsibilities that re attached to the roles that we‘ll create at Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd;

Our intended business structure shall follow the following pattern;


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human resources and Admin Manager
  • Food Technologist
  • Accountant/cashier


  • Marketing and Sales Team
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Store Manager
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Cleaner

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – SWOT ANALYSIS

Additionally, in our bid to ensure we run a standard cocoa seed  processing & marketing business, we have engaged the services of the finest of business consultant –  Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited, to look through our business concept note and determine how best suited  for us to run a standard cocoa bean processing & marketing business. And, to also determine how favourably we can compete with other similar businesses around us.


In collaboration with our consultants, we took stock of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These have enabled us to understand how we re likely to survive not only in our industry here in Orere but also all over Nigeria as well. The result we got after conducting the SWOT analysis for Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd are;

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – STRENGTHS

  • Firstly, our strength lies in the fact that the cocoa bean we process are organic. This will be able to meet the dietary needs of our various clients.
  • There is abundant supply of cocoa bean in Orere town and in the entire Ogun State.
  • Again, we’ve got in place the best equipment that is capable of handling a large batch of processing without getting spoilt.
  • We have a good preservation unit that will see our cocoa bean lasting as long as possible without going bad.


  • Our employees re the best in the field. They have experiences necessary to ensure we achieve our corporate goals and objectives.
  • Finally, is the fact that our Chief Executive Officer has vast experience and necessary expertise that will spur us into achieving all that we set out to.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – WEAKNESSES

We re a start-up company. Associated with this is the fact that we do not have the necessary finance and staff strength needed to compete against already established cocoa bean processing businesses in Nigeria. So, we foresee a herculean task for seamlessly breaking into the industry in Nigeria.  We however have plans in place that will help us overcome this.


However, there re several opportunities available to Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd in this industry. This is because there re a lot of people who understand the dietary benefits of processed cocoa seed.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – THREATS

It’s a fact that every business faces threats every now and then. So, we know that the arrival of a new competitor to our same location- Orere – offering the same services is a threat to us. Another challenge is stringent and unsteady government policies regarding the agro processing industry.


In conclusion, considering the findings on our strength, weakness, Opportunities and threat to our existence, we conclude that our strength and opportunities re good enough to overcome the other challenges. With such a formidable management team as ours, no weakness or threat is insurmountable to Cocoa Bean Factory Ltd.

Sample Cocoa Bean Processing & Marketing Business Plan for FREE – Other Segments of this plan:

We wish to state that other segments of this business plan are available. If you contact us on +234 8034347851 or email you will have it at a minimal cost.


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