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How to Meet your Business Information Need

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How to Meet your Business Information Need – Businesses grow when you know how to meet customer needs, wants and  expectations, identifying new needs. And you begin to ask; what are the expectations of customers? How do you meet Your Small Business Information Needs?  How to Meet Business Needs with Evolving Tech, How to set goals and objectives for your business and  what Website Analysis to Meet Customer Needs that meets customers’ expectations.
I’m happy to announce to you that this post is about how to solve these your business information challenges. We have the capacity to meet your business information needs. So, what information do you need about your business? Can you outsource some of these functions to us? As we go on, you will find out what information gap we can fill in your business and organisation.
In fact, you may need information on how to go about any of the following. If you do, don’t hesitate to call on us for a professional touch. You can call this post business information need assessment.
CAPEX Information Needs:

Do you know where to get your business equipment, and tools? Are your tools those locally fabricated ones or foreign fabrications? Do you want them brand new or fairly used – Tukumbo? Do you care about their quality and make? Do you know how much they go for?

If any of these questions concerns you, then you need such information from us.

How to Meet your  Business Information Need

This is another area you may be having information need in your business. Efficiency is said to be producing more using the same inputs. Innovation is also said to be doing the old things the new way to improve productivity.

So, do you maximise or meet up with your installed capacity? Do you want to improve on your installed capacity? Do you need innovative and most efficient methods of production in your business?

If you have any of these needs, you have to talk to us.
How to Meet your Business Information Need.  I understand that many people get into business these days because they have the money. They were not articled/apprentice, trained, or mentored in any way.

If you are new in business, you need a business coach. You can call it business mentor. Others call it Business Consultant. If your business is not doing so well compared to your expectation and your investment in it, you need a business mentor.
Does your internal control require re-engineering? How to Meet your Business Information Need

Internal Control is your whole internal processes for assuring achievement of your organization’s objectives in operational effectiveness and efficiency, reliable financial reporting, and compliance with laws, regulations and policies.
If this gap exists in your business outfit, then you need  attention, before the whole system collapses.

Get your SWOT analysis and your business corporate governance issues fixed early enough.

How to Meet your  Business Information Need

How to Meet your  Business Information Need

You can’t continue to avoid updating your information with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria.  A client called for information on how to change her company registered address, but you know what, she registered the business in 2004 and by 2018 she had not rendered any returns to CAC.

If you need to adjust your share allocations, change your directors or secretary, file your annual returns and do other corporate documentations – company incorporation, business name registration, you need to know how to go about them cheaply.

As accredited consultants with CAC, we will help you.

Nigeria and the entire world is changing. You may no longer evade tax freely. If you have tax challenges, then you need reliable tax information that will help you.

As chartered accountants and tax practitioners, we will help you come out of this mess.
How to Meet your Business Information Need. You need to know all  about the market you are into. You need to know how to capture some market share. You need to work out a winning marketing strategies. You need to segment your market and products.

These information you get from research and surveys, analysing every feasibility variables. You could do well if you outsource this to our firm.

How to Meet your  Business Information Need

Don’t just get into any business without proper survey, and analysis.

Get proven business ideas that are current and marketable.

You will need a business plan and feasibility study and feasibility analysis to x-ray the business you want to venture into.
This is needed by those in business already and those starting. You need to know about your business value chain.  Everything that create value to your business.

Everything that connects to your business in form of equipment , raw materials, labour etc. supplies.

Everything that concerns your business demand side of the value chain inform of customer needs, market and marketing strategies etc.

Do you know where to buy your ginger, galic, onions, maise, yam, beans, sorghum cheaply.

Do you want to become farmers representative, produce exporter or dealer, farmer etc. How to Meet your Business Information Need.

How to Meet your  Business Information Need

Doing good business is doing business within the ambit of the law of the land. Whatever services you need, you need good information on this.

Whatever services, contract, MOU, collaborations, assignment, agreements etc. you enter into, you need to be legally well informed and equipped.
It’s not easy to collaborate with your competitors, colleagues, key players in your industry, without good information about them.

After all, you need to know where they are in the first place and their position on  certain matters at a point in time. These are the information you need for your collaborative activities to work out well.
If you are looking for office accommodation, house to buy, land to buy and other associated needs, you need good and reliable information.

I know of some one who leased an office without proper information, and find out that he can’t even use the place. You know or hear about stories of people who buy lands from non-legitimate owners – you know what that means.

 My friend get good information from us.

My Opinion Here:

My opinion on all of these is that you need good business information to do your business well, maximise your output and profitability and still stay on in peace without court cases, and or other financial losses or physical damages.

Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited is a firm of chartered accountants, auditors, taxation and management consultants, that is ready to source and give you every business information of your need at minimal cost.

How to Meet your Business Information Need. Contact us on +234 8034347851 or at

Thanks. Please do good business with good, complete and full information from Complete Full Marks Consultants (CFMC) limited, the owners of this website.


Founder/Managing Partner of Complete Full Marks Consultants Ltd. An Economist turned Chattered Accountant and Tax Practitioner with over 37 years of industrial experience.

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