Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers –  As a matter of fact, these are American embassy visa interview questions for tourist visa interview questions and answers. They are evergreen  b1/b2 visa interview questions and answers. In fact, they re immigrant visa interview questions that cover visa interview questions for parents to US for graduation and visa interview questions for spouses. Truly, here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers you need for your next US Visa interview session.

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

How to prepare for this interview:

We have to remind you here that certain questions that bother you have been answered in our previous posts. So, if you are still being challenged by what you should bring for US visa interview in terms of documents or  how long the visa interview takes, click here for details.

The psychology that plays out:

Especially for first-timers, your emotional posture could throw you out and deny you the visa. My dear, avoid every symptom of desperation and anxiety.  Relax. Therefore, don’t feel intimidated nor feel pessimistic due to the fact that you hear that over 80% applicants are denied visa by US embassy in Nigeria. The optimistic believes that he/she should be among the 20% lucky ones. We have mentored and tutored a lot of first timers who succeeded in getting the visa. If you join our club you will do better.

Furthermore, you must know how to respond to questions. Much explanations, as a talkative or I-too-know person could throw you away. Answer the questions correctly and honestly and let your answer correlate one another. Remember, disjointed and un-corroborated answers will kick you out. Know that you are talking to Psychologists.

In addition, dress well. Your dressing portrays who you are. For instance, skimpy and sexy dresses that fits you well may give you away because you wouldn’t be able to convince a high moral agent that you are a type qualified to attend a Christian youth conference dressed like that.

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Again, you must be able to manage all your communication attributes well. These include how you manage your verbal and non-verbal communication attributes. Therefore, you should be able to manage well your Eye Contact – some badly brought ups fail here, because their eye contacts show they don’t have manners nor regards for the person discussing with them. You know what I mean!  This is aggravated when your Facial Expressions are also negative. However, small intermittent smiles can do the magic for you.

I tell you again that your posture at this interview will also help you. Make sure you portray correct posture when walking, standing and sitting at all times. It helps to portray who you are. In addition are your gestures. Be sure your gestures come up natural and re relevant to the discussion at hand. In summary, don’t overdo anything at all.

Finally, don’t lie. Remember that you have already given some details about yourself when you filled the relevant forms. Also note that your documents speaks too. Therefore, considering that they may have done some background check on you based on you online application, you must not lie. Corroboration of facts is what matters here.

Sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers:

To help you prepare for your visa application, here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers you need now.

  1. Why Do You Want To Visit The USA? What is the purpose of your visit? Why do you want to travel to the USA?

As a tourist, say you want to go on a tour and to see what the USA has to offer.  After all, you re applying for a US TOURIST visa so your answer should be as simple as this. Don’t tell stories.

      2. When last were you in the USA?

This is like asking if you have been in US before. So,  be careful here. You might think that the best answer is YES, thinking  that this is your instant ticket for getting a visa. You re wrong! If you haven’t been to the US, don’t lie. Just be honest because lying will kick you off because your documents will prove you wrong.

3. Why are you planning to travel at this time?  Why do you want to visit the US now?

Time is the issue here. Therefore, simply answer that it is your most available time. Or it’s your annual leave from work. If you have other reasons such as having enough savings recently for the trip, then tell the truth.

Furthermore –

4. Who are you going with or who are you accompanying to the USA?

Are you going with your relatives or friends? For this you must make sure you know the basic information of the people you re going with. If you want to meet your American boyfriend who you met online and never met in person, I highly suggest you ask him to visit you in the Philippines first!

5. As a tourist which places are you planning to visit?

This means you have to do some research on the places you plan to visit before you go to your interview. If you have problems here, we are ready to help out. I suggest you start with spots nearest to your accommodation because it’s more feasible.

6. And now,  how long do you plan to stay in the USA?

Your itinerary will help you here. So, carefully study your itinerary and base your answer from there. Or if you are an employee, check your leave periods and talk to your Human Resources representative on your allowed leaves. If you can bring a form or letter during your interview stating your leave period, that can help as well.

7. Can you stay for a shorter period of time?

Very tempting, isn’t it? They are pooling your legs. But still your itinerary will help you defend yourself. And if someone from the US will act as your ‘tour guide’, simply say that you need to adhere with their schedule as well. Hence, a need for a longer time to stay in the US.

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

8. And now, how much do you think it will cost you to stay in the USA? How much do you expect this trip to cost?

This is why we strongly suggest that you create an itinerary for your US trip. This will give you an idea of how much you need to spend for the entire vacation. You can contact karisa Travel Agency Limited to help you with your USA Itinerary, details here.

9. What do you do for a living?

List very thing that give you income. So, tell your job, your businesses, and other side jobs, if any. This will give the consul an idea if your employer is credible enough. Similarly, as a business man/woman, they need to know if you re established in your home country and that you are not going to the US for greener pasture.  Therefore, you need to proof that you will be back and will not look for job opportunities while on ‘vacation’. So, show the following:

  • Certificate of Employment
  • Proof of Income for the last 3 months
  • Business permits
  • Bank statements
  • Bank letter
  • Employer/sponsor letter to the consulate
  • Invitation letter
  • Income tax documents
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of green card
  • Original birth certificate

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

10. How much do you earn for a living?

Just tell the correct figures. After all, your online application may have all of these already.  And if they feel that it’s not enough for your trip, you might as well prepare for the next question.

11. How do you plan to finance your trip?

Show proof that you have saved enough for it, if any. Or if you re going to be sponsored, get the information from your sponsors. Know what they do for a living and get necessary supporting documents like bank statements, job certificate, tax details etc.

12. Do you have relatives in the USA?

Never lie or deny this even if you won’t visit them on your trip.  You must know their names and a few basic information including their status in the US. Sometimes, it would help if you have photos with you to further prove your claim.

13. Do you have friends in the USA?

This is similar to the above. You have to know their names and also the basic information. But if they’re not really significant to you then just say so.

14. What are their exact addresses?

Try to get their exact addresses before the interview. Don’t just say that they live in Atlanta or in New York but rather, be specific. Review the information before you go to the interview and always come prepared especially if you mentioned about them on your online application. But my dear, don’t relate with someone that has immigration problems already.

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers – FOR VISITING RELATIVES/ FRIENDS:

15. How long have they been living in the USA and what are their current status?

This is for visiting relatives/ friends. I strongly encourage that you spend time chatting and interviewing your relatives and friends in the US if the purpose of your visit is to meet them. It will really help you to become more confident in front of the consul.

16. Where are they working and what will you do during the office hours?

Do you see the temptation? Corroboration is important. So, get as much information from them because the consul would like to know if you re just making up stories. Expect to be bombarded with questions. The questions might be redundant but that’s how they will know if you are indeed telling the truth. And when asked what re your plans during their working hours and days! You can say that you are planning to go on short solo day trips near the area so that you can maximize your stay.

17. Do you have plans of working in the USA?

A big NO here, please.  And please, never attempt to work in the US while you are there on a TOURIST VISA. Otherwise, you might get deported and will never see US soil once again. Never even mention that you’re looking for opportunities. NEVER!

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

18. Have you already booked your plane tickets?

Look for possible booking dates and say that you re eyeing on those dates for your US trip. Have the flight details ready, if possible but don’t pay for the flights yet until you get your visa approved. Flight ticket is not a requirement!

19. Have you travelled to other countries before?

Be honest because they will know if you haven’t. Everything can be validated easily and they have the means to check if you are telling the truth. We always tell travelling clients that it’s better they get more passport entry stamp from any nearby countries especially those that are visa-free or visa-on-arrival for Philippines passport, you can check the list of those countries.

20. How can you assure that you will come back home?

Show the letter from your employer, if you have any. As a business man show how you have businesses that you currently take care of. Or, you can tell them that you don’t plan ruining your travel records because you still plan to see more places in the future. Look at this answer –

 “I have 17 relatives in the country, and I also have 2 commercial buildings I inherited from my father. Besides; I have my wife and 5 kids to take care of”

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers – Now figure out these ones:

Q: Have you been denied U.S visa before?

The simple answer is Yes or No. Then, an explanation as to why you were denied the visa if you know.

Q: Is your sponsor married?

Simply, Yes or No.  She is married to Emeka Igwe and has 2 kids, Peter and Paul. You should have enough information about your sponsor’s family. For example, name(s) of spouse and kid(s), ages, names of the organization they work for, job descriptions, how long they have been staying in the U.S, etc.

A: Can I have the contact details of your sponsor?

B: Can I see your leave approval?

C: And, who will take care of your business or family when you re visiting the U.S?

D: How many siblings do you have and where do they live?

E: Finally, do you have a car?

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Our US Visa Interview Tip:

Our general interview tip is that you  BE PREPARED and NEVER LIE! You are going to face trained psychologists who will always figure out when you are lying. So always have the best intentions if you re going to the USA. We want you to have clear records so you can travel the world without facing challenges in the future.

Here are sample US Visa Interview Questions & Answers – For Further Information and Attention:

If you need further help with your US Visa application, contact us here. We’ll be releasing some prepared Itinerary that you can use for your visa applications.


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