You are currently viewing Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire

Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire

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Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire – The donor agencies for economic empowerment programs always ask for business plan for the business use of the fund they provide.

Economic empowerment come in various ways for the youth, widows, the vulnerable, the internally displace people etc. Therefore there are  economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, youth, and  women’s economic empowerment etc.

For this, Economic Empowerment ProgramAgro-Business Plan Questionnaire, donor agencies can be local or international. Donor agencies’ funded economic empowerment programs are projects that are funded by organizations like UNDP, World Bank, Bank of Industry – Nigeria, African Development Banks, Npower, You-win programs etc. There are many many indigenous NGOs  that are doing great work in Nigeria recently.


Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire


Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire

Some of the international donor agencies that are operating in Nigeria include the Department for International Development (DFID), the United States Agency for International Development, (USAID), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), etc.

On Economic Empowerment ProgramAgro-Business Plan Questionnaire, I want you to understand from onset that these programs are funded to:


  • Keep you  employed
  • Create more employment by you – using the fund to generate more employment
  • Improve your earning capacity
  • Rehabilitate you both economically and emotionally,
  • Add to the national  gross domestic product generally.

Therefore, whatever program that comes up will require you to address the above objectives. That means you must present an achievable business plan that will enable you achieve the objectives.

This article will educate you on the type of business plan that will win such funds. It is going to be inform of questionnaires which you can work on to produce the business plan of your choice by   yourself.

For Agricultural projects, questions relating to the various subheads of the business plan will be as follows:

Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire

(1) Your Farm Business:

What is the name of the Farm?
Is it a registered business?
Is it an existing farm or a new one?
If a new one, have you completed the start-up processes?
What type of farm is it?  – Root crop, poultry, fishery, animal husbandry, storage and produce processing  etc.?
Any previous experiences?
Where is it situated?
What is the size of the land/business?
Who owns the land?
Is it on lease, rented or owned by you?
Any evidence of ownership?

(2) Capital Requirement

Considering the size of the farm and the type, how much capital do you need?
How much do you have already?
From where else do you hope to get more fund?
How much fund do you need to start up?
After the first year how much additional fund would you require?

Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire

(3) Fixed Asset Requirement

What fixed assets do you need? List them
What will these assets cost you? Show their estimates
What are the pre-operational expenses to be capitalized? Details must be shown.
These must be presented in a table

(4) Operational Plan

How do you intend to operate the farm?
Is it going to be on part time or full time?
How many people would you be able to employ?
What are the classes of these employee?
How much are going to be their salary?
You must add an estimated amount for miscellaneous – you may forget somethings.

(5) Inputs

What are going to be your inputs?
What type of inputs are you going to use?
For fishery – are you going to use juveniles or fingerlings?
For animal husbandry – what type of animal?
What type of breed are you budgeting for?
For poultry – Are you going to use day-olds or few days old?
What type of births do you want?
What quantity of whatever input do you want?
Can you estimate your cost of sales from these facts?

Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire

(6) Product

What type of product/produce are you expecting?
For poultry, are you going to produce layers or broilers?
Any by-products?
What quantity do you want to produce?
Answer these questions in relation to any type of farming you want to get into.

(7) Marketing

How do you intend to market your produce/product?
What is the particular market like?
Any promotional plan?
What is the prising like?
Any competition?
At what price can you sell?
Can you estimate your turnover per month and then per year?

Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire

(8) Business Assumptions:

On what assumptions is this  business plan based on?
Can you obtain the inputs as planned?
 What stock valuation method would you apply?
What proportion of the market can you get?
Any government incentive envisaged?
Any tax incentives expected?
Furthermore,  for Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire Any timeline/ benchmarks?
Any financial charges like loan interest, refunds, taxes?
What depreciation methods are you going to use on your fixed assets?
For the pre-operational expenses capitalised, what is going to be the amortisation rate?
What is your breakeven point for output/sales in relation with your operation costs?
What do you do with your net profit? You can take it off as dividend or plough it back for expansion.

(9) Financial analysis

You have to make your financial analysis here.
Prepare your income statement, and balance sheet here. Work out the financial ratios necessary for each business e.g. the gross margin, net profit margin and return on investment ratio (ROI).

Economic Empowerment Program – Agro-Business Plan Questionnaire

(10) Conclusions:

Looking at the parameters produced in this business plan – What can you say about the business?
Is it worthwhile the efforts and funds to be invested? Can you achieve the objective for which the donor agencies are funding this programmes?

You have to answer these questions honourably, and make a conclusion that the business is good to go or not.

Thanks for following me to this level. I know you are bettered now with these information. If you have need for more information, do contact me through our comment platform or contact us platform. Try to share this with your friends and colleagues.

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Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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