NIRSAL AGSMEIS Financial Model for Rice Mill Business Plan

This NIRSAL AGSMEIS Financial Model for Rice Mill Business Plan is a free rice processing business plan.  In fact, it’s a complete financial model; feasibility study on rice production in Nigeria. It also serves as AGSMEIS Rice Mill business plan template. This NIRSAL AGSMEIS Financial Model for Rice Mill Business Plan is what you need to win your NIRSAL loan application.

Suitable Financial Models:

Furthermore, this financial model is applicable for AGSMEIS, Anchor Borrowers fund, Agricultural cooperative funds and many other such funds from CBN, NIRSAL micro finance bank and any other commercial bank loan programmer in Nigeria. We have every facility to help you download and work on this model. In fact, our automated business plan model is what you need here. You are advised to contact us if you have need of this.

The Sample Financial Model @ NIRSAL AGSMEIS Financial Model for Rice Mill Business Plan

As a matter of fact, financial modeling is the task of using your proposed operational variables to build your expected financial parameters. In fact, it’s a business mathematical model designed to represent the performance of your financial asset or  business, project, or any other investment.

In fact, we have here a sample of rice mill business financial model. Since we know that no two business plans are the same, this is just a template. With your particular business variables we will be able to generate yours in a matter of few hours.

NIRSAL AGSMEIS Financial Model for Rice Mill Business Plan

Projected Profit and Loss For NIRSAL AGSMEIS Financial Model for Rice Mill Business Plan

Furthermore, we automatically generate your income statement like this one here. With all the varibles and assumptions inputed, this is what you will have. In fact, he investor is watching your gross profit and net profit margins to make their investment decisions.

As a matter of fact, it’s acually a profssional thing, so you can contact us to generate yours immediately.

  FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Revenue N238,020,000 N183,020,000 N194,350,000
Direct Costs N4,812,000 N9,996,000 N22,956,000
Gross Margin N233,208,000 N173,024,000 N171,394,000
Gross Margin % 98% 95% 88%
Operating Expenses      
Salaries & Wages N2,160,000 N2,484,000 N2,856,600
Employee Related Expenses N432,000 N496,800 N571,320
Utilities N180,000 N180,000 N180,000
Rent N240,000 N240,000 N240,000
Marketing N144,000 N144,000 N144,000
Amortization of Other Current Assets N1,500,000    
Total Operating Expenses N4,656,000 N3,544,800 N3,991,920
Operating Income N228,552,000 N169,479,200 N167,402,080
Interest Incurred      
Depreciation and Amortization N2,670,474 N2,670,474 N2,670,473
Gain or Loss from Sale of Assets      
Income Taxes N33,882,229 N25,021,309 N24,709,741
Total Expenses N46,020,703 N41,232,583 N54,328,134
Net Profit N191,999,297 N141,787,417 N140,021,866
Net Profit / Sales 81% 77% 72%

Projected Balance Sheet NIRSAL AGSMEIS Financial Model for Rice Mill Business Plan

Furthermore, this is where you get the statement of your affairs at a particular time. In fact, if you must win any loan application, your parameters on this sttement must be posative.

  FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Cash N226,078,590 N361,418,486 N503,152,032
Accounts Receivable N733,000 N490,075 N537,300
Other Current Assets N0 N0 N0
Total Current Assets N226,811,590 N361,908,561 N503,689,332
Long-Term Assets N13,242,650 N13,242,650 N13,242,650
Accumulated Depreciation (N2,670,474) (N5,340,948) (N8,011,421)
Total Long-Term Assets N10,572,176 N7,901,702 N5,231,229
Total Assets N237,383,766 N369,810,263 N508,920,561
Accounts Payable N2,240 N2,240 N2,240
Income Taxes Payable N33,882,229 N25,021,309 N24,709,741
Sales Taxes Payable N0 N0 N0
Short-Term Debt      
Prepaid Revenue      
Total Current Liabilities N33,884,469 N25,023,549 N24,711,981
Long-Term Debt      
Long-Term Liabilities      
Total Liabilities N33,884,469 N25,023,549 N24,711,981
Paid-In Capital N12,000,000 N12,000,000 N12,000,000
Retained Earnings (N500,000) N190,999,297 N332,186,714
Earnings N191,999,297 N141,787,417 N140,021,865
Total Owner’s Equity N203,499,297 N344,786,714 N484,208,580
Total Liabilities & Equity N237,383,766 N369,810,263 N508,920,561

Financial Highlights by Year

Furthermore, this is where we feed the eye views of your activities. The colours represent different things all together.

NIRSAL AGSMEIS Financial Model for Rice Mill Business Plan


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Furthermore, CFMC LTD is a firm of chartered accountants and management consultants. Professionally, we are trained to generate financial models. So, contacting us makes a lot of sense. Therefore, we have the ability to coach you on your business operations. We, therefore, render special services for NIRSAL bank loan applicants.

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