You are currently viewing 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

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2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas – A cottage industry, micro cottage business, cottage food business, cottage fashion business – whatever name you call it,  these are  small business units that is run from  homes.  It’s a system of production process which takes place in private homes which are not a formal factory setting.  In such a production setting, the production  tools and other means of production are individually owned, and labour are family sourced. By this nature, the amount of investment required to start these types of business are not always very high. The products are also what the family members can produce. So in most cases they are craft businesses or other hand-made products. So, here are the 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas for you.

Type of cottage industries in Nigeria:

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In this article, we are taking the broader look of it (modern cottage industries) to include every type of business which you can do or run making use of your family facilities. Therefore, when you open a kiosk, a restaurant, wine bar, fashion business using your home/house – frontage, side of the house or inside the house, that is a cottage business.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas


We had previously considered, 2018/2019 Retail Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs/ 58 Lucrative Business Ideas. Lucrative business ideas in Nigeria, hot business ideas in Nigeria,  Retails Business Ideas in Nigeria, lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital, untapped business in Nigeria, 50 best small scale business ideas in Nigeria,  business that moves fast in Nigeria, 2018/2019 Retail Business Ideas for Nigerian Entrepreneurs/ 54 Lucrative Business Ideas, thriving businesses in Nigeria. These you can achieve with How to write a 5 page retail business plan for yourself.

In this article I present to you 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas. Related are  Nigeria’s cottage business ideas, home business ideas in Nigeria, and Nigeria’s home based business ideas. In fact, they are all time good family business ideas. Along the narratives are the appraisals of their  capital requirement which I think will  enable you make a commercial decision on your business choices.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

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2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas


(1) A soft drinks Business  –  depending on the amount of space available to you withing your living premises, you can run a retail or wholesale soft drink business. The capital outlay therefore, will depend on the type you want to do . It’s a business line that deals with non-alcoholic drinks like coca cola, Pepsi etc.
The capital outlay for a retail soft drink business ranges from N50,000 and above. A wholesale dealer will require much more than this. Remember that this is a business you will be doing using your living premises.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

(2) A Beverage  Business – As in the soft drink business above, this can be a retail business or a wholesale business. In fact, can you run a wine bar in your home?

Beverages are  wines, and  other  potable liquid, especially one other than water. This is different from the soft drink business I discussed above. It could be a combination of tea, coffee, beer, or milk:

The capital implication here will depend on your business outlook and plan.

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(3)  A medicine store – This is different from Retail Pharmacy.  This is an ordinary medicine store to be manned by a trained medicine dispenser – say a trained nurse. The duties here are mainly on the dispensing of the drugs as prescribed by the doctors from approved hospitals and medical clinics.
This business is good as a part-time business for medical personnel. When nurses and doctors are off duty, they look for what to do. Can you collaborate with some of these personnel to start a medicine store by your home?
What is important in this business is initial capital, a  good and reliable supply chain in addition to local or official government regulatory fulfilments.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

(4) Retail pharmacy: The difference here from those of medicine store is that this must be manned by a qualified pharmacist.
If you have the money you can start one. There is an army of graduate unemployed pharmacists around you to partner with to establish one, just by the corner of your house.

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You will need a good business plan for this.

This is CFMC Limited business plan charge schedule.

150,000.00 AND ABOVE   AND UPTO 500,000.00
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60,000 TO  80,000
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25,000 AND ABOVE
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2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

(5) A Fruit Mart – In front of your house. The need for regular and sufficient fruit intake is a global health issue these days. In Nigeria, fruit is available all the year round because of the geographical nature of the country. There must be one or more fruits from one part of the country all year round.

What you need is a small amount of capital, and an established  source of supply from time to time.

Get this business plan

Because fruits are perishables, you also have to know how to store them to avoid wastage. If you design a good method of marketing them to certain category of persons in your locality right into their  houses, you won’t have to waste your fruits. Therefore, work out your target market and proper market segmentation for your business.
(6) A bread retail Business – Bread retail is also a retail business that does not require much capital. I see them in many family frontages in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Ibadan and other towns in Nigeria.

I also see others who are in a well-planned bread  retail stores by their homes. Many  join bread retail business to other business lines. You can try this combination.

Get a confectionary business plan here

What you need is to sign an understanding with  bakeries to ensure constant supply and variety of the stuff and good arrangement for prompt delivery.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

(7) A snacks shop Business – Snacks are confectionary products too.  This business could be big or small. If you intend having the equipment for the production, then the capital outlay could be reasonable. But if you want to be getting your stuff from other producers, you may not need much capital.

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Get a dedicated location in your apartment, build in it a good design to attract clean people. If you make it more attractive, you will be attracting young boys and girls, most of whom do not cook for themselves.
 A 5 page business plan will help you have the overview of the feasibilities of this business. My idea is that you don’t get into any business without proper planning. Get one plan today.
(8) Own a small boutique – Right there by your apartment. A small boutique will make you own one business of your own, and I tell you, it’s another small business that does not require much capital operating from your home.  Just start small. You can make this boutique what you want it to be if you work hard.
Furthermore on 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families, can you arrange for the source of your materials?  Can you have a good business relationship with a big dealer in this business?  Can you define the type of wares you want to shelf here? If your neighbours know you  have their type of stuff, the market is set for you to harness.
(9) Own a book shop –  This is good for those that have one school or other educationl outfits located near their living places. Can you make this a mini business centre to cater for the educational outfits around you?

One thing about book business is that it’s very rewarding. The market is also there especially if it’s established around  school locations.

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For a good market segmentation, you can go for only primary, secondary or high institution books or a combination of them. I know a teacher who started selling books to his pupils like this. I tell you, he grew to own a big bookshop in a nearby town in Abuja.
(10) A Grocery Business:  This is like the fruit mart we discussed above, but here I mean food stuff. We commonly  call it food stuff business. Food is for everybody. In Nigeria there is a saying that ‘ Man must wak’, that is to say human being must eat food all the time. Therefore, what you need here is your capital which is not so much.

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2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

(11) A  bedding stuff Business – This qualifies for a cottage business because you operate from you home. No other office. As you know, bedding stuff in some cases form part of interior decoration of a house, hotel, and other settings.  In this connection, reach out to your neighbours, office colleques,   old and newly established hotels etc. They always need  bed sheets, duvet, pillows etc. on regular basis.

Read more here

Again, 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families, map out other demand outlays; home supplies, public centres, schools, etc. That is establishing your target market.
Remember to plan for your source of  stuff. If you buy in bulk or manufacture by yourself, your profit margin will increase. Why not learn to design bedsheets and pillow cases by yourself. Go to Aba, Lagos or Kano and get materials/fabrics  and give them the pattern and design you want to meet up with your clients’ specifications.
What about window blinds. If you contact us, we will direct you to estates, hotels etc. that will need your stuff.
(12) A Shoes Retail Business  –  This is also a general  ware. My neighbour has one of this by us. Everybody uses shoes nowadays. It should be cover shoes, sandals, belts etc. This market is also a segment-able market.

Get the business plan here

So, for 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families, there is market for girls, older women, boys, children, school children etc. Can you handle this market? Is the space by your home big enough for it? You can see how large it is now.
It will require some good amount of capital, and training on the business.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

(13) A hair care /product Business –  It pays to look good. Everybody likes to look good, but we know that women likes to look good more than men. Therefore, women hair care product is of great demand in the recent time.

Associated with this is a hair care salon by your home. Right in that your corridor.

The products are also of  various  sizes, make, type and usage. You really have to know something about these products before you start the business.
The capital need will depend on the size of the business you want to put up.  For hair care salon you will need the necesary tools and expertise to run one.
(14) Tailoring materials Retail Business – Associated with hair care products and looking good is clothing. Locally designed clothes require designing materials. People now pattern their type of cloth and design them accordingly.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

If your street is as busy as some of those I see near Ariaria Market in Aba, Abia State,  you can start one in front of your house. With that little space, I see there now.

On 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families, this business also will require some good amount of capital to start depending on the size of your dream business. Again, since  this is a fashion oriented business where changes occur daily and no two  men or women want to look alike, you will need good cash to stock in varieties of the stuff required.
But the truth is that a home based business like this my not require much capital. Just start putting something together for this business and work hard to grow it.
(15) A Retail cosmetics store – This is still for looking good. The market is soaring. The demand is high. Therefore, one nearby your neighbours will certainly help them out from going long distances to fetch them.
Again, there are also variety of sizes, value, type and make. It’s also a fashionable business. Make your choice.
(16) A babies Care – wear – When your neighbou give birth to a baby, she will need your help. Do you know how many children that are born in your vicinity monthly?  And, do you know how many marriages that are contracted in your vicinity every three months? Again, do you know that every family needs children?
These are the people you  are to provide these material for right their in your locality. Just get what they want, and the market will grow. Babies must be born and they must be taking care of.

36 Family Business Ideas

(17)  Children  Toy  Retail Business – Is this business possible from your home? What about the spaces required to display these materials?

This business attracts children and that is how you make your money. If you stock variety of children toy – play toys, leaning toys, children bicycles, name them, you will make it.

Here again on 2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families you have to consider the proximity of your home to  schools, churches or mosques where parents visit with children from time to time?
(18) Special pregnant women cloths business – Following our conversation on babies wear above, you will understand that your prgnant neighbour will be freer to deal with you in matters like this. The nine months pregnancy period requires a type of care. Especially in the type of clothe they wear during this time. Can you make this provision for them, and it will surprise you the amount of patronage and turnover you will make from your neighbourhood only.
(19)  Wedding accessories Business – We have talked about the businesses for looking good, then to babies, and pregnant women  types of stuff. But do you know that the origin is this. Weddings establish families and other things follow.
The decorations that now go on for weddings are becoming a good business for many. The business for Wedding accessories whether  English and traditional are soaring these days.
With the nature of modern weddings, this business is very rewarding. The profit margin of this business is very high. Anywhere you locate, they must find you, so location is not so much a problem here – just get ready to receive visitors for this in your home every time.
(20) Children education materials Business –  In this modern life, every child must go to school or undertake one type of training or the other. This is the business I want you to look into, especially if your home is located near a school.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

What materials do these children need for their kindergarten, nursery, primary, secondary educations in particular.?

Clik here for more information and business plan

Education books, writing materials, measurement materials, play toys, special clothe and so on.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

(21) Fashion Design: A lot of this business is alreading going on in the homes in Nigeria.

I see a revolutionary business; fashion design is one. Fabrics are turned into anything of your choice and design. Added to this are  Jewelleries and fashion accessories.

Do not belittle this business. It has made many people rich. If you can’t do anything about it now, prepare for it against next year. It’s a very lucrative cottage business. What I saw in one shop on my survey exercises baffled me – fashion accessories, both local and foreign. Because, it’s an all time reigning business, if you have the cash, please join this business, you will be happy you did.
(22) Photographic materials Retail Business – Trully, there are many of this business in the home already especially homes in crowded streets and those near the markets. At Gwarimpa in Abuja, where the streets are like commercial areas, businesses like this are carried out in the homes.

Photographers come in for wedding ceremonies, new born babies ceremonies, pregnant women exposures, fashion parades – at least for looking good, and other beauty,  company, and business occasions, and they need these materials for their jobs.

You can see why  photographic materials are always in demand. These ceremonies go on in your locality every time, and you are wondering what to do as a business. Please tap into these ceremonies and pin point what commercial activity you can do to earn some money.  It could be combined with gift items.
 Photography as we know is an art, therefore designs, fashion, patterns, technologies, are reflected on photographic business, and all these impact on the turnover and profit margin of the business.

Read more

(23) A mobile phone Business Centre – Righ there by your home.  Communication is life.  Every body needs a means of communication. Families want to monitor the well-being of their children everywhere they may be from time to time.

Click here to get started

Businesses are not run effectively without means of communication.  This is why this business is one of the fast growing business in the world today.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

But it requires some reasonable sums of Naira or Dollars as capital, especially as the communication technology updates from time to time, making old stuff obsolete.

Again. determine whether you are going into new stuff, fairly used or their accessories.

(24) A Mobile Phone Accessories Business  –  Mobile Phone Accessories are good as cottage business. This doesn’t require much capital and surprisingly too, the profit margin of this business is also high.
This is  because repairs and replacement of one part of the phone or the other must have to take place from time to time.
If you have knowledge of how to repair these phones yourself, your business will do better. I think you need to understudy a mobile phone accessory business man to know the discrete features of this business.

36 Family Business Ideas

( 25 ) Call Recharge cards: Associated with mobile phone and its accessories, is call cards. This line  of business has given a lot of people employment in the recent time. You can retail or produce using your home. In fact, many that I know in this business run it from their homes.
(26) A kitchen utensils Retail Business – Again, by your home side.  This could be a combination of enamel wares, iron wares, ceramic wares, gold and silver wares and plastic wares. Just watch the type of families around you. You can combine fairly used utensils and new products.

If you can count the number of families in your locality, such is the number of kitchens you have to cater for. Do you remember that the singles also have kitchens?

You can start small. Just take a segment of this market, start-up, grow and diversify.
(27)   Firewood business – This has always been a cottage business. It has made many rich right there in their homes. In times of regular cooking gas,  and kerosene scarcity, firewood plays important roles in the families.
The capital requirement is small.
(28)  Charcoal  Retail Business – Related to firewood business is charcoal business.  Again, you have to locate the business near those who make use of it – your neighbourhood.

Then be  sure of your source of  supplies. Make sure your stock does not run out, before you re-stock.

(29)  A Kerosene Retail business – You can sell kerosene in front of your house. You can sell in both small and big containers.
The capital outlay of this business depends on how you want it. You need to liaise or register with a big dealer or filling sttion to ensure regular upplies.
(30) Water Tank Delivery business –  I see a lot of this business in Aba, Onitsha, Enugu, Karu in Abuja Nigeria right there by the family house. You just need a  borehole and plastic containers to store large quantity of water from the borehole and this business is set to make money for you. People call  it “ water of life”, and that’s I true. There is nothing humans do without water.
Households, business premises, block moulding firms, and other brick making business around you will need water regularly.

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

Keep fit materials Retail Business 

(31)  A Music & Movies Shop  – A lot of people take time off to relax. Most of them relax watching movies and listening to good music. So if you have current films and music in stock people will look for you.

I have to say that this is not always very good near families, because of noice from the displaying music sets. If you can do it without making noice that will be ok. There are a lot of movie rental shops around the households that I see in many towns already.

The capital outlay of this business is not so much.
(32)  Frozen foods  Business  –  A Meat/Fish mart – This retail business is always good near households who need them every time, sometimes unplanned.

You have to learn something about it, how and where to buy, and how to measure and price. You don’t require much capital to do this business. The only challenge is the nature of public electricity in Nigeria.

(33)  Perfume Retail Business  – People like smelling good, you know it. Start a perfume business this month. You can start it big or small. You can even combine it with your already existing business line in the fashion business. Start it from that your house. Don’t waite again for big money to rent a shop somewhere else.

If you contact me I will link you up with a big dealer in this business.

(34)  A Gift shop – Gifts distribute happiness and joy. So, people send gifts to their love ones.  Gift items are various in type, make and value.

You can join it with your perfum business, photographic accessories, fashion design and wedding accessories.

36 Family Business Ideas

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Building materials Business

Paints Retail Business

(35) Ice block making & sales: If you are living in the northern part of Nigeria or similar places, this is a lucrative business. Yes! Just in that part of your apartment that is lying fallow for years.
The mahines are available locally. The common ice block making machines are locally fabricated. A major drawback in this business is the nature of public power supply in Nigeria.  If you will need to provide your own, then the cost of starting this business becomes very high.
(36) Retail of electronics :  New or Fairly used (Tokumbo) Electronics. These  could be musical gadgets, kithen utensils and other household electronics  gadgets that you can stock and sell from your homes. That’s what we mean.  Tukumbo Household gadgets  Retail Business

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

2018/2019 Cottage Business Ideas for Nigerian Families/36 Family Business Ideas

Furthermore, make connection today on how to get your supplies. Most supplies come from Lagos from where the tokumbos are imported. After this, network among your contacts, office colleques etc for good marketing. You should sell cheaper than those paying office rents in the shops. That means you cn sell more.

A Professional Attention:

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