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How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

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How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires – This is good for small bakery business plan sample, cake shop business plan, complete business plan for bakery and all forms of bread bakery business plan. This is a business plan schedule that presents to you all the necessary questions you need to answer in order to produce your bakery business plan.

To start with, for you to succeed in a bakery business you must have an achievable business plan that will enable you achieve your objectives. This article will educate you on the type of business plan that will help you achieve your goals. It is going to be inform of questionnaires which you can work on to produce the business plan of your choice by yourself. I’m ready to help out where you have difficulties, if you let me know.

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan - Questionnaires

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

For bakery business projects, questions relating to the various subheads of the business plan will be as follows:

(1) Your Business Profile:

Legal status

What is the name of the Bakery?
What type of ownership – partnership, Limited company etc,?
Is it a registered business?
Is it an existing one or a new one?
If a new one, have you completed the start-up processes?
Where is it situated?
What is the size of the business?

Ownership for Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires
Who are the owners of the business?
What is the proportion of  share ownership of the business – present this in a table
And, What is the Vision of the business  – in one sentence?
What is the Mission of the business – in few sentences?

Management Team
What is your management team like? List them with their profiles.
How is your organogram? – show this

SWOT Analysis
Define your SWOT analysis:
These are internal and environmental –
Where does your strength lye? – State them
Where is your Weakness from? State them
What are your opportunities? State them?
What are the Threats you face? Mention them.
How can you maintain your strength and harness the opportunities? Narrate them.
How do you plan to suppress your weaknesses?
How do you wish to overcome the threats?
Any possibility of turning the weakness and the threat to opportunities?

With all of these, any competitive advantage? State them.

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

(2) Capital Requirement

Considering the size of the business and the type, how much capital do you need?
How much do you have already?
From where else do you hope to get more fund?
How much fund do you need as start-up?
After the first year how much additional fund would you require?

(3) Fixed Asset Requirement

What fixed assets do you need? List them
What will these assets cost you? Show their estimates
What are the pre-operational expenses to be capitalized? Details must be shown.
These must be presented in a table

(4) Product

What types of product are you expecting to produce? List them out.
Any by-products Or complementary product ? list them here.
What quantity do you want to produce?
How do you want to produce them?
Narrate a simple productions process here, as much as to highlight your process without giving out your business confidentials.

Answer these questions in relation to any type pf bakery or confectionery business  you want to get into.

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

(5) The Market

How large or small is the market?
What type of products are there in the market?
Can the market be segmented?
Can you concentrate on a segment only or do you want to be on the entire market?
Who are the ‘big fish’ in the market currently?
Can you face them competitively?
How do you plan to penetrate into the market?

(6) Marketing:

How do you intend to market your products? List them
Who are your customers? Name them
Any promotional programme in place? State them
Is the market seasonal? State the seasons
How do you plan to deal with such situations?
What quantity can you sell periodically?
Can you estimate your turnover per month and then per year  from these facts?

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

(7) Pricing:

What is the pricing like?
Can you influence the pricing?
Can you win market share with your prising system?
Is your price a break-even price, and at what quantity?
Can the market segmentation help your pricing models?

Financial Matters: Financial matters are very important.

(8) Operational Plan

How do you intend to operate the business?
Is it going to be on part time or full time?
How many people would you be able to employ?
What are the classes of these employee?
How much are going to be their salary?
How may hours and days are you going to work?
You must add an estimated amount for miscellaneous – you may forget somethings.

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

(9) Inputs

What are going to be your inputs?
What type of inputs are you going to use?
On  Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires,  What quantity of whatever input do you want?
What is the input mix
Can you estimate your cost of production from these facts?

(10) Business Assumptions:

On what assumptions is this  business plan based on?
Can you obtain the inputs as planned?
What stock valuation method would you apply?
What proportion of the market can you get?
Any government incentive envisaged?
Any tax incentives expected?
And on  Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires ,  Any timeline/ benchmarks?
Any financial charges like loan interest, refunds, taxes?
What depreciation methods are you going to use on your fixed assets?
For the pre-operational expenses capitalised, what is going to be the amortisation rate?
What is your breakeven point for output/sales in relation with your operation costs?
What do you do with your net profit? You can take it off as dividend or plough it back for expansion.

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

(11) Financial analysis

You have to make your financial analysis here.
Prepare your income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow here. Work out the financial ratios necessary for the business e.g. the gross margin, net profit margin and return on investment ratio (ROI).

(12) Conclusion:

Show that this project is viable with all the facts you have in this plan. Then summarise and make recommendations.

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

(13) Executive Summary:

In the business plan, this topic is going to be the first item on it. But it’s always the last to be written. Do you know why? I will tell you now.

It is the summary of all you have in this plan and feasibility study. You can’t write it if you don’t have these facts. You must generate your facts before you write it. So take it now to the top of the page as the first item.  It will show:

The name of your business; What the business plan is all about. Business plan could be to look for investors or just for management use. It could also be for re-engineering your business. You have to state all these.

Considering investors on how to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires – borrowing money or getting investors, you must show how much you need. In it you must have to express the fact that what you have in the business plan will be able to pay back what you are borrowing or take care of the investors.

You must state the summary of your Capital expenditure, operational cost, pre-operational expenses, estimated turnover, gross profit and net profit.

All the financial ratios must be highlighted here. Yea! You can now go on with your company profile as point number 2.

How to Prepare Bakery Business Plan – Questionnaires

Thanks for following me to this level. I know you are bettered now with these information. If you have need of more information, do contact me through our comment platform or contact us platform. Try to

this with your friends and colleagues. Get a sample youth plan here

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