Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

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Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis – No matter how beautiful and professional your interior decoration designs are, revenue or turnover comes from target market, marketing plan and your business structure. These re what this aspect of your Interior Decoration Business Plan will project. Therefore, you have to professionally and articulately structure your business in such a way as to reach out to target markets to generate the required turnover.

Therefore, if you’re writing your business plan, this post Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis is a must read for you. It’s an illustrative proposition on your interior decoration business plan market and sales analysis. However, if there re aspect of this that you can’t do well, then call on +234 8034347851 for help.

Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

As a matter of fact, the following 3 question are what you’re actually trying to find solution to here. They are:

  • How can I expand my interior design business?
  • How do I advertise my interior design business?
  • And, How successful are interior designers?

Once these are your challenges, please check the way forward below.


Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

The Market:

Anekivine Interior Deco Limited  makes  the following assertions on its market and sale for the next three years.  This is due to the strengthening of Abuja City Centre area economy. In fact,  more Abuja City Centre  homeowners re exploring interior design to improve their homes’ beauty and charm. Last year, residential interior design companies generated N340 million in sales in the high rising  areas. That is to say that approximately, 75% of the sales were generated from this areas. Forecasts for next year predict that there will be an increase of 11% in sales. This demand for interior design services is a tremendous opportunity to make millions without must hassle. Anekivine Interior Deco Limited is poised to take advantage of these changes, and expects to become a recognized name and profitable entity in the city’s interior design market.

Market Segmentation

The customers that Anekivine Interior Deco Limited will be serving can be divided into three groups:

  • New Home Construction: Anekivine Interior Deco Limited will compete for the interior design projects associated with new homes. Contracted consulting responsibilities with the builders can include one or more of the companies services, i.e. strategic planning, master planning, and lighting, floor or carpet design.
  • Remodeling Projects: These projects have some of the same characteristics as new home construction (i.e. working as a consultant with builders) but can also include greater control over all aspect of the project.
  • Interior Design of Existing Home: Anekivine Interior Deco Limited will control all aspects of these projects.
Consquently, the market analysis for this business plan is attached as appendix to this business plan. It gives figurative details and graphical representations.

Competitive Edge

Anekivine Interior Deco Limited competitive edge is that both Complete Full Marks Consultants  Limited and  Karisals Travel Agency Limited who collaborate with us in all of interior design and tourism contracts re highly successful in their very fields of operation with a loyal customer base. Complete Full Marks Consultants limited  has been a Business Consultant with Ohmes Global Concept Limited for five years. During that time she has established strong relationships with builders and vendors which will prove beneficial in the coming years. For the past six years, Anekivine Interior Deco Limited  has worked as a Design Consultant for Jonathan Goodluck Interior Designers Ltd.  Jonathan Goodluck Interior Designers Ltd is  the most successful interior designer in FCT Abuja. Together, these our  collaborators have the skills, resources and experience satisfy our espected 1,000 customers.

Sales Strategy and Implementation

Anekivine Interior Deco Limited will focus on the interior design needs in the high rising section of the city. Our target customers will be the affluent residents of the city.

Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

Sales Strategy

The following is the sales strategy Anekivine Interior Deco Limited will employ on the three target customer groups:

  • New Home Construction/Remodeling Projects: Anekivine Interior Deco Limited already has a strong professional relationship with the dominant builders/remodelers in the City. She will meet with them directly and pitch the consulting services of Anekivine Interior Deco Limited.
  • Interior Design of Existing Home: Visibility with the customer base is the most important marketing activity Anekivine Interior Deco Limited will follow.  Abuja City Centre  has five homeowner associations that meet regularly. In the past Anekivine Interior Deco Limited had made presentations on interior design issues. They will continue this service to the community to raise the visibility of Anekivine Interio Deco Limited in the area.

Sales Forecast

The following table and chart re forecast  of sales for next three years in these classes of our business.

  1. Remodeling Projects
  2. New home construction
  3. Interior Design of existing homes

Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

The Way Forward:

The way forward is here:

  • Put your interior decoration design business in the marketing spotlight!
  • And then, up-date your business cards and signature line
  • Furthermore, refresh your social networks
  • And, up-grade your digital portfolio and online presence
  • Therefrom, give your website a facelift
  • Get out there and speak your mind in seminars, outreaches etc.
  • Press publish through the print media – you know what I mean?
  • Then, do something to stand out from the competition
  • Lastly, show off in a show house.

Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

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Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis

Other component sof the Business Plan:

As a matter of fact, the folowing components re included in Interia Decoration Business Plan in our custody. You can always get a comprehensive copy from us at a minimal cost.

  • Market Analysis.
  • Organization Management.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Sales Strategies.
  • Funding Requirements.
  • Viability Analysis
  • Financial Projections.

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Interior Decoration Business Plan Market & Sales Analysis


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