Investment Opportunities in Computer-Technology Business – 12 principal opportunities

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Investment Opportunities in Computer-Technology Business – 12 principal opportunities

Investment Opportunities in Computer-Technology Business – 12 principal opportunities are business ideas for information technology professionals. They are technology business ideas for start-ups. In fact, they are business ideas for computer science graduates in Nigeria. Now, you need computer business plan for starting a computer programming business.

Investment Opportunities in Computer-Technology Business – 12 principal opportunities

Furthermore, this post brings to fur those computer business ideas as beyond business centre business. Therefore, we present you a diversified computer technology investment business ideas that will make your life better.  As a matter of fact, we present computer technology related businesses that comprise computer applications, online technologies, virtual and other ancillary services associated with it. In addition, there is a business plan for each business idea. These business plan will help you organise your computer technology business value chain and determine where you pitch your niche.

Investment Opportunities in Computer-Technology Business – 12 principal opportunities – Technology Industry:

As a matter of fact, the technology industry is currently and probably the fastest dynamic and growing industry globally. In fact, technology is now a vital part of our society. This is because of the efficiency and convenience it provides for the people.  In this age, computers and virtual platform technologies are on a second-to-second basis.

Therefore, the rise of internet and other computer related platforms, has presented great investment opportunities that should be taken advantage of.

Investment Opportunities in Computer-Technology Business – 12 principal opportunities – Computer-Based investment opportunities:

These are businesses you can start small and grow on them. You can also start big at once and fly if you have the resources. Check any of the following business ideas and start. You can also make combinations of them for a computer-based technology hub.

  1. To start with, you can make money from Sales of PC – Get your location and start immediately. You can sell fairly used computers or brand new ones.
  2. Repair of PC – You require some time to learn this art. And, once you are through with your apprenticeship, you can now start. Bros.. you will make your money here.
  3. PC Accessories – Accessories only! This is a big market currently. There is what is called Computer Villages in most big cities. Just join them.
  4. Mobile phone – sales, repairs and charging business. You can do this, right?  Just let us plan this business for you.

In addition;

  1. Development of mobile and web applications – This requires some training too. With little time for learning this trade you will get on well.
  2. Graphic design and printing business – Computer application graphic designs and printing. You don’t need to train on this, instead you can set up your office and employ somebody who can do this for you. In fact, that what I did.

Investment Opportunities in Computer-Technology Business – 12 principal opportunities

  1. SIM card replacement and mobile money agents – Recharge card reselling business – With little mentorship you can start this soon.
  2. Android games development – Everything APP development can apply. But this is Android games development. So, you have to learn the know-how.
  3. Blog Business – with this you can be a Blog Consultant. You can also own your own blog. Just get somebody to design one for you and then teach you how to go about it. That is what I did. It was when I started that I understood that blogging is not academic composition or summary writing. It’s indeed, a different game, altogether.


  1. Computer Training School – This is the ongoing thing now. Everybody wants to be computer literate, or have a computer training school. With CBT exams here and there, everybody wants to be computer literate.
  2. Internet Research – This is what most people now do. Some do it professionally for fees and others for other reasons. You can join.
  3. IT Support – One way or the other there is need to support IT facilities. IT support specialist provides technical support for organization. They use computer software and equipment to carry out their assignments.


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