A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

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A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan – We present here for you a sample of the Skill Acquisition Centre business plan applicable to Nigeria. In fact, this is a business plan for a vocational training institute. It gives you all the details you require as a business plan for starting a training institute. In other words, it’s a must-read for a business plan for youth empowerment. Read more about A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan here.

It presents a Skill Acquisition Business Plan with three Years of Financial reports. So, if you are interested in raising funds to either kick-start or expand your vocational center, you will need this post as a template. In fact, it’s a must-read for everyone intending to start a Vocational School & Training Centre.

The Uses of this proposal:A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

This Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan can be used for government proposals. It’s also good as a start-up road map. And when you are into a competition, please resort to this post. In fact, this particular model which is automatically generated by a world-class business plan software gives you all the details you need. Therefore, there is a comprehensive monthly and annual analysis for three years. Buy a copy today by contacting us.

Complete Skill Acquisition & Consults:

This is a firm of skill acquisition, fashion designers and beauty modeling enterprise consultants based in Abuja. We parade the most efficient and large-scale fashion design and beauty modeling skill acquisition in Abuja.  As you know skills and motivation is for proper functioning in society and contribution to the economy. The importance of acquiring entrepreneurial skills includes Self-employment, income generation and self-satisfaction/passion.

Our Service Offering: A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Furthermore, among our service offerings include

  • Hair Styling (Unisex) – This is an important part of the health and beauty industry. They are responsible for cutting and styling clients’ hair.
  • Fashion Designing – Style and design go hand in hand in making our clothes.

Furthermore, are;

  • Makeup Artistry – Your look matters. So we work on your look here.
  • Event Planning – We plan and educate you to learn how to do this.
  • Electrical Repairs – If you need this skill, you are well come.
  • Home Cleaning – Cleaning services are both for home and industrial.
  • Arts and Crafts – Talent plays a great role here.
  • A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

NOTE: For each of these business ideas, there is a suitable business plan. You can contact us for any., or a combination of them.

Problem to Solve @ A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Furthermore, we help you develop and support your services to start and maintain existing businesses. In fact, that is to help you develop your business ideas properly and follow statutory guidelines in running your businesses. So, we aid them in incorporating and plan their business operations.

Our solution:

In addition, we make every effort to ascertain the initial capital investment required. Then we help ascertain their fixed assets, and working capital. And personnel cost. In fact, these will lead us to forecast for turnover cost of sales, income statement, and balance sheet.

Marketing Activities: A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Furthermore, we will use our website to create serious awareness of our services. Our marketing banner will be spread around the major markets in Abuja. In fact, we will distribute over 500 flyers and ensure announcements are made for our services in social media.

Sales channels:

As a matter of fact, we have so schedule our sales channels to go through;

  1. customer offices
  2. our office
  3. Online Marketing
  4. Flyers
  5. Social Media

Target Market

Competition: This is very important for us. This is because in addition to fellow acquisition centres, there are also of alternative services.

Current alternatives – A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

In fact, the competitive landscape for our services is not so severe.  However, there is these competition from freelance consultants. The direct competitors we have are other consultants who equally organize for SMEs and NDE’s training. At any rate, most of them are not professional artisans. In fact, our challenges are how to figure out approaches to outcompete these alternative service providers.

Our advantages:

Furthermore, we have identified great advantages over our other competitors and alternatives. This is because our office is easily accessible to our local clients. In fact, our work is easier and faster. Our service products are of better tasting, longer lasting, and is backed by better customer service. In fact, our business plan model is a specialized solution that is better for our particular group of customers. 

Execution: Marketing & Sales For A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Marketing Plan:

Our marketing strategy is going to be all-embracing. Therefore, there is going to be all kinds of marketing activities that will attract customers. In fact, we are investing in signage, and physical and digital advertising. Others are going to be by email newsletters, search engine optimization, social media outreach, TV and radio commercials. As a matter of fact, their related expenses are included in our forecast.

Sales Plan – A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

On the other hand, we have a definite plan on how to actualize our sales forecast. Our focus is going to turn those prospects who express interest in our services through visiting our office to paying customers. Then, those who sign up for our newsletter and those who ask for estimates equally into paying customers. By this we will not only have enough customers who desire our products and services but also persons who need to acquire skills through our facility.

Operations – Locations & Facilities – A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

In this regard, our office is located at MOPOL Checking point, Nyagwa. This is a popular location in Abuja. In fact, this location is of great advantage to our business. This is because it’s easily accessible. In fact, we get a lot of vehicle or foot traffic passing by. Another fact is that our target customers are heavily represented in this neighborhood’s demographics.


On this too, we have recently acquired world-class state of arts machines and tolls capable of the automatic production of goods and services. This will certainly promote skill acquisition of our learning students.

In addition, the CAC platforms for business registration is of great help to us. Again, is the SMEDAN business plan development software which is available for all upcoming entrepreneurs. On the other hand, NDE recently floated automatic systems to facilitate skill acquisitions.

Furthermore, we apply most cashless applications in receiving and making payments. In fact, online payment is the order of the day.

Equipment & Tools

Furthermore, tools for vocational training include technical training equipment and automotive education equipment.  Therefore, the major equipment needed for our services include sewing machines, designing machines, wood craft machines, lap tops, etc. These are among our installed facility.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table For A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Milestone Due Date Who’s Responsible Details
Application for AGSMEIS training permit from SMEDAN July 02, 2020 SMEDAN Abuja SME Manager This is to enable our organisation start assembling candidates for AGSMEIS Certification training
Organisation for  the first AGSMEIS training August 03, 2020 Henry, the Admin officer This involves sending mails and inviting all AGSMEIS applicants for the training
Organise Business plan development August 07, 2020 MaryAnn. This is to collate and schedule business plan questionnaire for all ready candidates.

Key metrics

In this regard. our major target is to get at certain level of traffic on our website. In addition is the ability to convert a reasonable percentage of those visitors into customers. This increase in turnover will enable us keep at least N2, 000,000 monthly as cash in our bank account.

Company Overview: A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Ownership & Structure

Complete Skill Acquisition & Consults is a firm of skill acquisition, fashion designers and beauty modeling enterprise consultants based in Abuja.

The firm was incorporate 15th December, 2016. The directors are Deacon Ane Nworgu, the Managing Partner. Others are Miss Gift Enyinnaya the secretary, and Mr King Enyinnaya our third director. Complete Skill Acquisition & Consults (CSAC) is an enterprise.

Company history

Furthermore, this firm was started by Deacon Ane Nworgu who is a Fashion designer. After retirement from Industrial Consultants International Limited, (ICIL Ltd) as head of skill acquisition department in 2015, it became imperative that I start this office to render professional services to members of the public.

In addition, there has been a lot of collaborations with other collegue on most of these professional services. As a matter of fact, since the inception of this firm in 2016, it has done a lot of skill acquisition and event management for individuals and organisations. In fact most of these clients come through our company website – http://completefmc.com

Management team for A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Our management team is made up of Deacon Ane Nworgu, the managing partners. Others are Miss. Gift Enyinnay our secretary and Mr. King Enyinnaya our ICT  expert. A key staff member is Mr. Henry who is our Marketing/Admin officer.


In addition, Barrister Dacid Oguadimma has been of immense help to us. Others are Mr. Victor a fellow auditor and Mr. Enang who manages our incorporatiin processes.

Financial Plan Forecast for A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Key assumptions

Furthermore, our revenue projection is based on past results. Others are from market research. In fact, based on the number of readers who visit our website recently, our estimates are reliable. Therefore, we expect an annual growth of 10% from this year 2020. Our key hires has been those involved in our CAC incorporation processes which also constitute our notable expenses. The level of profit we expect to generate this year is high.

Personnel Cost Analysis:

Personnel 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Head Count 3 3 3 3 3
Average Salary 1720 1768 1821 1879 1943
Revenue Per Employee 1312,400 1312,400 1312,400 1312,400 1312,400
Net Pro t Per Employee 1217,773 1217,795 1217,885 1217,836 1217,782
Direct Labour 1576 1634 1697 1767 1843
Salaries & Wages 1480 1528 1581 1639 1703
Moses 1480 1528 1581 1639 1703
Employee-Related Expenses 196 1106 1116 1128 1140
Other Labour 12,016 12,131 12,259 12,397 12,551
Salaries and Wages 11,680 11,776 11,882 11,998 12,126
Henry 1960 11,056 11,162 11,278 11,406
Marry Ann 1720 1720 1720 1720 1720
Employee-Related Expenses 1336 1355 1377 1399 1425
Totals 12,592 12,765 12,956 13,164 13,395

Personnel Cost Chart

A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

Direct Cost Analysis:

Direct Costs 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Documentations 1120 1120 1120 1120 1120
Direct Labor 1576 1634 1697 1767 1843
Salaries and Wages 1480 1528 1581 1639 1703
Moses 1480 1528 1581 1639 1703
Employee-Related Expenses 196 1106 1116 1128 1140
Totals 1696 1754 1817 1887 1963
A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan


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Finally, CFMC LTD is a firm of chartered accountants, and management consultants. Professionally, we are trained for business counselling. Furthermore, as accredited consultants with CAC, SMEDAN and other government agencies, we handle your statutory licensing and registrations.

OUR CONTACTS For A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

+234 8034347851 and 09053130518, or email us at cfmclimited@gmail.com

A Sample Skill Acquisition Centre Business Plan

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