Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria

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Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria

Do you need an aviation company business plan? If your answer is YES, we then add that you need this Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria. As  a matter of fact, when starting an aviation business and working with our aviation business plan template, you require our airline feasibility plan examples. So, this Template is for start-ups/beginners and ongoing airline companies. In fact, before you go far in preparing your business plan, we think you should read this article.  So, Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria is in fact, the Feasibility Analysis segment of our Aviation Airline Business Plan Template for African Countries and Airline Company Business Plan for Existing Company in Nigeria.

Remember that when you are faced with growth challenges and serious competitors and need to reappraise your performances, we recommend this article for you. Again, when you want to generate your performance variables and parameters for internal control or to prove your business efficiency for government or NGO grants, Bank loan, invite investors into your business, this article should be considered as No.1 to consult. This Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria therefore will help you overcome these challenges and monitor your business growth.

Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria – FEASIBILITY STUDIES:

As a matter of fact, I want to say that a feasibility study investigates the practicability/viability of a proposal, business venture or idea. So, its principal function is to ascertain if the project will continue or not. And where it continues, it guides planners and help them get focused on the project and to narrow down the possibilities. Therefore, there could be Technical, Economic, Legal, Resource, Operational and Marketing Feasibilities. Your business plan feasibility analysis must endeavour to cover all of these.

Remember that you ar in a business to solve problems for the society. So, now, there is a problem on hand. That problem is to establish or grow an airline company that will cater for all class of people in your environment. In which case you need to articulate your operational activities in a business plan. Therefore, one of the aspects of the business plan you need to work on is the viability of the business. This is the essence of this segment of your business plan.

Therefore, in this segment you evaluate your potential success or failure in opening and operating an airline company by carrying out a lot of financial analysis. In addition, you will set out to look at your feasibility analysis including the financial projections, and subsequently analysing them to produce your business operation measurement Ratios.

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Furthermore, at this point, the Economic, Legal, Resource, Operational and Marketing Feasibilities are carried out here starting from your financial plan.


We have a share capital of N200m. In addition, owners have contributed N100,000,000 each to ease the start-up. We have also applied for a loan of N80,000,000 from our bank. Therefor, we are sure that this will be enough for the Capital Expenses and the Operational/Working capital. The bread down as shown in the graph below.


A point of no gain, no loss is the break-even point, showing both breakeven quantity and revenue/income. It’s at the point where the total expenses equal total revenue. Therefore, as shown in our analysis below this point is actually reached at the carrying of the 500th passenger at average fare of N30,000 per passenger in a month.  In fact, our test run has actually superseded this point as we had 650 passengers on average at the close of business last month.


Furthermore, our projected profit and loss account as shown in the table below shows a net profit of N250m for last month which is good for us as beginners.


As at last month, our balance sheet shows a net-worth of N500m which is good for us. Our current asset far exceeds our current liabilities thereby giving us good standing to continue to do business.


Again, the attached cash flow statement speaks for itself. With recurring positive cash balances from month to month, it shows that we will not run out of fund to manage our operations. In fact, there is no room for over trading. Our short term liabilities are discharged promptly as there is cash always to pay for them.

Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria – PROJECTED FINANCIAL RATIOS:

Here again, our operational ratios re all positive. Our gross margin, and net margin are high enough to warrant high net profit in the end. As a Pioneer Company in the aviation industry, our company enjoys tax exemption from the government as per the laws of Nigeria for pioneer businesses. It’ a status we will enjoy for 4 years. This ha so enhanced our investment ratio. For instance, ROI – return on investment and ROE – return on equity are all good enough for our business success.

 Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria – CONCLUSION:

We have conclude  based on the variables analysed and the parameters generated on this business feasibility studies that  our business is not only economically viable, but it’s also ethnically and socially viable. Therefore, we are set to kick-start our new session and then expand our outfit to other centres within Nigeria and other African countries.

Airline Company Business Plan Feasibility Studies in Nigeria


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Airline Company Business Plan for Existing Company in Nigeria
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