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Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

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Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs – These are  lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital. They are  untapped business in Nigeria, 50 best small scale business ideas in Nigeria, and  business that moves fast in Nigeria. In addition are,  2018/2019 Retail Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs & 58 Lucrative Business Ideas. Also are, 2018/2019 Distributorship Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs, and  thriving businesses in Nigeria.  This is Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

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Others include lucrative distributorship and wholesale  business ideas in Nigeria,. Then are, hot business ideas in Nigeria, Nigeria’s cottage business ideas, and Retails Business Ideas in Nigeria. Furthermore, are Distributorship Business Ideas in Nigeria,  home business ideas in Nigeria, and Nigeria’s home based business ideas,  These you can achieve with How to write a 5 page retail business plan for yourself.

On the other hand, for existing businesses, for your business growth and development, I present to you 25 classes of distributorship businesses. They showcase over 60 different business ideas that are success-guaranteed distributive business ideas for 2018/2019. In fact, they are all time good business ideas. In putting forward their narrative I have  also tried to highlight the capital implication of each one so as to enable you make a commercial decision on your business choices.

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As a matter of fact, Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited, the owners of this website,  is a firm of chartered accountants, taxation and business consultants. One of the services we render to our numerous clients is to assist them in generating winning business ideas. We leverage on our vast professional experiences, economic dynamics, synergy building, value chain analysis, innovation, technological and fashion  changes in doing this.
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Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

(1) Pharmacy Wholesale Business

This is different from Pharmacy Retail Business.  It must be a large entity that deals with pharmaceutical companies as a wholesaler. He/she may have to combine this with a retail pharmacy outlet, because, in most cases the two operations done simultaneously but with certain price differences.
What is important in this business is initial capital, a good location, and a reliable manufacturers’ /distributors’chain values.

(2) A Beverage Wholesale Business 

This is different from the soft drink business I discussed above.     Beverages are  wines, and  other  potable liquid, especially one other than water.  It could be a combination of tea, coffee, beer, or milk.This means, you have to have more than one manufacturer/dealer  to deal with, if one does not produce all you need for a good combination. The wholesale  registration process and associated  costs for some businesses could be high.

The capital implication here will  depend on your business outlook and plan.

(3) A soft drinks Wholesale Business

Soft drink wholesale business could be large or small depending on your capital outlay. However, producers, distributors, and company Reps  could have different grades or classes of wholesalers to deal with.  Soft drink  is s a business line that deals with non-alcoholic drinks like coca cola, Pepsi etc.Remember that as a wholesaler you  must have your own demand side value chain. You must be able to have enough retailers who would buy from you at all times.

The capital outlay for a wholesale soft drink business ranges from N3,000,000 and above. For this  business you need a big shop for storage. A distributive system like a vehicle, and other such assets. You will also put up a good admin network – OPEX – Operating Expenses.These are  what determines your capital need?

You will need a good business plan for this.

Business Plan Cost Analysis for Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

This is CFMC Limited business plan charge schedule.

150,000.00 AND ABOVE   AND UPTO 500,000.00
80,000 TO 150,000
60,000 TO  80,000
40,000 TO 60,000
30,000 TO 40,000
25,000 AND ABOVE
These are 2017/2019  rates.  Otherwise, please comfirm rates.
Payment Plan:
60% of the fee is paid before assignment commencement, 20% after the first analysis preview, and the last 20% before final copy is handed over to client. Payments are made through – Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited, GTB Current  A/C No.  0260563155

(4) A Confectionary Wholesale Business

This is a common business with men, though I see men joining these days.
What you need is to sign an understanding with about four confectionary firms  to ensure constant supply and variety of the stuff.
Just get an attractive location and a big store, and erect some shelves etc. and be there always politely attending to your customers.

(5) Own a  Wholesale   Boutique Business

A Wholesale boutique owner does not sale retails. He buys in large  quantities from manufacturers or importers and sale wholesale. I see a lot of this type pf business in Ariaria  Market Aba in Abia State, and Onitsha in  Abambra state.
  A 5 page business plan will help you have the overview of the feasibilities of this business. Get one today.
Can you arrange for the sources of your materials?  Can you have a good business relationship with big manufacturers or importers in this business?  Can you define the type of wares you want to deal on? If you are known for good qualities of a particular type of stuff, the market is set for you to harness.

(6) A  Bedding Stuff Wholesale Business

All it takes is to decide not to sale in retail but to stock your store from manufactures/dealers and sale to retailers in wholesale, that’s all, and you are a Bedding Stuff  Wholesaler.
This  business in some cases form part of interior decoration trade.  In this connection, reach out for manufacturers and distributors of these materials. Included in this business are  bed sheets, duvet, pillows etc.
You have  to plan for various  sources  of  your stuff. If you distribute for  many manufacturers your profit margin will increase.  Go to Aba, Lagos or Kano where you will get producers/distributors.

(7) A Shoes Wholesale Business

Everybody uses shoes nowadays, unlike in the past when a former president had no shoes. It should be cover shoes, sandals, belts etc.
There is market for girls, older women, boys, children, school children etc. This is what make this market large.
It will require some good amount of capital, and training on the business.

(8) Fashion Business – Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

A Hair Care Product Wholesale Business –  It pays to look good. Everybody likes to look good.Women like to look good more than men. Therefore, women hair care product is of great demand in the recent time.
The products are also of  various  sizes, make, type and usage. You really have to know something about these products before you start the business.
As a Wholesaler, you should be able to stock varieties of the product. So the capital need will depend on the size of the business you want to put up.

Tailoring Materials Wholesale Business

 Associated with hair care products and looking good is clothing. Locally designed clothes require designing materials. People now pattern their type of cloth and design them accordingly.
This Wholesale  business  will require some reasonable amount of capital to start depending on the size of your dream business. Again, as a fashion oriented business where changes occur daily and no two  men or women wants to look alike, you must stock varieties and ready to go for new products/fashions at any time.

A  Cosmetics wholesale Business 

This is still for looking good. The market is soaring. The demand is high. I saw one such distributor in Mararaba town of Nasarawa state near Abuja the other time.
There are also variety of sizes, value, type and make and also a fashionable business, you have to have many distributive supply outlets.
This business could require as much as five million Naira or sixtheen thousand Dollars to start.

Sunshades and Eye Classes frames Retail business:

Climate changes are  affecting the amount of sun rays and heat we have to contend with these days. Therefore, people need to protect their eyes from direct sun rays and heat. Class frames are needed to refit these eye classes either for fashion or for medical purposes. That is why they need sun glasses.
Others need it for fashion. Incidentally, those who need it for fashion pay more. Any sunshade or eye class frame that is a designer model, attractive and fashionable will attract ladies more.

Perfume Retail Business

People like smelling good, you know it. Start a perfume Wholesale Business this month. You can even combine it with your already existing business line in the fashion business.
I know of a wholesaler  of  SANSIRO PERFUME product in Bauchi town market,Bauchi. If you contact me, I will direct you.

(9) Family Raising/Nurturing Materials Business

A Babies Care Wholesale Business – If you have the statistics of child birth in your vicinity periodically, you would understand how large such a wholesale business should be. Do you know how many new familis come up  in your vicinity every month? 
These are the people you  are to provide these material for. Just get what they want, and the market will grow. Babies must be born and they must be taking care of.

 Wholesale  of Children Toy 

If you stock variety of children toy – play toys, leaning toys, children bicycles, name them the business will  attract children and that is how you make your money. As a distributor you have to stock much more than these.
Because you will be selling wholesale, you have to determine your business location and sources of your supply. Can you start one near your house, schools, churches or mosques where parents visit with children from time to time? Can you work out a business relationship with 3 importers of these products? This is because most of these items in the market these days are fairlyused  imported ones.

Special pregnant women cloths business

Following our conversation on babies wear above, you will understand that prgnant women are involved. The nine months pregnancy period requires a type of care. Especially in the type of clothe they wear during this time. Can you make this provision for them, and it will surprise you the amount of patronage and turnover you will make
Build your patronage.  Get a good location where  the customers who take care of these  special people can easily locate.

Wedding accessories Business 

My research especially when doing business plans for Bridal Businesses and Wedding Accessories, shows that this business must be a separate business. I tell you, even though we have talked about the businesses for looking good, then to babies, and pregnant women  types of stuff, they may be too much to combine as a business.
The wholesale  supply outlets will be too many to handle. But, the combination is still possible, where you have a good departmental arrangement.
The business for Wedding accessories whether  English and traditional are soaring these days because of fasjion. Just try this week-end and attend one, and you will complete the story. Then make up your mind to bridge the gap between the producers/importers and the retailers.
From the above, you can see that the business is also becoming big, so it requires huge capital to get into. But one thing about it is that it’s very rewarding. The profit margin of this business is very high.

Education Material and Stationary Wholesale Business:

Children education materials Business –  In this modern life, every child must go to school or undertake one type of training or the other. This is the business I want you to look into;  how to bridge the gap between the producers/importer and the retailers.
What materials do these children need for their kindergarten, nursery, primary, secondary educations in particular? Education books, writing materials, measurement materials, play toys, special clothe and so on. Can you pay a visit to Otu Market in Onitsha Anambra state, and locate the segment of the market that deals in these stuff?
Whatever business you want to get into, we can work with you to design and develop the scope of the business. Generating the business Conept Note, the material need  (need assessment) of the (schools and the pupils/students, productions, distributive  supply and demand value chain system) business.

10. Bookshop Business @ Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

 A Stationary Wholesale Stores: Stationery stores service offices. Therefore you must locate this business where your customers are. Some however locate also in the open market. The important thing is to understand the nature of your business environment from where you get your demand.
A wholesaler in this line of business must try to stock varieties of stationeries and office accessories. Retailers who buy in wholesale from you would need to buy many items together.
(A Publisher’s Agent –  This is a Book shop, but it does not sale retail. Such Big bookshops that represent publishers require large sum of capital. One thing about book business is that it’s very rewarding. The market is also there especially if it’s established around  school locations.
Have a variety of publishers. Those for  primary, secondary or high institution books or a combination of them.

(11) Photographic Materials Wholesale Business @ Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Photographers come in for wedding ceremonies, new born babies ceremonies, pregnant women exposures, fashion parades – at least for looking good, and other beauty,  company, and business occasions. These are reasons why photographic materials are always in demand.
Retailers in photographic materials sell to these photographers. The point is that there are no enough dealers in this line of business. The question is, where do the wholesalers buy from? In your localities in Abuja, Kaduna, Lokoja, Makurdi, Potiskum and other towns, are there such wholesalers available?  If you watch, every weekend, the retailers of these materials travel to Onitsha in Anambra state or Lagos to replenish their stock. Do you think that if you become a dealer nearby them, they will not prefer it.
Photography as we know is an art, therefore designs, fashion, patterns, technologies, are reflected on photographic business, and all these impact on the turnover and profit margin of the business. That means you are in for a big catch in profit making.

(12) Wholesale  of Communication Gadgets:

A Mobile Phone Business Centre – Communication is life. If your phone battery runs down and you are  disconnected for 6 hours, it would look like you are  not living again. Every body needs a means of communication. Families want to monitor the well-being of their children everywhere they may be from time to time.
Businesses are not run effectively without means of communication.  This is why this business is one of the fast growing business in the world today.
Yes, I see a lot of dealers in this business in Banex Plaza and GSM Village in Abuja boarding night buses for Lagos and Onitsha to source their wares. Ah! But if there is a nearby dealer? The answer is – they will not be going far again to procure their wares.
A dealers in  Mobile Phone will certainly require some reasonable sums of Naira or Dollars as capital, especially as the communication technology updates from time to time, making old stuff obsolete. Again. determine whether you are going into new stuff, fairly used or their accessories. These are different lines of businesses that require different approaches too.

Mobile Phone Accessories Business

If you can’t get into proper mobile phone business, you can do the accessories business. This doesn’t require much capital like the one we discussed above and surprisingly too, the profit margin of this business is also high. This is  because repairs and replacement of one part of the phone or the other must have to take place from time to time.
 Call Recharge Cards Wholesale: Associated with mobile phone and its accessories, is call cards. This line  of business has given a lot of people employment in the recent time. You can, distribute,  retail or produce call cards..
I already see a lot of wholesalers  in this business. You can plan to join them this year. Just register with the call card producers and you will be okay. You don’t require so much capital for this.
 ICT Materials Business – Information and Communication Technology  materials ranges from computers, smart phones, cameras, Auto manufacturing machines, auto design machines, and IT-Based Educational Materials.
Don’t mind these big big words, start one from what you can afford  “joh”.

(13) Building and General Materials Wholesale Business – Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Plastic Products Wholesale Business  – These could be for chairs, water containers, plumbing materials, electrical conduit wiring materials and for other related usages. Now looking at it by this simple category alone, you can see that this is a big business. You can start one today. Just take a niche, if you can’t combine all, and start off immediately.
There are plastic factories in Onitsha, Asaba, Ibadan and Lagos who produce many of these together, even as by-products. Just start with one such producer and your expansion path will take care of others who will supply what you can’t get from this only one factory now.
Plastic chairs has to do with event management – weddings, social activities etc. That is a big market already.
Water container and plumbing materials are also a huge business too. Make your decision and start one segment of this business at once.
The capital outlay could be reasonable, but try.
Building materials Business – Every part of building material could be a big business of its own. Think of roofing sheets, doors, windows, iron rods, ceiling materials, electrical, plumbing materials and many more.
I tell you each of these lines of business in building material business requires proper feasibility study to ascertain its variables  – value chains like sources of supply and demand. Contact us for your feasibility studies.
Paints Business:  Paints are supposed to be classified among the chemicals. But I know that a lot of traders who deal on paint don’t deal with other chemicals except those relating to building.
If this is your dream, you will requires a reasonable amount of capital to do this business. It’s a product that expires with time due to chemical reactions of its ingredients. Therefore, you need good market for it. You should also have a secured source of supply and storage facil

(14) Wholesale  of  Kitchen Wares/Utensils

A kitchen plastic ware Business – Kitchen and household plastic materials are quite different from the ones I  explained above under plastic product. This business deals with all plastic materials that are used in the family kitchen.
Check it! Is there any type of material in the kitchen that doesn’t have the plastic type – bows, cups, plates, ware stand, tables, chairs, baby’s chairs, toilet accessories etc.
A kitchen utensils Business – Again,  this could be a combination of enamel wares, iron wares, ceramic wares, gold and silver wares and plastic wares. If you can count the number of families in your country, such is the number of kitchens you have to cater for. Do you remember that the singles also have kitchens?
As a distributor,  just take a segment of this market, start-up, grow and diversify.

Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs – (15) Cooking Energy – Wholesale Business:

Anything can be market in bulk – that is wholesale.
 Firewood business – This is a business that many ignore while some who have located it in their thinking make a lot of money from it.
Every time you see a pick-up load of firewood on the road, where do you thing it’s coming from?
In times of regular cooking gas,  and kerosene scarcity, you will appreciate the importance of this business.
The capital requirement is is not so much. Just stock it, people will come with their pick-ups to buy in bulk.

Charcoal Wholesale Business

Related to firewood business is charcoal business. Do you think that if you stock a lot of it in your business premises, the retailers will be going far to buy again.
Cooking Gas Business – As I noted above, there are a lot of kitchens and they cook using one form of cooking tool or the other. If you are not using firewood, charcoal, kerosene, you must be using cooking gas.
Cooking gas business is no longer under strict regulation in Nigeria. In fact,  you can start one now as long as you make minimal provisions for fire prevention.
Filling plant are nearly everywhere in Nigeria. Filling plant is another  wholesale outlets I want you to start, even though it looks more of retailing. Dealers in cooking gas has special discount/rate for filling their cylinders, that is for bulk purchase.
Just think about it. I know that it will require reasonable capital courage to start one because of the cost of gas cyliners.
A Kerosene Wholeale  Business – You can now establish  kerosene pumping station  in front of your house. You could also sell in a filling station. A wholesaler  may not also  need a filling platform. You can just  work out a collaboratively relationship with the depots and the retailers, and you are in a big business.
(16)  Keep-fit Sporting Wholesale Business  @ Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Keep Fit Sporting Materials – I saw one keep-fit retail outlet along the road, by Christ The Answer Church @ MOPOL checkpoint Nyanya, Abuja,  the other day with a lot of keep-fit materials –  bicycles of all sort, both for big and small, young and old.
With the health tips programmes everywhere now encouraging us keeping-fit by exercises, you find out that these materials are in good demand year round.  I see a lot of these fairly used (Tokumbo) brands in Nyanya market Abuja, Ariaria Market Aba, and so many place in Lagos town.
Why not work out a wholesale  strategy for this business. All the retailers will be buying from you.

Sport shop- sports wears/wares

I reason that this could be a separate business from the keep-fit material business. Here I mean only sporting wares.
A shop that only deal with sporting wears, football wares, and athlete’s wares  will have a different market made up of the special people that it attracts.
You must know that sports is a professional thing now. This is a business that has made many rich all over the world. What do you think made Adidas and other sport related companies  rich?
(17)  A Music & Movies Shop  – A lot of people take time off to relax. Most of them relax watching movies and listening to good music. As a wholesaler, if you have current films and music in stock people will look for you.
The capital outlay of this business is not so much for the retailers and they are everywhere. So you have to localize your business where you will access these retailers.  I see many sell in the open market, evening markets and certain road locations.

(18) Wholesale   of Food Items:

Get the simple logic: buy from manufacturers or importers and sell to retailers in wholesale. That’s it! The wholesaler buys in builk and sell to retailers in small bulk bits.
 Frozen foods  Business  –  This business requires some huge capital outlay because of the storage facilities. Where public light is not available, you have to provide your own.
But there is good demand for frozen food all over the towns and even in the villages. The question is, those traders in the fish market, Kirimo and Suleja  Abuja, are they retailers or wholesalers?  Can you work out a link between them and the importers – that’s what a wholesaler  is all about?
 A Meat mart – Associated with frozen food business is meat mart. The wholesaler in this business are those who handle the slaughtering in the abattoirs.
The capital outlay is reasonable too.

(19)  Poultry /Chicken  feeds Wholesale 

Poultry feed  business also varies. A good market survey which we can do for you, will reveal the nature of this market. As a wholesaler in this line of business, you need to source from manufactures/dealers/company reps and sell in wholesale to retailers only.
So you need a good amount of capital.
Vet medicine store: Animal farms/life stock businesses  – poultries, fisheries, rabitory, sheep, goat and cow breading – all require good medical attention to sustain the business.
If you become a dealer of vet drugs you will have a lot of retailers to sale to.  So you can start a vet drug/medicine wholesale business today. If it requires any government permit, get it.
(20)  A Gift shop – Gifts distribute happiness and joy. So, people send gifts to their love ones.  Gift items are various in type, make and value. See how you can establish a business outfit that will be supplying to retailers in this business

(21) A Chemical Wholesale Business

A business mainly for chemicals of all sort. Chemical is a compound name for variety of scientific chemicals.
Dealing in chemical is a large phenomenon.  Because chemicals are many and various and of different uses. Chemical products are gotten when Two or more elements are  combined into one substance through a chemical reaction to  form a chemical compound.  As you can see there is no limit to chemical reactions in the science world.
Therefore, being a dealer in Chemical business means much. I tell you a lot of knowledge is required for this business. Same is capital. Most chemical dealers also have referrals for chemical, laboratory and health care equipment.

(22) Electrical Material Business:

 Lighting and electrical fittings:  This could form part  of the interior decoration business we have discussed above. But because, it’s distinctly large enough to stand alone, it’s a business venture that is considered differently.
Truly speaking, this business requires huge capital outlay. Check out such stores you will marvel at the amount of quality and quantity of materials you see stocked and displayed. This business is becoming fashionable, and designs make the difference in the prices too.
To be a wholesaler here, I suggest you understudy the business operators in this line of business before you start yours.
(23) Wholesaler of Electronics :  Electronics could be musical gadgets, factory equipment, and household electronics  gadgets. The type I mean here are brand new ones. The fairly used one, is another business line all together..
A wholesale electronics business will require a huge capital outlay. But if this is your dream business, you can make it. This business is very rewarding.

(24) Tokumbo/Fairly Used Material Business – Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

A wholesaler here is one  that buys from the importers to sale in wholesale to other dealers.
Tukumbo Electronics  Business  – Used material are called “ Tukumbo” in Nigeria.  These are mostly imported electronics. They call them also “fairly used” materials.  This is a big business in Nigeria and most supplies come from Lagos Nigeria because of nearness to the wharf.
Make a connection to start one soon.
 Tukumbo Household Gadgets  Business –  As in Tikumbo Electronics, so is this one, but this specialises only on the sale of household gadgets of all sorts. It could be part of the Tukumbo  electronics if you want.
Tukumbo kitchen wares – Now, this is different –  Kitchen wares are made up of all sorts of kitchen utensils but here are only fairly used ones.
It’s also easy to start. Just make connections in Lagos and you will have an established channel of supply for your business.

(25) Auto Spare Parts:

Every day you hear your customer travelled to Nnewi in Anambra state or to Lagos, to buy auto parts. Is there any way of bringing Nnewi and Lagos nearer them in that town where you live?
This is a business in repair kits for vehicles, lorries, and plants. If you visit  place called ” SAHARA” in sokoto town in Nigeria, you will understand what I’m saying.
 Motor-bike spare parts: In a country where over 40% of the able male youth are involved in motor bike transport business, with various names depending on where you are standing in Nigeria – some call it –  Inaga, Okada, Going, Achaba etc., the sale of bike spare parts to maintain the bikes become a big and competitive business.
I understand that the motor bike spare parts dealers also stock ‘Keke NAPEP’ tricycle machine .
You can start one today.

A Professional Attention @ Lucrative Wholesale Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

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