Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company

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Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company

Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company in Nigeria – When starting an aviation business and working with our aviation business plan template, you require our airline marketing plan examples and airline advertising strategy. The Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company in Nigeria is in fact, the marketing Analysis segment of  our Aviation Airline Business Plan Template for African Countries and Airline Company Business Plan for Existing Company in Nigeria.  It’s an x-ray of the marketing analysis of the business plan that details target markets and marketing segments. It’s the application of  7Ps of marketing and 4Cs of marketing and various other marketing strategies and their application to Aviation Airline Business Plan.

Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company

As a matter of fact, this segment of the business plan is useful when you are carrying out a comprehensive market analysis of your business plan. In fact, it can be used as management tool for business expansion strategy. In addition, when you want approval from government agencies or other investors or loan givers, this marketing plan will help you rank your business high.


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This business plan is for Ready Airline Passenger Ltd, Zaria. It is a (3) three-year business plan showcasing feasibility and break-even analysis. The service range at Ready Airline Passenger Ltd covers Business people, Government and Agencies, International Bodies and Organizations, Countrywide Personal and Leisure Travelers, Diaspora Personal and Leisure Travelers, West African Region Personal and Leisure Travelers, Seasonal Holiday Travelers, and International connectable flights.

Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company

Because Ready Airline Passenger Ltd is a big solution to air travel challenges in most of our air travel uncovered areas, our skeletal operations for the last 6 months has actually witnessed a great success. Our market and marketing surveys together with feasibility analysis carried out by our consultants, Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited, reveal that the market is buoyant from our operation bases. We ar optimistic that Ready Airline Passenger Ltd will capture up to 65% market share within our operating zones. We have therefore decided to ensure that all the variables and performance  indicators highlighted in this business plan is adhered to. This is to ensure we cover our 65% anticipated market share.


As a matter of fact, for us to win a reasonable market share in this market and still remain relevant we need to consider many types of marketing strategies. Each of the marketing strategy is designed to communicate to our target market the features and benefits of our services.

In doing these, we’ve taken cognisance of the conventional seven elements of marketing mix for our services. Therefore, we have considered our: (1) Product (2) Price (3) Place (4) Promotion (5) People (6) Physical evidence and (7) Process.

The trust of these is on our desire to always address our customers based on the common 4 C’s of marketing, which consist of Consumer wants and needs, Cost, Convenience, and Communication. The analysis tables and diagrams for each of these elements ar as indicated below.

Market Analysis:

Ready Airline Passenger Ltd is a business that has become necessary in fast-paced environments like ours. There are an increasing amount of high class working individuals, high net-worth families, which has created the necessity of this in our operating areas. There’s only Army facilities that provide similar services in most of our areas of operation. Ours is seen as timely intervention by the civil populace. As a matter of fact, ours is a high-quality air travel services with its civil environment in preference to the military environment. Therefore, our marketing strategies are geared towards creating more awareness for our type of quality service so as to pull out more civil populace from the military air travel base/services.

Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company – THE MARKET SEGMENTATION:

As a matter of fact, we are now trying to provide more affordable ticketing classes for different shades of customers. This is to accommodate more low income earners. In fact, Ready Airline Passenger Ltd is now focusing on meeting the local needs of our communities. We have also considered given opportunities for hire-services off operating times. Again, this is to accommodate untimely travel schedules by many politicians who come around at odd time for meetings.

Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company

Competition and Buying Patterns:

There are over 15 Air travelling business in Nigeria. The larger commercial chain airliners (which are few), have a majority of the market share. These larger chains compete well because of a good reputation among the consumer market. But ours is designed to cover unmanned areas which is appealing to most of our customers.

Market Needs:

With the state of Nigeria’s security currently, especially for road travellers, it has become necessary for more individuals and families to rely on air travels. Nearly every government worker, traders and students trave land  this has increased the demand for a travels. We do not foresee a change in this trend in the near future. Therefore, we are planning hard to  capture a share of this market.

Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company


The marketing strategies are going to be all encompassing. In fact, our marketing strategies are those that will address our target market considering the fact that our market segmentation has just been enlarged to accommodate more low income earners.

Therefore, we are going to evolve  Guerrilla Marketing strategy that will be focusing on the grass root, using  untraditional, and low-budget methods that  involves creativity, big crowds of people, and the element of surprise to market or promote a product, service, brand, event, or re-launch.

Brand Lover Marketing strategy will still focus on those high income class that prefer our quality of service. Our model of close Range Marketing (CRM) and Relationship Marketing are all going to be strengthened. In addition are Word of Mouth marketing especially during seasons. One of the associated marketing strategy is our public relation’s strategy.

Airline Company Business Marketing Plan for Start-up Company

Furthermore, Online Marketing will be strengthened. Therefore, Email, and social media marketing is going to be leveraged upon seriously. We will not neglect Event Marketing as we organise one event or the other seasonally for the customers. By this we promote our Community Marketing strategies. There is no doubt that these would go along with one form of Promotional Marketing or the other. Our loyalty promotion will be on the fore front.


Overall, do you know that this is not all about this business plan? So, be informed that other Segments of Airline Company Business Plan are available on request. That will enable you lay hand on the financial projections, SWOT, and financial analysis. Call now to get them at minimal cost. Call +234 8034347851 or email to



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Airline Company Business Plan for Existing Company in Nigeria
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