Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town

Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town

Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town is an example of  Profitable Business Opportunities in State Capitals in Nigeria. Therefore, it includes small and medium scale business opportunities. Included also re home businesses for full time housewives.  So, there are 50k business opportunities as well as those for higher amounts. In fact, these business are those with low capital and high profit. They are hot business ideas in Nigeria. Here are Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town

Birnin Kebbi

Birnin Kebbi town is the capital of Kebbi State – “Land Of Equity”. It’s Located in north-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria.  In fact, Kebbi State was created out of the old Sokoto State in 1991.  Birnin Kebbi is an ancient town dating back to the 14th century.  Kebbi state shares borders with Sokoto state, Zamfara state and Niger state. It also  shares international borders with The Republic of Niger and The Republic of Benin. These re the features that promote both interstate and international trade across the land borders of the state.

Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town

Birnin Kebbi town business, therefore, is an example of both township and local community businesses in Nigeria. Our research reveals that because of the internal border connections with this town: it’s so suitable for untapped lucrative fast moving businesses. In fact, we have here a lot of hot lucrative business ideas in Nigeria with small capital. We have also included both medium scale and profitable home business ideas in Nigeria.

Consequently, in Birnin Kebbi, there are a lot of investment opportunities for you. These are business ideas you can take up alone or with a combination of others. However, many of them need prior training and mentorship. Furthermore, a well-articulated business plan will also be needed. We can provide that for you at minimal cost. As a start-up too, you would also need to legalize your business by registering it at CAC. This is our specialty too. Contact us for it.

Existing Busineses:

In addition, for existing businesses, we can also assist in restructuring and putting them in a good perspective. This we do with a bankable business plan. In fact, we will do all of your annual returns in CAC and FIRS for your tax purposes.

On the other hand, the businesses highlighted here cover a lot of grounds. They include variety of businesses in  agriculture/farming, and agro-product processing. Then, furniture, manufacturing, and home related businesses.  Then are those for entertainment, general services, tokumbo goods, construction, auto services, ICT/Online, fashion and confectionery businesses.

Agriculture @ Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town

To start with, under Agricultural Business are those for  farming, stocking, and distribution. Therefore, some of the lucrative farming in Birnin Kebbi include;

Rice Farming, Cassava Farming, Poultry Farming, Beans Farming, and  Catfish Farming. Added are; Goat Rearing, Onions farming, Garlic farming, and other Livestock farming.

Agro Product Processing Business involves setting up milling plants for rice, cassava, millet, guinea corn etc. In fact it includes processing of groundnut for groundnut oil production.

Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town


The next investment opportunity is that of Furniture Business. Every urban city needs a lot of this. In fact, this is becoming a big business everywhere. So, you can get into an aspect of it and make your money. So you can Making or sale furniture. As a matter of fact, a special aspect of this is Furniture design and Interior decoration.

Manufacturing Process @ Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town

Furthermore, is the manufacturing processes. And this takes the form of Fruit Juice making, Pure/Sachet Water Production and  yoghurt and ice cream production. If you remember that this part of the country is hot 80% of the year, you then know that these businesses ideas a hot ones here.

In addition, Home Related Business flourishes in most Islamic state where women are kept in purdah. So businesses involving family domestic choirs like sale of Cooking gas. Family Event Management and Home Catering services are very lucrative.

Construction work never finishes in a modern state. That’s why we recommend construction Business here. Construction of any type goes here. Iron welders, Carpenters, house building etc. are covered.  Therefore, you can become a Building contractor, Haulage Services deliveries. House design/Draftsman, Carpentry, Mason and lots more.

Supportive of urban life is Entertainment Business. Birnin Kebbi is no exception.

Therefore, to make your millions will be easy if you get into Hotel Accommodation Business, Fast Food Eatery – in-house or roadside, Full Scale Restaurant, Rental services and Supermarket – an all-purpose supermarket

General Contractors:

In addition are General Services Business.  These include Fumigation Business, Laundry and dry cleaning services and Home services deliveries – this could be for anything sold within the neighbourhood. Others include corporate cleaning services, Freelance business – for which you can be an agent to any form of business. Then, is consulting services. – On this you need to take up a niche based on your training and specialisation

Tokumbo/Second-hand Goods business is everywhere.  In fact, there are a lot to deal with here. So, you can start Importation of wears – cloths, shoes etc. Or Sale of second hand clothes, and tokombo electronics etc. In addition, you can start Importation and sale of ICT gadgets – computer and accessories, phones etc. This is a modern hot business idea.

Automative Businesses:

Furthermore, in big cities as state capital as Birnin Kebbi, Auto Business is lucrative. However, you require some training to get into any of these ones. So, you can be a vehicle mechanic, painter, electrician etc. In addition, you start a Car wash and Car Servicing centres.  Associated with these is the Sell and usage of industrial gas. Auto electrical services, Sale of Car Servicing parts and Car Painting Services

In addition, in the modern time ICT/Online Business carries the day everywhere, Birnin Kebbi inclusive. Our research reveals that Phone and phone accessories, Computer and computer accessory business are big investment opportunities here. Many other things you can do here include Blogging. YouTube design and sells. You can also write e-books. Professionally, you can take up any job opportunities as Digital Marketing Manager/Analyst, Web Content Manager/Editor and Client Services Specialist. You can also become a Business Analyst. App Developer. Software Engineer and or Systems Engineer.

Profitable Business Opportunities in Birnin Kebbi Town

If you know that looking beautiful is a lucrative business in today’s world, then you will consider Fashion design Business, and Boutique business. In addition are Makeup artist, Make -up Supermarket, Beauty make-up and Wedding/Bridal make-up.

Lastly on this town, Confectionary Business is a must. Bakery business of all types. Bread, cakes, and other pastries.



In conclusion, there are over fifty (50) investment opportunities proposed here. Now, you can do one or two things. Start this business alone or a combination with them.

Consultancy Contacts:

In summary, we wish to introduce you to Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited (CFMC Ltd), the owners of this site. CFMC Ltd is a firm of professional accountants. That means, it has capacity to assist you in your start-up business processes. In addition, it will be able to generate profitable business ideas for you, register your business with CAC. We manage your tax obligations and handle all of your financial accounting responsibilities both as external auditor and internal control officers.

Give us a call immediately. Call +234 8034347851 or email It’s also necessary you inform your closest friend and relations about these opportunities. Therefore, share this post immediately using the social media buttons on this page. In fact, if you follow us on any of our social media, you will be sure of regular updates. Thanks. Please continue  visiting and reading through our articles.. These lucrative business information is offered free.

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