2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas/ Business Plan Guidelines – 2018/2019 business ideas in Nigeria, lucrative business ideas, business that make money fast in Nigeria, business ideas for housewives in Nigeria. At all times, this 2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas is relevant.Click here

You may have been thinking about how to get at certain fairly used/tokumbo business ideas and how to go about getting started, here are series of business ideas and their associated business plans to meet your need.

1) Get  A  Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business plan:

This is an exposure on mobile phone business, its market, marketing strategies, supply chain analysis, and business plan.

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2) Lucrative wholesale Business ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs:

So many wholesale business ideas. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to expand  or an intending entrepreneur who is looking for which business to do, this post is for you.

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3) Simplified Business Plan for Fairly used (Tokumbo) Electronic Gadgets in Nigeria.

This gives details of types and make of electronic gadgets you can trade on in Nigeria. It also give details of where you can get your supplies from.

2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas/ Business Plan Guidelines

Business Plan Guidelines

More importantly, it gives a simplified business plan for all of these businesses. You only need to read through and start your business.

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4) Sample Business Plan for Fairly Used (Tokumbo) Hand Bags, Shoes, and belts in Nigeria

You will get details of these items and where they can be bought from.  Presidential and high class    designers’ hand bags, shoes, belts and other such materials are displayed here.

2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas/ Business Plan Guidelines

2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas

Added  are the business plan you need to start the business.

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5) Simplified Business Plan for Fairly used (Tokumbo/Okirika) Clothes in Nigeria.

Okirika/second hand clothes business is the in thing in Nigeria now. Your questions could be; how do I start, where do I get my supplies  from and where to sell, the post presents all the answers.

Just go through it.

There is also a simplified business plan for these businesses. Click her for the details.

6) 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business ideas

Cottage businesses are the businesses you can do using your home premises/accommodation. They are businesses you can do from your home. That is to say, there is no need of paying extra office rent doing these businesses.

There is a total exposure of 36 of such composite businesses. This post covers over 120 cottage business ideas categories into 36 groups.

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7) Complete Business plan for fairly used Car business in Nigeria

Car business is a global gold mine. Fairly used car businesses are so lucrative that you won’t resist establishing one by the time you go through this post.

2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas/ Business Plan Guidelines

2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas

A complete or comprehensive business plan template is attached to this post. Just read through by clicking here.

8) Gyms Fairly used Equipment Business In Nigeria/Business Plan requirements

Sportsmen, health clubs, gymnasiums, schools, fitness clubs and individuals are taken care of in this post.

Issues as to what type of equipment, exercises associated to equipment, where to buy from, the global producer and manufacturers are dealt with in this post.

Added also is a detailed business plan for you to start-up fine.

2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas/ Business Plan Guidelines

 Business Plan Guidelines

Find out what more information you need, especially if your business is that of a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or a social club that needs these equipment.

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9) 2018/2019 Distributorship Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

If  you are a distributor or an intending distributor this is for you. I understand that many of you don’t even know the type of business to do. A post like this will help you make a business decision.

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10) 2018/2019 Retail Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs/58 Lucrative Business Ideas

58 composite retail business ideas that exposes over 200 single retail business ideas is good for you.
This is meant to highlight several business ideas around you which may have failed to see.

Sometimes, the combination of these business ideas become your problem. This post deals with all of these your challenges.

Its aim is to make you start doing business, earn extra income and in fact create multiple streams of income for your family.

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11) Requirements &  how to become manufacturers reps in Nigeria from 2018:

How to be a manufacturers representative or agent globally. This post gives details of the requirements to become  a manufactures reps.

There are global links for manufactures to represent.

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2018/2019 Fairly Used Goods (Tokunbo) Business Ideas

12) How to start & Manager a Travel and Tours Agency Business in Nigeria

If you want to become a travel agent even of a freelance status, this post covers you.

Details of how to go about it, what services involved and how to carry them out are well explained.

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13) How & when Travel and Tours Agency Business make money in Nigeria:

How define how travel agents make their money while when explain at what time they make their money.

This post gives details of how, when and what is involved in the travel and tours business to make their money.

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