Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

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Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis – This is Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan technical tools. It’s also an analytical growth tool for ongoing interior decoration/design businesses. It’s a list assortment of interior designer’s equipment and tools. It serves as interior decorating equipment, professional interior design kit materials for interior design which interior designer must have.

Consequently, if you must write a good and comprehensive business plan for interior decoration/design business this article is a must read for you. In fact, it serves the need of students and freelance business plan writers. So, you get on with this article, but don’t hesitate to call +234 8034347851 or mail where you run into technical hitches. This is because the master plan is with us.

Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

How to Start:

The fact is, good interior design is timeless. Therefore, if you want to do well as an interior decorator/designer, you have to be current all the time. Do you know that old pictures matter a lot here? So then, look for picture books that portray noteworthy interiors from numerous eras and cultures. They inspire wonderful ideas for modern, eclectic treatments. Turn them to what modern person would like.

In addition, do not overlook certain motion pictures, old television shows, art collection guides and old print advertisements for ideas.

Therefore, if a room arrangement, furniture piece or colour scheme catches your eye, add it to your idea file. Good interior design is timeless, so do not worry about dated references.

Finally on this, if there is any cost associated with this, please note it.

Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

Drafting Equipment:

As a matter of fact, equip yourself with a large drafting table with a built-in ruler and square system mounted on wire cables. If your office is too small for stand-alone drafting table, then get a desktop model that you can put away between jobs. Then, add bright lights for your drafting table and a comfortable drafting chair.

In addition, invest in professional mechanical pencils in .05 mm and .07 mm lead sizes. Procure a variety of leads rated from softest to hardest. An electric lead sharpener and eraser re helpful. Then, have a good metal ruler, engineer’s rule, plastic triangles and a collection of geometric shape templates in 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch scale. A set of professional line inking pens comes in handy, as does high-quality vellum drafting paper.

At this juncture, just make an estimate of how much each will cost you. Remember the office rent.

Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

Computer Technology:

Currently, competency in computer aided drafting software is increasingly important to interior designers. CAD software can save hundreds of hours of effort and provide flexibility you cannot achieve in hand-drawn or hand-coloured work.

In addition, smart phones and tablets put interior design technology in your pocket. If you’re in possession of downloadable apps you will sketch, capture colours, draft floor plans, organize client files and add three-dimensional furnishings to interior photos.

Again, don’t ignore digital camera. Digital cameras create a visual record of job sites, furnishings and accessories.

Now what re the cost of all of these? List them out, you will soon hav them in a table.

The Machines and Equipment you need:

However, here re certain machines and equipment items you may need. Just mark then and add monetary value  on them.

  • Computer numerical control lathe
  • Centre lathe
  • Horizontal band saw
  • Vertical band saw
  • Sawing machine
  • Turret milling machine
  • Vertical milling machine
  • Horizontal milling machine
  • Milling machine
  • Surface grinder
  • Shaping machine
  • Folding machine
  • Shearing machine
  • Hand roller press
  • Drill press
  • Drilling machine
  • Tungsten inert gas welding
  • TIG welding
  • Metal inert gas welding
  • Generator
  • Compressor
  • Platform trolley
  • Mobile tool box
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid cabinet

There is need that you make good survey here so as to attach to each of these their accurate market prices. Then, sum up the figures.

Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

Start-up Cost Analysis:

At this point, you can now present your tables here. See an example.

                START-UP COST ANALYSIS
WORKING CAPITAL 13,986,607.64

In addition, after working on your office and administrative, overhead expenses, you can present as follows.

                                   OFFICE/ADMIN  EXPENSES
Details Annual Value Monthly Value Initial 3 month Projection
Renting Of Outlet/Showroom 360,000.00 360,000.00
Personnel Cost 6,600,000.00 550,000.00 1,650,000.00
Vehicles Running Expenses 600,000.00 50,000.00 150,000.00
Generator Running cost 1,080,000.00 90,000.00 270,000.00
Stationeries 240,000.00 20,000.00 60,000.00
Deprciation 2,783,780.00 231,981.67 695,945.00
Utilities & Other Expenses 600,000.00 50,000.00 150,000.00
Cash at hand/bank 1,200,000.00 100,000.00 300,000.00
Sundry Expenses 5% of tatal cost 720,358.80 57,220.88 171,662.64
14,184,138.80 1,149,202.55 3,807,607.64

Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

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Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis

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Interior Decoration/Design Business Plan Start-up Cost Analysis


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