Sample Business Consultancy Business Plan In Nigeria

This is a Sample Business Consultancy Business Plan in Nigeria. This post is important for consulting firm that develops business plans for clients. Therefore, it’s very relevant for business plan writers in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for professional business plan writers in Abuja, just contact us here. We are among the companies that write business plans in Nigeria.

The Solutions:

Furthermore, this post provides answers to several business plan issues that bother you. For example, how do I write a business plan in Nigeria? Or how much does a business plan cost in Nigeria? Again, is the solution to; how do I write a business plan for an existing business? In fact, even for academic exercise and government proposals for loan application, this post is what you need.

Therefore, we present here detailed executive summary and financial analysis for your consulting firm.

The Executive Summary For Sample Business Consultancy Business Plan In Nigeria

This business plan is for Complete Management Consults. This is a firm of professionals who deal in business development services for business start-ups. The other group is the existing businesses scattered all over our target environment.

Furthermore, this business is to prepare the road map for the firms operations in the three coming years. As a matter of fact, the assumptions and the financial analysis have been prepared and shows a positive trend in the three years operations.

Targeted Clients’ Problems:

In fact, the business world is a large one. In fact, there are a lot of business development deficiencies in many upcoming entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, even existing business run into problem because of lack of business support services. This is a common scenario in the Nigeria’s business world. In fact, as a firm of management consultants, these are the unmet need that we will address for our customers.  

Why Us?

Furthermore, our customers will prefer patronizing us because our office is centrally located in Nyanya and Mararaba boundary road between FCT, Abuja and Nasarawa State Nigeria. Due to our location, our professional charges are also cheaper than what is obtained in the city centre of Abuja. More so, our working hours are very flexible as we even operate on Saturdays. These are specialties that are not otherwise available in other area of FCT.


In addition, we have innovatively introduced a training facility for AGSMEIS loan borrowers. To facilitate this, we have obtained a partnership MOU with SMEDAN for this training exercise. In this programme, we mobilize loan seekers for training by SMEDAN staff. 

In fact, this gives us the opportunity of developing several business plans for on-coming and existing businesses. In addition, the new businesses are incorporated by us too.

Our solution

Furthermore, my organisation is poised to finding solutions to all the listed clientele problems revealed above. Our professionals will ensure that CAC registered all business names and limited liability companies of our clients without much delay. Added to this is obtaining their various TIN from FIRS to facilitate their bank account opening exercises.  In addition, we have installed a global business plan software for writing every type of business plan. For those who need to pursue an award of contract, we help them process their contract bidding compliance certificates. Such compliance certificate are those for PENCOM. NSITF, ITF and BPP data base registration.

Target Markets & Segments:

Furthermore, our target market is the entire business outfits in Nigeria. This is because our services cuts across all business needs. So our ideal customers are those who need incorporation services, business planning, accounting and tax management services. In fact, they are those who suffer most from these problems.

Our business segments are ,therefore, classified into business Start-ups and existing businesses.  These are our recognizable customer types with similar demographics, needs, and expectations. Overall, our research proves that we can get 30 potential customers in each segment. Our financial analysis reveals these.

The Financial Analysis For Sample Business Consultancy Business Plan In Nigeria

In addition, the following is the financial analysis for our firm for the next three years. It is a comprehensive analysis that presents detail of our Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Analysis and other analysis.

Projected Profit and Loss

                          2020         2021        2022         2023           2024

Revenue 1937,200 1937,200 +1937,200 1937,200 1937,200
Direct Costs 1696 1754 1817 1887 1963
Gross Margin 1936,504 1936,446 1936,383 1936,313 1936,236
Gross Margin % 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Operating Expenses Salaries & Wages 11,680 11,776 11,882 11,998 12,126
Employee Related Expenses 1336 1355 1377 1399 1425
Rent 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100
Marketing 1184        
Other Expenses 1180 1180 +1180 1180 1180
Total Operating Expenses 12,480 12,411 12,539 12,677 12,831
Operating Income 1934,024 1934,035 1933,845 1933,635 1933,405
Interest Incurred 1660 1576      
Depreciation and Amortization 153 152 153 +153 153
Gain or Loss from Sale of Assets Income Taxes 1279,994 1280,021 1280,138 1280,075 1280,006
Total Expenses 1283,882 1283,815 1283,546 1283,692 1283,854
Net Profit 1653,318 1653,385 1653,654 1653,508 1653,346
Net Profit / Sales 70% 70% +70% 70% 70%

This is represented in the chart that follows.

Do you want a well analysed business plan like this? Remember, this is what makes the difference in business plans. Our business plan software model will give you all you desire. In fact, we generate yearly, and monthly analysis automatically for your satisfaction.

Net Profit Bar Chart

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Make a Decision today:

Therefore, the decision you make today may change your life for good for ever. We have the facility to generate any type of business plan for you. And, in less than a week your business plan is ready. Our customised LivePlan business plan software will do the magic for you. In fact, other details of this business plan are available on request.

In summary, it’s reasonable and economical for you to ask for the services we offer you for this facility programme. This is because we have the capacity to develop a bankable business plan for you. In addition, we register your business name or company with CAC where applicable.


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As a matter of fact, this is a firm of chartered accountants, and management consultants. Professionally, we are trained for business counselling. In addition, as accredited consultants with CAC, SMEDAN and other government agencies, we handle your statutory licensing and registrations.

Sample Business Consultancy Business Plan In Nigeria

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